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David de Groot ๐“†‰ @dadegroot@mastodon.social

Really weird thing in on Safari. If you open an image to look at it, and then click the X to close it, it can take up to 20 secs to actually close. Not sure what's going on there, but it's quite odd.

Tonightโ€™s achievement, setting up the pi as a remote telemetry/dash display for my racing sims.

7:30am and it's 30ยบC already.

in Australia kinda sucks.

Going to be a hot one today. It's currently 8:30am and 30ยบC according to my backyard weatherstation. Add to that, some pretty nasty humidity levels (currently 74%) and I think I'll be spending the day inside in the air conditioning.

Had a decent strum of the guitar this evening after going out for dinner. Still can't play to save myself, but was happy anyway ;-)

@Curator, he boosts art from his mastodon.art instance

Popped down to our local creek while dinner was cooking and took Dad on a jaunt.
While there, I shot a long exposure of this rock pool, and lo! There is Edvard Munch's The Scream, hidden in the swirls.


First day back at work today. Didn't get anywhere near the things I wanted to get done, done over the two weeks I was off. But did have a great time with friends and family.
Could do with another week to recover though ;-)

My to-do list for 2018:

* Be awesome
* Take no prisoners
* Give zero fucks
* Trust no-one
* Deny everything

Reasons not to have an Harley, the chrome footpegs scrape when you lean on a corner.

I heard this guy coming and waited until he came around the corner before shooting.

#Photography #Motorbike


I now have 10 (our of 12 planted) Ghost Chilli seedlings. That was definitely a productive planting. mastodon.social/media/48kYVSDr

Happy New Year !

(well in 1 ยพ hours anyway - not going to stay up til midnight).


For anyone interested in Home Automation, Elgato currently has 20% off on their eBay store on selected Eve products: ebay.com.au/cln/elgato_shop/Ho