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Topics I blog on:

and - desktop is Manjaro KDE

and - my passions

- tech which is making us greener

especially with FOSS

- I have a BMW R1200GS

- I do play WoT

and - with a view of tech being used here

- wish I'd discovered it 40 yrs back

- focus on the tech

- a new hobby

Third person from Facebook MarketPlace asking to buy the fake phone I warned people about - The adverts was a warning not to buy a fake phone

Watch Live TV on Linux With Hypnotix: A New IPTV Application Being Developed by Linux Mint Team - See

Hyundai to launch dedicated EV platform in major electric car push - Hyundai and Kia are the hopes for non-luxury car owners to afford electric vehicles - See

Organize your exported Google Photos collection with this Python script because Google's Takeout is a mess if you want to move them - See how to at

Politicians were once held to account... now nothing stands in their way, and it is not just in the UK. How can you be an elected representative if you lie to your own constituents? See

This site allows you to check the status of a phone's IMEI information and even report or check if it was stolen, lost or blocked - See

Google to land its new R2.2 billion cable in Melkbosstrand near Cape Town 20 with times more capacity than the one currently linking to Europe - You can listen to the full audio interview at

hCaptcha, as a Privacy Respecting Alternative to Google reCAPTCHA, Is Now the Largest Independent CAPTCHA Service, Runs on 15% Of The Internet - See

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