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Pixel 2’s Portrait Mode Ported to some Non-Google Devices running Android Oreo such as OnePlus 3 & 3T on OxygenOS 5, Moto G5s Plus, and reportedly even the Samsung Galaxy Note 8

It seems like many 64-bit devices running Android Oreo are compatible with Arnova8G2’s port of the Pixel 2 Portrait Mode feature. The best part of this mod is that it doesn’t require root to function!

See bit.ly/2CtKrvK

VR Screensharing with Google Cardboard and Chromecast, or Watch in full 3D on TV

The video below shows how to easily let others watch on TV what you are seeing in in Google or with Daydream. But you can take this an exciting step further if you have a TV. The TV's 3D mode can be set for a split vertical screen, and it will convert the picture into full 3D for the other viewers. The same 3D setting works for most 3D Youtube videos as well.

See bit.ly/2CyyMM5

Cool tech to tackle over a weekend

Some interesting ideas here especially the one building a weather station from scratch. Project ideas covered are:
- Set up a media server
- Try a new programming language or tool
- Speed up your PlayStation’s download speeds
- Make your own Amazon Echo
- Make a weather station with a Raspberry Pi
- Switch to a password manager
- Backup everything

See bit.ly/2CyrsjB

How To Get Macbook Touchpad Gestures On Linux

Many projects have attempted to mimic the Macbook touchpad gestures on Linux but the best, most universal way to get Mac-like touch gestures for laptops is by installing . It’s a program that allows users to add individual gestures to the Linux platform.

See instructions how to set it up at bit.ly/2lVdbDd or watch a short video on its configuration at youtu.be/1Ek4QaFQ1qo

21 Must-read books for open source program managers, recommended by members of the TODO Group

Three of my all-time favourite open source books are in this list. Looks like a really good list to explore.

See bit.ly/2CtCS8i

Google Maps’ Moat - How far ahead of Apple Maps is Google Maps?

This cartographer has spent over a year doing a deep analysis of Google detail vs Apple Maps and others and concluded that Google may be "streets" ahead of the others. Essentially Google is not just collecting Street View and Satellite view data but is creating data from data itself using machine learning.

See bit.ly/2BygOWh

Conversations is an Open Source & Secure Jabber/XMPP Client for Android

It is a fully open source instant messaging app which avoids using GCM by using the XMPP protocol instead — giving control to the user. Conversations allows you to run multiple accounts simultaneously and you can even use a different account for each contact.

See more info and a FAQ at bit.ly/2iPXa0p

Simulator Reloaded - Look at the Reflection Detail and Night Light Effects

This reminds me very much of ETS2 in terms of the attention to detail and graphics. I set the video link below to start during one of the stops where he walks around the bus and you can see all the reflections off the as if you are walking around a real bus at night. What also shows up nicely is the effect of the city lights and streetlights casting very natural glows.

See youtu.be/rc5hT_l8kbc?t=33m32s

The HTC VR Headset works with Windows and Linux OS on Steam VR Games

The video below gives a good sense (OK the player is a bit overexcited!) of what a realistic game can look like (complete with rusty machinery and dead flies). What is also of interest about this particular headset (used with many similar games in Steam) is that it now also works on Linux - phoronix.com/scan.php?page=new. I'm trying really hard not to buy one...

Watch the video of Derail Valley at bit.ly/2CrcDMg

Got a Wifi Smart Switch to work with my Google Home

The video below shows me using voice control through my Google Home to remotely switch an extension lead on and off, and to query whether it is in the on or off state. The setup of the switch had me a bit challenged. The problem with pairing the switch to my home router was that it kept failing - the short answer is: put the phone into aeroplane mode with Wifi on, and it works flawlessly.

Watch it at flic.kr/p/ECaq3E

Budget Buster: Taking a Razor to the cost of Shaving - What if a Simple Choice Saved you NZ$36,000 Over 50 Years and You Got a Better Shave?

Taking the average, the cost per shave is about three and a half cents. Even if you shave every day, that's all of $13 a year. Let's compare that to the cartridges with multiple blades. They're about $5 each, and generally last a week or two. That's 50c a shave, or an annual cost of $182.

Read the thought-provoking article at stuff.co.nz/business/money/797

How much it costs to build a VR gaming rig in South Africa

The budget list of items is also useful for many outside of SA.

See bit.ly/2C5fZYC

Conversations is an Open Source & Secure Jabber/XMPP Client for Android

The app supports switching between encryption algorithms on the fly and you can choose from three encryption algorithms: PGP, OTR, and OMEMO. OTR was never suitable for a majority of users simply because both communication partners had to be online at the same time for message delivery. OMEMO solves this major drawback; message delivery doesn’t require both users to be online simultaneously.

See bit.ly/2iPXa0p

Globe: World clock and time zone converter with easy 'slide to find best time'

lets you track the of any city in the world, and keep your favorites saved to your main screen. Give your locations custom names so you can easily keep track of everything. You can use the slider at the bottom of the app screen to visibly find the best time that suites multiple cities to video chat or phone each other. The app is free for up to three cities at a time.

See bit.ly/2iSQ7E6

Manjaro Linux - One Of The Finest Linux Distros

Yes nothing evokes as much emotion and debate in the world amongst Linux users as their choice of distro and desktop UI...

That said I'm very happy with and yes it is probably now good enough for first-time users. The installation may lack some of the Mint and Ubuntu polish but for example, it is quite seamless when it comes to Nvidia cards.

See the review at bit.ly/2iN1wW8 mastodon.social/media/n9nUIagw

Euro Truck Sim 2 map expansion - Italia has just been released

You'd have to watch this video very carefully to realize this is a sim and not real life! Over 11,000km of new roads throughout with all the Italian detail you'd expect to see.

Watch the video at youtube.com/watch?time_continu or the announcement at blog.scssoft.com/2017/12/itali which contains links to more videos

Maps.me is a great app to navigate from

.Me is more than a source of directions. It’s a database of roads, schools, squares, shops, and other landmarks that programmers have plotted through open source mapping (a Wikipedia–like system, where anyone can add their knowledge), places that otherwise would have been left largely off the radar.

You can download the mobile apps for iOS and Android from bit.ly/2kMSbBL


Interview with Dame Patricia Routledge from 'Keeping Up Appearances'

'Keeping Up Appearances' is an absolute classic of (think of Porridge, Thin Blue Line, Mr Bean and so many more) and I still enjoy rewatching all the episodes. And of course, the series revolves around Mrs Hyacinth Bucket. Dame Patricia Routledge looks back on her 65-year career, which includes a lot more than just Keeping Up Appearances.

See bit.ly/2kLEmn8 mastodon.social/media/dnl10BuR

The best free drone simulator games

Before you take your new out for its maiden flight, it’s a good idea to use a to get a feel for its handling to avoid embarrassing and potentially expensive crashes. You could pay hundreds of pounds for a realistic drone sim, but the strong community spirit of drone pilots means there’s also a growing collection of superb free simulators to help you master your props.

See techradar.com/news/the-best-fr