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Whisker Shrimp!

This is part of an ongoing series of "Bottled Creatures" I've been working on since 2011. Some of them are a lot more fantastical than others. And really, this guy looks pretty normal despite being made up!

@shevek google.com/nikcollection/

Alas not FOSS and Google has essentially made it abandonware now too :-(

This is Rosie. She's a West Highland White Terrier cross Maltese and 15 years old.
Every night she watches us wash the dishes. She loves pancakes, and sleeps most of the time.
She also wears a cone most of the time now to stop her licking her paws until they bleed.

ok now- EVERYONE has to post pictures of their pets because its Important.

@KemoNinePhotos Well it doesn't really compete with my fast primes (35/1.4, 85/1.2, 200/1.8), but yeah, it's on me, and does a reasonable job most of the time.

Phones still suffer from pretty poor dynamic range, noise and CA though.


Confederate Army re-enactors at History Alive back in 2010. That particular year I did a series of re-enactor portraits using the Fort's various nooks and crannies as backdrops.

This particular spot was great for the natural side-lighting.









#tokyocameraclub #東京カメラ部 #Japan #Photo #写真 #日本 #mastodon #マストドン #Photograph #Photography

@StellaB @KemoNinePhotos It's a shame really, flickr used to be a great community. I've met many people through there, but those days are somewhat gone now. However, the site still gets a lot of traffic (well a lot for me anyway), and I can still catch up with my international acquaintences there.