Today I've written about how to install EndlessOS and dual boot with other GNU/Linux distros:

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@sean @danigm I wouldn't call it GTK shortcomings. Unix lets your rename the /usr directory to /system, but then a lot of things won't work as expected. Is that a shortcoming of Unix? No. Do we need the ability to create arbitrary directories & rename them? Yes. Is it possible to build a complete system where everything expects /system, not /usr? Yes, see Android.

It's okay to theme or downstream an app, but if you do that, don't blame me if I say "It works for me".

Installed EndlessOS on my ThinkPad X1 coexisting with Fedora. It was not possible using the installer, but it was not hard. I learned a bit about EFI in the process

Mañana voy a la ETSII de Sevilla a hablar de sistemas de ficheros y ext2,3,4. En una clase de sistemas operativos

Ajolá no se pongan de acuerdo y tengamos otras votaciones pronto

Sólo un comentario de la peli, Thor me representa

Ayer terminé juramentada, del archivo de las tormentas de Qué gran batalla final.

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@danigm buena parte de la semana pasada estuve podando las enredaderas del jardín y esta tira me representa.

Ya he contado mi historia de gtk, rust y fractal. Ahora nos habla sobre bootloader

Ya en Madrid, listo para la charla de gtk en

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