@anildash I'm sorry about my behavior and our resultant squabble in the bird place. I could have apologized immediately and didn't because I felt humiliated, flustered and defensive. I had no intention of you seeing my dumb joke. I've felt bad about it on a regular basis ever since and am learning how to react differently - or less - to the idea that I've hurt someone. I hope you can forgive me, but regardless, I am remorseful. Mastodon seemed like a good place to say so.

I wonder if being on here during my twitter break is like when I tried to quit smoking using cigars

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Also maybe there could be an instance where everyone's allowed to use "like" 50 times per toot

Like, if we were an Exxon instance, and we were federated with the Mobil instance, we could just talk about oil publically but if we wanted to say just to the Exxon people "what's with these Mobil guys amiright" we could make it unlisted. I think. Also I believe I am dating myself because I'm pretty sure Exxon and Mobil have long since merged with Time Warner

This is "unlisted" which I have to admit I still don't quite grasp

I need to change my pic if I'm going to pontificate this much because the pic is of me pontificating

I have the foggiest memory of being on twitter in the early days, having 200 followers, most of whom I knew personally, and simply using it to augment my humanity...then at some point I certainly became more Tweet than Man...viewing the world through a 140 character, snark coated, PR whore lens

An interesting thing about healthier Twitter alternatives is that it begs the question, how much health were we going to Twitter for versus how much were we servicing an addiction to the toxicity...software that lets us maintain and filter our own connections ...makes me take a hard look at myself and what I've "wanted" from social media since...2011 or so

So far it speaks volumes that I found myself craving this forum today

So now I'm curious because I'm "logging in" for my second time" how the timelines work...I'm just tooting out loud as part of my learning, please don't mind me I'm sorry if I'm using bad mastiquette

Shouldn't the federated column be including stuff from all mastodon instances

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Donc en fait c'est un plagiat de twitter mais avec que des nerds

starting an instance of mastadon might be an interesting alternative to some of the things for which I've been using Slack - like group messaging with green bubble people

don't read me 

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