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Topics I blog on:

and - desktop is Manjaro KDE

and - my passions

- tech which is making us greener

especially with FOSS

- I have a BMW R1200GS

- I do play WoT

and - with a view of tech being used here

- wish I'd discovered it 40 yrs back

- focus on the tech

- a new hobby

Office 365 declared illegal in German schools due to privacy risks - no way for the German government to monitor cloud access by US authorities

My solar installation generated half of my daily consumption yesterday (10.91kWh) and peaked at 2116W

INKHUNTER - try virtual tattoo designs with augmented reality on your body for Android and iOS - See before you Ink

This Is Exactly Why Clean Coal Is A Joke - It's the tons of toxic coal ash that must be disposed of somewhere

Both Google Drive and Dropbox mobile apps have built-in multi-page scan-to-PDF functionality

I just installed solar panels because now’s the time in the US as price reductions lose momentum and subsidies reduce from 2020

Military Tech: M3 Amphibious Rigs driving into River to create a Ferry Operation

Tesla Supercharger Network Evolution — From 6 To 13,344 Superchargers In 6 Years in US but have other countries got ready yet?

Get modular with Python functions - Minimize your coding workload by using Python functions for repeating tasks

Charcoal Goods manufactures unique artisan safety razors from solid stainless steel, copper, brass or aluminium

My new 335W solar panels being installed - Canadian Solar CS6U-335P 335W Solar Panels

10 of the Best-Selling Books in History (Minus Religious Texts) - includes a cooking book and an Agatha Christie novel

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