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I'm really not excited for the future where cash is eliminated and you have to have an account on a dominant social media platform and a working surveillance device to buy anything. Also, in general, I find it very hard to care about how giant companies split the transaction fees.

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Episode 118: Raising Digital Citizens


This week, Doug and Dai discuss research in schools, walking long distances, screen time, digital citizenship, tech veganism, fully automated luxury communism, and more!

Thinking about creating a podcast style intro to all the units of work I teach at A Level that frames the importance of the content in the bigger picture of the qualification and the tech industry or society. Atm it's me procrastinating. I'm a bit nervous about actually doing it. Not sure why...?

Out running this morning and my feet were sore as trampled kittens from the gnarly roads. A moment of pleasure struck when a yellow butterfly started flying alond side me. It kept pace with me for about 100m. The moral of this tale is that I run as quickly as a butterfly flies.

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Episode 116: A Climate of Safety

This week, Doug and Dai discuss biohacking, games and learning mechanics, YouTube and suicide prevention, capitalism, climate change, SolarPunk, foldable displays, and more!


This emerged in the shop window that is @instagram and I'm pretty sure it's a joke about modern lifestyle.... Isn't it? t.co/8nGCtj33NM Biohackers handbook

Amazing doc'y on the growth Shenzhen in China from 2016. Open source hardware. The sharing maker culture entirely ignoring the IP and patent wars of the big tech corps. All your students should watch youtu.be/SGJ5cZnoodY

Wondering if the phone coop is any good. Uses EE network. Costs more than EE. Mobile and broadband contracts available. @dajbelshaw ? thephone.coop/about-us/

Identity theft on an international scale... The world is in ruins... Standards have slipped... What is there left to grab onto? @epilepticrabbit @dajbelshaw

Today in digital education podcast episode 114 is out now - the double diamond. And hunt it down on Spotify if that's your platform of choice. All other podcasting platforms too... tidepodcast.org/?name=2019-01- Me and @dajbelshaw talking turkey about tech and many other things

Depression in girls linked to higher use of social media. Huge recent rise in mental ill-health among under-18s. “Depression and all mental ill-health conditions arise due to a range of complex factors, usually a biological, psychological and social mix"


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Going to be doing some markdown with my pupils today... Using this tutorial site... markdowntutorial.com

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If anyone is able to test and feedback (windows only atm) on this early concept prototype from a student project that would be awesome.


"The ultimate objective for the project has always been a million cores in a single computer for real time brain modelling applications"


H/T @epilepticrabbit

My stepson has released a song written with Guy Garvey for the film Dead In A Week released in a few days... Come On Through


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Ubuntu 18.04 - Just "installed" OpenShot video editor upgrade (which resolves playback issues when editing clips) using AppImage method rather than the Ubuntu Software version. AppImage is pretty cool. itsfoss.com/use-appimage-linux

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Hello Federation.

We are happy to announce that we are finished basic federation support and will be merging it along with several new features this week.

It may take a few more weeks to iron out all the bugs, but we are confident from the tests we have done that it is ready for production use!

For the latest updates, star or watch the GitHub repo, github.com/pixelfed/pixelfed

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