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daibarnes @daibarnes

@theartguy @dajbelshaw Awww crap... Not you got me back in shiny-mode... Camera and battery do it for me...
Nearly 500 though...

@dajbelshaw @theartguy I was equally tempted. But read this... xda-developers.com/oneplus-5-b it is beyond my Ken really
And my barbie
But does look impressive. Then a pupil pointed me at other flagship killers from abroad about the same price that might be worth a look. Like Aaron though, mine is doing ok

@dajbelshaw @wiobyrne @BenjaminDoxtdator @mrkrndvs Fair points Aaron. I do think managing how you spend on your time on social media is important. And deep-reading is quietly sacrificed all too often for the TLDR bitesized articles your phone spits out. Sometimes I catch myself thinking I've read something because I read the headline... :/

@theartguy New sites are very limited in what you can do with them. Old ones were better I think this regard. Collaboration is improved in new engine though. But that's not always the *most* important thing when you're building shiny sites

@TMWReviews Wow. That must have been something to handle... it is a vulnerable place for health issues to kick in. It's good to read that you're getting to grips with it.

@TMWReviews this sounds like a tough gig. Best wishes to you

Desert Island Discs - Demis Hassabis - @bbcradio4 bbc.co.uk/programmes/b08qy1sl not sure this is available outside the UK but it is a great 45 minutes to hear from Demis (founder of Deep Mind) about AI and computer games and more

@theartguy Nice but I quite like mastodon because it's not connected to Twitter. For now.

@TheWayneGibbons @dajbelshaw They are applying their business strategy to it Wayne. Slowly forcing users into their way of thinking. Skype (Sky-peerr-to-peer) started out as a bid for independence using P2P technologies. Faced gov't objections. Changed hands three times.And now resides in MS portfolio.

Isaac Gracie - my stepson - has released a new tune and video - check it out here... youtube.com/watch?v=uUyZHgiVOs

. @dajbelshaw and I used zencastr.com/ last night to record this week's podcast - Skype is currently being broken by Microsoft - another one bites the dust

@theartguy @dajbelshaw @TheWayneGibbons I have OBS installed but have not tried it yet - but is my choice for screencasting on linux

@dajbelshaw @TheWayneGibbons Yes - been playing with the free Raspberry Pi version in class (playing = coding in python to control the world) and noticed some play now pay once you're hooked crap

@tonyparkin Perfect - all I need to know Mr P - ta.

@tonyparkin Cheers, Tony. Is it a good service?

Have you seen Good Will Hunting? Read this: huffingtonpost.com/2015/01/30/

I think I might start incorporating similar into my lessons to see if pupils are really paying attention...