It's really interesting seeing the email addresses of those signing up to our co-ops new, free email-based course 'The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Virtual Meetings'

Universities, corporates, non-profits, even football clubs(!)

My son's getting into Blender (, Other than just looking on YouTube, are there any tutorials or courses which are worth checking out?

He's 13 years old, if that makes a difference 😀

any weather above 20°C is cancelled. i've had enough of this shit

On Jul 1, I'm giving a seminar on how Big Tech distorts our discourse for the Oxford Internet Institute. It's free to attend, but you need to RSVP:

This is a really urgent question, since it's pretty clear that our discourse is a mess, from fake news to conspiracism to the rise of authoritarian, genocidal movements.


New on 💥 Thought Shrapnel:

The highest ambition of the integrated spectacle is to turn secret agents into revolutionaries and revolutionaries into secret agents

@dajbelshaw been there. that shit still electron-based, whole browser running in there, though. that said, you might prefer ferdi, the community-run fork that removes franz's limitations:

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