La tira de la semana y la primera tira del año: 2019 vía

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Well, I'm probably oversimplifying a bit.

But I'm under the impression that these days, everybody looks at new shiny web technologies, and forgets about the good old IETF protocols, which sometimes solve the same or very similar problem in a much more elegant way.

And even if the old protocols not a good solution for a particular problem, there's a lot modern dev could learn from them.

And the arguments like "who still uses $X in 2018" or "it's not 90s anymore" are th worst

The rust '?' operator is great for early return and unwrap, but today I've spend one hour hunting a bug because I didn't see where that little char

Fractal hackfest day 2, hacking day. I'm starting to move code from fractal-gtk to fractal-backend

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I really love fixing bugs in software that I use. It's very satisfying when you can hunt down an issue that's been bothering you and make the program usable.

One day offline and I've 100 emails in my inbox, with a lot of Merge Requests to review and comments... I'm starting to think that the migration to gitlab in GNOME was not a good idea 😑 Or maybe I should mute and ignore all the people that are working on Fractal

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TFW unsafe Rust calling C functions makes a better job of type checking than a C compiler.

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New side episode for the History of podcast: this is a short one, about how language bindings for were made, back in the 1.x days —

I tried and I failed:
I've written about my experience trying to work for the GNOME foundation :D

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