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Topics I blog on:

and - desktop is Manjaro KDE

and - my passions

- tech which is making us greener

especially with FOSS

- I have a BMW R1200GS

- I do play WoT

and - with a view of tech being used here

- wish I'd discovered it 40 yrs back

- focus on the tech

- a new hobby

uMap let you create maps with OpenStreetMap layers in a minute and embed them in your site

How to stream music from your phone in an older non-Bluetooth enabled car using a simple Bluetooth FM transmitter

Survey of 1,705 people who live near wind turbines prefer them to solar and fossil plants - The preference for wind is strong even in US coal-producing states

As air pollution gets worse, a dystopian accessory is born - Will we all soon be wearing face masks like we wear sunglasses?

Why Do We Need So Many Different Messaging Apps? Slack, Signal, Hangouts, Wire, iMessage, Telegram, Facebook Messenger - There is no SINGLE messenger

Good to see that OMG! Ubuntu! @omgubuntu has joined Mastodon with a presence too now

How to set up emergency location sharing on Android and iOS - Two minutes of simple setup, and your smartphone could save your life

MeWe social network exceeds 4 million members as privacy violations hurt Facebook and Twitter

Air Carbon Capture’s Scale Problem: 11 Astrodomes For A Ton Of CO2

Wow load shedding still past midnight and Stage 4 during the day. I can't remember last when we had load shedding after midnight. Thankful I put solar in...

Has The World Been Duped by “Big Razor, Inc.”? Is Less More? The problem is widespread education in the art of wet shaving without billion dollar ad budgets

If you think Facebook has no competition, just ask Telegram who experienced a spike in registrations during the recent Facebook outage

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