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Danie van der Merwe ✅ @danie10

Avoid SmartPost if you can.... wow it is 7 working days later (Thus 8 Jun to 19 Jun) and it is hopefully due to arrive today. All this time just crossing within the US using USPS. That's Berlin WI to Portland OR... really amazing!

@evenorbert thanks for the welcome! It is actually a link to the Windows app running under WINE on Linux.

Australia opens war on food waste

Australia’s first recycled supermarket is giving food destined for landfills a second chance, as the government embarks on a major push to cut down on waste costing the economy 20 billion Australian dollars ($15 billion) a year.

The outlet run by food rescue organization OzHarvest in Sydney takes surplus products normally thrown out by major supermarkets, airlines and other suppliers, and gives them away for free.

See bit.ly/2rEvAtV

@YesIKnowIT I've always loved KDE for its customisation options and app support. Working fast on Manjaro.

@Remontoire I just switched yesterday to Manjaro KDE from Linux Mint Cinnamon... really liking it

@dorinchiritoiu can try Master PDF Editor for PDF annotating

I'm officially a Manjaro KDE user now

I made the switch today after testing out in a VM for a few days and installing all my software etc. The install was quite quick as my data already resides on a separate partition so no need to backup and restore 100GB+ of data.

See my photos at bit.ly/daniemanjaro mastodon.social/media/7uwgFMzK

@drkmttr yes I have really not found a good notes app yet to work across Linux, Windows, Mac and Android for me. I do like that this one is consistent across platforms. I tried a few that work with my ownCloud but they were not a consistent experience. I'll see how this one goes for a bit.

Standard - free open source cross-platform syncing encrypted notes app

The standard app is free syncing across Linux, Mac, Windows, iOS, Android and the Web. It is AES-256 encryption enabled for privacy and if you lose your password, you lose the data (no workarounds or backdoors). It can also import for offline archives (so you can import from other services like after doing an export), or you can archive your data out of the service.

See standardnotes.org/

@fschaap thanks good advice. I'll probably try in a VM and see if the stuff I use installs OK etc.

Obesity affects one in 10 worldwide and kills millions each year, according to study from 195 countries http://u.afp.com/4niE

@fschaap I should maybe look again at rolling releases. I got a bit burnt with Debian a while back when I found not all my Linux apps installing easily on it. That drove me back into the Ubuntu derivative fold. I've been sticking to LTS releases tho to give a good 2 years between upgrades.

China launched world's largest floating solar farm, just as the US said it would withdraw from Paris climate pact… https://twitter.com/i/web/status/873793157724479489
Dozens of activists dress up in bloody shark costumes in Hong Kong to protest against finning of the marine predato… https://twitter.com/i/web/status/873832509494177795

Want to make a huge contribution to Mastodon adoption?

Create and maintain a Debian package for Mastodon. If you know anyone fluent in making and maintaining Debian packages, please share this with them. Let’s reduce the complexity of installing Mastodon on Debian-based distributions (e.g., Ubuntu) down to running a single command and watch the instance numbers shoot up! :)

github.com/tootsuite/mastodon/ mastodon.ar.al/media/LnF6IcwsX

has released its list of the fittest countries in the world for 2017

The ranking is based on data collected from 23.2 million Fitbit users across the globe.

The analysis is a representative sample of 2016 data from more than 10 million users in the United States and at least 10 thousand users in each international country.

See the stats at bit.ly/2reyi94

Urgent: call on Congress to eliminate fossil fuel tax breaks http://ur1.ca/qz35c

@schestowitz As soon as WebRTC will work reliably on the major browsers (it doesn't currently), Skype will be dead.