TGIF (well virtual F anyway).

5 day weekend for me starts today!

New project started yesterday. This will eventually be a slightly ornate house number panel to put in front of the new letterbox.

It's Pide Night at Casa de Groot!

Fresh from the Ooni mini pizza oven.

Toppings: paprika paste, thyme, a little cheese, mushroom, olives, cherry tomato, and salami

Grrr, went outside and chopped up a fallen tree, came back in, had a shower, discovered I had a passenger.

One tick, stuck to the back of my neck. (now removed).

Hopefully won't end up with some horrible infection or whatnot.

selfie at night with a fogged lens 

And of course, as the lens fogged up, and I was ready to head home, I took the world's dodgiest selfie.

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Since it is very tiny here's a zoomed in section of the previous image showing the meteor.

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Typically, there were clouds.

This is the normal state of affairs whenever there is anything vaguely astronomical happening.

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Went out for an hour to stand around in the cold and try to spot meteors. Managed to see 4, don't think any of them ended up in a photograph though.

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Triple Meteor showers tonight (from 10pm AEST). Look to the East (Well NE->SE actually) about 45º from the horizon.

I’m baking Chinese Chews from this old Australian Women’s Weekly recipe.

But why are they called that? There’s nothing Chinese about the recipe at all.

covid (+) 

Thankfully still negative, and now has my 4th shot (2nd booster).

Lea tested negative this morning too, which is even better.


Tonight’s dinner is milanese style risotto with crispy skin pork sausage.

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