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In case you're wondering who the hell you're following, I'm from Australia (I assure you, we do exist).

I work with computers, take photos, cook and blacksmith, amongst other things.

Content here tends to be mostly cooking and blacksmithing and tech stuff, while @david@photog.social is where I put photos (also @david@pixelfed.social when I remember).

Politically I'm left-aligned. If you're right-wing, anti-vaxx or a conspiracy theorist, you're in the wrong place.

Knocked out a quick handle for a small paring knife I've been working on, this afternoon. It's in the vice waiting for the epoxy to set before I can continue sanding.
It's not going to be particularly fancy, but should be serviceable.

covid - qld 

Well I *was* going to be cat-sitting for the next couple of days as my daughter toodled down to Tassie for a quick holiday, but now we have a 3 day lockdown from 4pm today, and they *were* leaving tomorrow. But clearly won't be able to now.

Ah the joys of attempting travel in a pandemic :(

New fresh from the oven. Long ferment on this one (20hrs or so in the fridge).

Fruit is apricot and mixed peel. Spices are star anise, white pepper, ginger and mace.

I admit, English has no equivalent of the "gna" italian (or the spanish รฑa) sound, but really it's not that hard to learn, and in no way sounds like "nee".

I could imagine someone speaking English could say bolona, but it still ends in an a, not a y.

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Everytime I see that silly meme that says "How come pony and bologna rhyme but..."

I am a) confused, then b) angry.

Pony and Bologna DO NOT RHYME.

Pony is pronounced P oh nee
Bologna is Bol on รฑa

How people from NE of the USA managed to screw that up so badly, I just do not know.

I also had leftover egg from the egg wash for the pie, so I made little custard tarts.

I had leftover roast pork, so of course that means a roast pork and butter bean pie with sautรจed broccolini is in order.

Grey Fantail as seen from my veranda on the weekend. These delightful little birds catch insects on the wing and very active.
They also, as their name suggests, fan their tales for various reasons, sometimes to display a warning, sometimes in courting, and I suspect sometimes because they just want to look fabulous.

#bird #photo #nature #AustralianWildlife #GreyFantail

Last part of the feasting set commission, a traditional blacksmithโ€™s knife. Suitable for lower status personas that couldnโ€™t afford to go to a cutler or bladesmith. This one is made from an old file and hardened to over 65HRC out of the quench, and has been tempered back to around 58HRC to give it a bit of toughness.

As part of the feasting set commission I have, this is the 2nd piece, a medieval stye fork. Forks in the medieval period were relatively slow to catch on in Europe (they were a thing in the eastern Roman Empire, in Constantinople for quite some time).

This one is a simple two prong fork made from a piece of coil spring. I'm not worried about taste of the metal in this one, since unlike a spoon, you generally don't put a lot of the fork in your mouth.

Managed to get a reference to Underpants Gnomes into a work meeting this morning so I can probably knock off already.

Todayโ€™s find at work, a brand new, still in wrapper, iPod Touch 16Gb from about 2007.

I ask you, is there anything better than broccolini sautรฉed in butter with garlic and chilli?

Fired up the forge this morning. I donโ€™t think Iโ€™ve made my shoulder/elbow worse, but Iโ€™ll see in the coming days.

Anyway, a work colleague has joined the SCA and needs some utensils, so I started by making a spoon.

Smaller than a soup spoon but bigger than a teaspoon so should prove ok as an all-rounder.

Since eating off carbon steel isnโ€™t great (tastes funny), I opted for stainless, even if it isnโ€™t period.

Had to take the nectar feeder down again yesterday because it filled up with bees (don't worry, they were fine), and the mesh I put on top to try to prevent that was making birbs not visit it. So I just ordered a feeder that comes with a bee-proof end bit. Yay :)

I'm ordering 5kg bags of bird seed now, and big tubs of suet balls, every couple of weeks, to keep these stocked XD If you've been enjoying Birbcam and would like to buy some birbseed, I've got a KoFi at ko-fi.com/welshpixie :)

leather armour is the best for stealth characters because it is made from hide
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