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If you think 'javascript' is a wise decision or node.js

I have a clue bat that you need to meet.







Gentle reminder that nobody is obligated to boost a post. Not @Curator, not others mods, not your followers.

There is no automatic like/boosts spambots here. Every boost is a human being actually taking time to see your work/content, and finding it worthy to share and show others. These interactions no matter how tiny are what makes mastodon.art and fediverse as whole a community, so lets appreciate them for what they are and not take them for granted.


Yay, older two kidlets gave me Kingdom Come:Deliverance for my b'day.

Unfortunately, this means my internet is saturated for the next 22 hours or so while it downloads. πŸ€”

After testing a bit of stainless steel I have to see if it hardens (it doesn’t), I was left with a small strip of scrap, so I turned it into a rudimentary snail.

Masked Lapwing chicks again today at the University of Queensland. They weren't very interested in having their photos taken, but I still managed to get off a couple of half decent ones.
#bird #photography #photo

Sudden return to winter overnight. Woke to temperatures below 10ΒΊC (9.5ΒΊ to be precise, but that's below 10), and windy.

This is what winter in Brisbane is meant to be like, not like the last week of 15-19ΒΊ minimums we've been having.

Three bird shots from yesterday.

A Masked Lapwing hen with four chicks under her in the gutter.
A Masked Lapwing chick, next to a pinoak seedpod in the gutter.
(we herded all the chicks out of the gutter and on to the footpath as they couldn't seem to get themselves up there).
And a Grey crowned Babbler I spied in the afternoon in bad light.

So just for reference, Hetzner had 2 routes failures and 1 switch failure in the last 24 hours. That's why mastodon.social has been acting up

Had a scheduled power outage at home today. The number of machines I had to shut down before leaving for work!

(3 servers, 4 personal computers, 2 NAS units, various backup hard disks) I left the Pi's, and router on.

The other afternoon I saw a dragon in the sky at sunset, but only had my phone with me to catch it.

Long day today. Up at 5am, cooked breakfast of eggs, bacon and crumpets. Then out by 6:15am (teenage boy very slow at that time of day).
Drove 3 hours south to eldest Daughter's new abode to help move belongings from storage. Finished by 16:30, then another 3 hour drive home.
Good day though, and a lot closer than when she was 2 days drive away.

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Of course after all that, it's shower and then Beer O'clock.

Beer o'clock is very important in these endeavours, as the beer acts as a muscle relaxant and takes your mind off just how old and stiff you're getting.

Results of today’s smithing. A coat and hat hook.

I’ll make a stand and mount this on it and take it to work as currently I’m draping my coat over a spare chair.

Been forging all morning and have progressed the coat and hat hook somewhat. Still a way to go yet but the fire ashed up and so I figured that was as good a place to stop for lunch as any.

Came in at 7:30 this morning only to find I’m meant to be on 9-5 today. Loooong day, but almost over.


We've juuuuust got enough for a second hand generator there, but if you've got some spare change and would like a fancy kraken postcard or some stickers, it would help us out a lot!

oven is lit!

Pizzas for dinner tonight. Quite cool and windy today, but it’s nice in front of the oven.