@danielfgom The light and dark themes in Tootle are pretty decent too

Trying out a few iOS Mastodon apps. At the moment trying Tootle. I like the fact that it lets you set the icon, name and text sizes with sliders, as well as change the tabs you want to have along the bottom.

So far preferring it to Tootdon which I’d been using for about a week.

Geez. Richard Stallman’s account just did a massive dump of all his blog posts to Mastodon, totally clogging up the feed.

I think an unfollow is in order

@timbray By the way, if you haven’t found this yet, you can use it to find your Twitter friends here: bridge.joinmastodon.org/

Please consider this: you have choices all day long about how you treat people. Every interaction can be kind, or it can be cruel, and the choice you make will have an effect on people you’ll never meet. Make a choice that you’ll feel good about.


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