Can anybody recommend a friendly app for , displaying emails as chat-like conversations, similar to the way does it for our poor brothers and sisters using iPhones, not having access to apps or ?

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Na, schafft ihr 8/8 Punkte beim Phishing-Quiz?

Hinweis: Link geht zu einer Google-Seite. Bitte mit dem Tor-Browser aufrufen!

Tipps zur Erkennung auch hier:


What is the difference between the new version 0.14.50.RC2.6 flagged as "new" in and my installed version 0.14.49-dirty and why is that "new" Syncthing update not being recognized / shown as an update in my app?

Imagine a party: music is blaring, lights are flashing, balloons are falling from the ceiling and the air is filled with hundreds of conversations. At the same time your cell phone is vibrating in your pocket and your drink is fizzing in the glass. Now imagine you can block out this assault on your senses to create a perfectly quiet bubble around you, only letting in the voice of your friend who’s trying to get your attention from the other side of the room.

ESA creates quietest place in space

Skygofree, Powerful Android Spyware Discovered..... Security researchers have unveiled one of the most powerful and highly advanced Android spyware tools that give hackers full control of infected devices remotely.Skygofree, the Android spyware has been designed for targeted surveillance, and it is believed to have been targeting a large number of users for the past four years.

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