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Danie van der Merwe ✅ @danie10@mastodon.social

Maybe if we underpaid Politicians and overpaid Teachers, there would be Smarter people and less Shitty laws

what is the difference between friendica and hubzilla? #2894

"Hubzilla represents what I like to think of as state of the art in decentralisation technology. It goes far beyond what we did in Friendica when it comes to decentralising core services which used to be available only on centralised silos. We decentralise everything. This builds on work I started in Friendica but it took a platform re-write to fully realise.

Some federation bits were added a couple of years ago due to popular demand, but they are in conflict with a couple of core features such as nomadic identity. Nomadic identity is really special. You can create online clones of your channel and pop up at another site if your current site is having issues (either temporarily or permanently). This works incredibly well - unless you have friends on other networks. My original account has moved a few times now. "

#hubzilla #federated

South Africa's mighty Red Devil Steam Locomotive's Final Steam Test and Transfer after 15 years of storage youtu.be/3_vDBjhOfUw