A friend suggested today that it's time for a manifesto and I agree. Another friend in another conversation mentioned that "free software" and "open source" are not relevant terms for what we need. I also agree.

It's time for something new. A new, community-centered ecosystem.

warning - extreme shrieking levels detected

(90%) ■■■■■■■■■□

I wrote up a brief spec for the Social Network From Hell .

Amazingly, the features are very much inline with a social network which I would actually want to use. Maybe I'm not so good at making things actually evil xD


I created a ZeroNet blog back in 2017. Can't seem to resurrect that one, so I've created it anew!

0. Install ZeroNet from: zeronet.io
1. Run ZeroNet
2. Access:

Anyone a ZeroNet expert? I'm looking for some advice about how to get editing back on a blog I last posted to in 2017...

joke: self-driving privately owned automobiles
woke: well funded and maintained public transit
bespoke: custom artisanal bicycles

I've seen someone I follow here share a music track they were listening to via a service that allows you to find it no matter whether you use Spotify, Apple Music, etc.

Does anyone know what I'm talking about? What is it?

So 'The Dark Knight' is in my top 5 favourite films ever. For it to only scrape onto this 100 top films of the 21st century is an absolute disgrace and I will be cancelling my Guardian subscription not really: theguardian.com/film/2019/sep/

Some thoughts about streaming TV subscriptions. Yet again, we've swapped out one set of gatekeepers for another set of gatekeepers. werd.io/2019/tv-subscription-f

This is your periodic reminder that not all blockchains are cryptocurrencies and not all cryptocurrencies are blockchains.

“The phrase ‘robots are taking our jobs’ gives technology agency it doesn’t (yet?) possess, whereas ‘capitalists are making targeted investments in robots designed to weaken and replace human workers so they can get even richer’ is less catchy but more accurate.” This is a good read.


@Downes Thanks for picking up on the MoodleNet post: downes.ca/cgi-bin/page.cgi?pos

I'm interested what 'appropriate action' would look like from your perspective? 😅

and ‘free speech’


This is quite a nuanced issue, which we're hopefully dealing with in a responsible way.

We'd be interested in your thoughts, which you're welcome to direct to @dajbelshaw (Product Manager)

Good to see this write up by @inevernu about getting four hours of solid knowledge work done per day (+meetings, email)


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