nerdlegame 162 5/6


New trainers arrived!

Looking forward to taking these out for a trail tomorrow morning!

Didn't know at the time but they're also made with Parley Ocean Plastic so I get an unintentional fuzzy feeling inside too! 🙌❤️

Recruiter just asked if I wanted to go work for a crypto company that I'd be a perfect fit for!

The one I left after a few months a couple of years ago.

Nah you're alright thanks! 😂

Wordle 376 X/6


The quieter you plan to be the louder you are*

*Definitely when drunk.


That satisfying feeling when you finish a ticket so can close all 400 tabs open ready to open another 400 for the next ticket 🎉

nerdlegame 161 4/6



Wordle 375 X/6


Might be rainy outside but some might need sunglasses near me 😂

Have a super day everyone!

9.41km recovery run ✅
Avg pace: 8:52 /km ✅
Elevation gain: 226m ✅
Fastest km: 1 @ 6:57 ✅🎉
PBs or achievements: 0 ☹️

Legwatch: Pretty good 🎉

Up since 4:30 but only just out and getting it done! 🤦‍♂️😂

Recovery run in trail shoes while I wait for new normal runners to arrive. Hopefully will be alright on the calves!

Let's faaking gooooo!

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