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Topics I blog on:

and - desktop is Manjaro KDE

and - my passions

- tech which is making us greener

especially with FOSS

- I have a BMW R1200GS

- I do play WoT

and - with a view of tech being used here

- wish I'd discovered it 40 yrs back

- focus on the tech

- a new hobby

Pity that many miss the point about being decentralised and federated. It shares across all of PixelFed, and other networks, no matter how small a server instance is via @verge

With the whole thing going on at the bird site, I think it might be a good idea for to have a “default” server for newcomers to know where to go.

AA 2700mWh Lithium rechargeable batteries with 1200 cycles at 1.5V gives extra voltage over Ni-Mh at 1.2V

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