There's a BBC4 Good Omens radio dramatisation, and they're playing it over the next couple of days.

There are three (of the six) episodes online already:

Spent the evening sketching out ideas for penanular brooches. Will see what I can realistically forge on the weekend.

Pelican and Little Black Cormorants in front of a fountain on the lake in the late afternoon light.

#bird #birb #nature #photography #photo #fountain

I'm assuming everyone knows about using "Ctrl-r" to search through your BASH history.

For example, to search for all your cd commands press "Ctrl" and "r" at the same time followed by "cd". That will show your last cd command. To see the previous one press Ctrl-r again. Keep pressing Ctrl-r to do a reverse search through all your cd commands.

#BASH #Linux #CLI

Winter has finally made an appearance. Under 12Β°C at quarter to one in the afternoon.

Doing silly things with the stupid number of cat photos I took today.

My daughter and her cat are visiting again. We're cat-sitting while she's out tomorrow, so I suspect there will be a lot of cat photos happening.

Winter in Queensland, Australia, is cool/cold mornings and warm days.
This Pretty-faced Wallaby has exactly the right idea.

#Macropod #Nature #Photo #Photography #Wallaby #AustralianWildlife #CarnarvonGorge

My beloved Breville BTA830 long slot toaster has died at just past three years old. (had a 2 year replacement warranty).

Alas, after spending over an hour reading toaster reviews, it seems NO-ONE does a reliable long slot toaster, and the only reliable toasters out there are Dualit, which come in at between $320 and $480 and are standard slot toasters.

This makes me sad.

How hard can it be to make a decent toaster ???

I got a red filter for my led torch so I could spot wildlife at night without ruining their night vision. So I crept along the veranda and managed to disturb a wallaby with a carelessly (read noisy) placed boot. It bounced off before I could spot it.

Still nifty that I have wallabies in my yard :-)

This morning’s blacksmithing.

Inspired by my trip to Jondaryan Woolshed yesterday, I made a boot scraper for removing mud from your boots before heading upstairs.

And then another J hook, because that’s always a good use of the last bit of the fire.

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