Inclusiveness in Language for Outsiders Looking In 

I've recently been in a few discussions related to open-source projects that have received pull requests asking to change words being used in their code and documentation.

You might disagree with the idea that you should just "fold" and make the changes people ask you to make. My counter-argument is that if you're not an asshole, you already do it and it's entirely natural, but just not in that context.

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acab, fuck cop unions 

Unions are a method to organize the power of the proletariat in an attempt to equalize it to more effectively combat the disproportionate individual power of the bourgeoisie.

Refusing to recognize cop unions as legitimate completely falls in line with communist and especially anarcho-communist ideology because cop unions don't organize the proletariat. They organize the bourgeoisie's protectors.

Canada has an unused card up its sleeve against China: our immigration system 

As the People’s Republic seeks to impose its will on Hong Kong, an open-door refugee policy is one that permits Hong Kongers to vote with their feet between an oppressive China or an open Canada.

Above all, welcoming Hong Kongers aligns with Canadian democratic traditions – standing against tyranny and welcoming the oppressed.

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oh so you think we should just give EVERYONE health care for FREE? what’s next, free college?!? Just give them a house?? for fREE??? and free food????

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“Abolish ICE!”

*a finger curls on the the monkey’s paw*

“Oh shit Greenland”

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“Free users for sure we don’t want to give that [end-to-end encryption] because we also want to work together with FBI, with local law enforcement in case some people use Zoom for a bad purpose” - Eric Yuan, CEO.

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Quebec has a systemic racism problem, obviously 

Remember when the report came out last year revealing that black and Indigenous people were four to five times more likely than whites to be stopped by Montreal police and SPVM Chief Sylvain Caron said he was “very surprised”? Really? I’m not stopping them, your officers are. Why are you surprised? Shouldn’t you — at the very least — be aware of it?

So, solidarity, mais quand tu nous tiens?

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Covid-19, prepping 

So much of survivalism literature is about keeping others out. Your hoard is for you, let the unprepared suckers die. Not only is this inhuman, it also does not work.

Rugged individualism will not get you through this crisis, or any crisis. Because one day you will get sick, or break your leg, or lose your knife.

When that happens, the people you cared for, will care for you. Or they’ll remember that you cut granny’s rations because she wasn’t pulling her weight. And they’ll act accordingly.

And sure, maybe the person you nurse back to health gives you a fatal disease, maybe you feed the folks in your neighborhood for a little while and you still all starve, maybe.

But you went down giving the four horsemen the middle finger

And that’s all that matters in the end

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Using COVID-19 money to fund political parties is a disgrace 

So much is wrong with the whole thing: the clubby, secretive way in which federal parties have sought it; the possible conflict of interest in voting for it, the stark fact that political parties have declared themselves eligible while municipalities are not.

After the pandemic, it’s time for a conversation about public transparency in return for public money, for all the political parties.

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posting is just asking "do you know what i mean" a hundred times an hour

The Bottom Line: We Are Saving Millions of Lives 

We will never really know what would have happened on a planet that took no action against this pandemic. But one early model estimated that 40 million people would die from COVID-19 in 2020 if absolutely no measures, like social distancing, were undertaken.

Measures like physical distancing may yet succeed in saving tens of millions of people this year alone from COVID-19. That’s astonishing.

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The primary goal in cutting social services is to create an ever more desperate work force that's easier to exploit. The quality of unemployment conditions is what sets the bar for the minimal quality of working conditions.

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hey guess what

whoever is reading this toot is valid as heck

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"GitLab has memory leaks."

Their solution is monkey patching their application to check its memory usage after every 16th HTTP request and commit suicide if it's too much. This page is telling sysadmins who install their own GitLab instance how to configure this.

Serve Videos Instead of GIFs 

A single GIF can be larger than a typical website (over 2 MB).

While serving a video is not as straightforward as serving a GIF, the file size savings can be tremendous. The following video is 103 KB in size, compared to 4.1 MB for the GIF that I converted it from. That's a size reduction of over 97%.

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