I'm glad this morning was so productive, because tonight's exam support shift was as alive and jumping as a disused cemetery at high noon, in summer.

Righto. Bread is in the bread pan for the 2nd rise (out on the veranda 'cause it's 35ΒΊC outside).

Dinner (chilli con carne) is in the slow cooker.

Think I'm just about ready to start work for the day.

Christmas cake and pudding fruit mixes now soaking (in booze of course).

Bread baking day today. Spice mix is: Allspice, Mace, Ginger, White Pepper and Rose Water.

May add cinnamon at the fruit/rolling stage.

As the saying goes, Need a tool, Make a tool.

I needed a small diameter sanding disk for a project I’m working on, so I made one.

Bit dodgy, but it’s running at low rpms and is inside a hole when in use, so the risk is low.

Goes to my favourite online spice merchant to buy some whole nutmeg ($3.50), checks out with $49.50 worth of other spices.


And yes, we purposely bought a "cheap" low-data plan to test it out since they wanted money up front and we didn't expect the satellite to work due to trees and mountain.

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After putting a support ticket in, I now have access to the meter.
Now I'm wondering how they manage to sell larger plans, if so much is unmetered:

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Tales of NBN Satellite continue.

The ISP we're with (ANT Communications), has yet to provide us with a usage meter.
I'm pulling total throughput via SNMP from my router, but NBN Satellite has a heap of unmetered content which of course the router knows nothing about.

I'm beginning to wonder how they can sell different tiered plans without a readily available usage meter....

@dadegroot @futzle @david "Did, did you just try and make me explode? Fuckin hell mate."

Wonga Pigeon in my backyard, yesterday afternoon. These are pretty large, mostly ground dwelling pigeons found in the rainforests of Eastern Australia.

#AustralianWildlife #photo #nature #photography #WongaPigeon #bird

Tomorrow evening (Nov 19th) at 7:30 GMT I'm giving a free livestreamed classical cello + piano concert. It will be about 70 mins long.

I've been working toward this since the summer and I am really looking forward to sharing the music!

Direct link: chiplayer.cloud.panopto.eu/Pan

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