So in November, I'm going to Tasmania for a wedding (assuming all things covid are ok).

I've been spending time working out an itinerary and mapping it, and have now got a good rough idea of where we're going.

Approx. 2,700km over almost a month. (plus the 4,000km Bris -> Melbourne return)

As an aside, we'll have a night in Melbourne before the ferry, so if any Melbournites want to catch up, we should plan something before Nov :)

That was 1.5 hours work, with the fire going the entire time, as you need to keep the steel as close to welding temperature as possible the entire time in order to
a) reinforce the welds
b) not shear or break the welds

That's a lot of heat, right next to you. Thus this Burleigh Twisted Palm Tropical Pale Ale is going down a real treat. :)

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Forged out the beginning of a pattern weld billet this morning. Started with 7 alternating layers of 1084 & 15n20 steels, which I forge welded together, drew out, cut & folder twice to give me a much shorter fatter 21 layer billet. At that point, my poor levels of fitness said "that's enough for today".

Next time I need to draw it out to a long square profile and then twist it a lot, then forge it square again. I may then cut & fold again if it's going well for more layers.

If you’re out looking for Platypus or happen to stumble across one, this site might be useful:

It’s a citizen science project which will help with the management of waterways.

For Dinner tonight I made a curry with ground cashews and spinach leaves and pork. β€˜tWas different but very tasty (even if it didn’t look like much in photos)

There was leftovers from last night’s dinner, so we ate them for dinner tonight, but that meant I could cook dessert instead :-)

Baked ricotta and raspberry cheesecake.

Welcome, traveller! I'm a watercolor artist who loves animals, magic and stars ✨

✦ Site & shop:
✦ Commission info:
✦ Art prints:
✦ Phone wallpapers, coloring pages:
✦ Support me on ko-fi:

È fatta!

It is done!

And damn tasty it is too. The gnocchi was beautifully light, and the osso bucco ragu was rich and hearty.

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First tray of gnocchi done. These will be frozen for use later.

There’s about 5 rolls of dough to make some for dinner tonight.

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It begins.

In the pot is carrot, celery, shallot onions, spinach, mushrooms and osso bucco. I’ll add some veggie stock and then slow cooked for 5 hours or so.

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I think for dinner tonight, I'll make potato gnocchi from scratch, and probably serve with a slow-cooked pork or beef ragu.

I have some old potatoes (the older and drier they are the better). Too early to start it yet, but maybe after lunch.

Seems like a good low-stress project for a wet day at home when I have a low-grade headache.

How’s your Friday morning going? Mine is full of windows updates it would seem.

One of my coworkers gave me a bag of home grown chillies. It included a couple of "brainkiller" chillies, one of which I carefully chopped up to put in dinner tonight.

Apparently not carefully enough though, since I got some on my fingers, and then from there in to my eye.
Damn that hurt.

I may have taken this a step too far.

Windows 3.0 looks more familiar, but also throws errors (so it has all the features of a modern windows).

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