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‘A propaganda machine’: How Doug Ford’s government skirts media with Ontario News Now Show more

Heartbeat predicts errors in expert pianists Show more

Doug Ford — a premier ‘For the (Rich) People’ Show more

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Jagmeet Singh’s Love & Courage: ‘I carried the shame and stigma’ of abuse Show more

Ontarians don’t support Doug Ford’s anti-carbon tax campaign Show more

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my manager: hello everyone
everyone: *mumbling*
my manager: come on guys i said hello everyone!
everyone: *exact same volume of mumbling*
my manager: yeah thats better guys

The Politics of Switching Parties Show more

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"Hi! I'd like to submit a bug report?"

"Go ahead."

"The butterflies are coming along nicely; less monarchs than anticipated, but we're troubleshooting as we speak."

"Anything else?"

"The bees are doing better, but still not where we'd like; continuing to investigate."

"Thank you for sub--"

"Uh... one more thing..."


"We over budgeted the mosquitoes. Again."

"Ugh... I'll alert the Bird and Fish departments to compensate."

Les députés votent pour le retrait du crucifix du Salon bleu Show more

Family who helped Edward Snowden arrives in Canada Show more

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Hey, people of Mastodon! One of my friends just failed a class (after working her ass off to pass it). She's feeling pretty low, and wondering what's going to be open to her now. I've reassured her that failure is not the end of the world, because I failed, but I'm not sure she believes me.

If you've ever failed at something, big or small, only to succeed later, would you mind sharing your story? I want to show her it's okay.

Boosts welcomed. Thank you!


Trudeau’s New Budget and the Cult of Home Ownership Show more

Crucifix in Montreal city hall's council chamber will be removed Show more

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class A(object):
def foo(self, bar):

class B(object):
def foo(self, bar):

class C(A, B): # <-
def foo(self, bar):
super(A, self).foo(bar) # <-

>>> C().foo('FNORD')

Doug Ford's government is a government of grifters Show more

Ron Taverner abandons controversial appointment as OPP commissioner Show more

Liberals and Conservatives Are Both Susceptible to Fake News Show more

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