The problem with Democracy is that people are short-sighted and politicians exploit that.

We have environmental problems so we enact regulations -> Environmental problems get better -> "Why do we have so many regulations? The environment is fine!" -> Regulations get repealed -> Environment gets worse -> Repeat (but the environment can't magically recover so it's slowly damaged even more)

bewilderment levels are 15% and steady

(15%) ■□□□□□□□□□

"A Bold Black Lives Matter Statement Transforms a Street Leading to the White House in Washington D.C."

Friendly reminder that if you have a problem with a piece of software, approaching and working with the devs is generally more constructive than yelling about it on social media.

A reminder to myself as much as anyone else.

I spoke to an otherwise intelligent former colleague today who works in southern USA. She told me that George Soros was funding antifa, that pallets of bricks are being delivered to ensure protests turned into riots, and accidentally said instead of a couple of times during our conversation.

Batshit crazy, no? But this is someone who professes not to be a racist. Who says she agrees with the protests.

The structural racism is so, so deep.

I'd like to thank the wonderful team, which I have had the pleasure to recruit and work with over the last couple of years. Looking forward in the short-term to be working with my wonderful co-op colleagues!

(Moodle will be looking for a new PM)


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We're currently in the midst of a content sprint, ensuring that there are resources to showcase the integration with Moodle LMS 3.9. After that, I'll be around for federation testing and some more UX work, and then moving on to find new mountains to climb.


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The @moodlenet team delivered v1.0 beta this week. I also resigned, having done what I came to achieve. It's an amazing achievement, as a part-time team, to have delivered the world's first federated social network for educators, a decentralised digital commons.


We've just started the @moodlenet content sprint after reaching v1.0 beta.

It's so gratifying, after the team's hard work, to see people coming in and immediately knowing what to do, adding high-quality resources!

A statement from EFF begins: "Black lives matter on the streets. Black lives matter on the Internet.

"EFF stands with the communities mourning the victims of police homicide. We stand with the protesters who are plowed down by patrol cars. We stand with the journalists placed in handcuffs or fired upon while reporting these atrocities. And we stand with all those using their cameras, phones and digital tools to make sure we cannot turn away from the truth."


People you kind of know adding you to an email list (from their personal address) with no unsubscribe is the worst.

If I knew them better, I could have a chat with them without damaging your relationship.

If I didn't know them all, I could just 'report spam'.

As it is, I just have to endure it, as to say anything would damage the relationship.

Thankfully, it seems like a two week daily email thing which should be over soon...

Case in point: This fucking bullshit, in which MS tramples an existing Linux project's trademark and, when this is brought to their attention, tell everyone to just calm down:

Reminder: You don't need to justify taking a break in terms of it being an investment in future productivity

We agree that content moderation is broken and lacks a human rights framing. Our Santa Clara Principles, Who Has Your Back, and projects have focused on this. But we have rejected legal mandates, and this EO shows why that was the right call.

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