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Suffice to say, the majority of things that the media describes as "open source" these days (in 2020) are in fact #ProprietarySoftware + #openwashing (usually mislabeled #monopoly ware)
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"I think I ought to traverse the stars; see as much as I can, meet new, exciting people!"

My toaster hummed then asked, "What's the name of the tenant in 43?"

"I... don't know?"

"What about your neighbors in 41, 40 and 38?"

"Um. Well, whoever lives in 38 is called Beck; I accidentally got their mail once."

"Have you met them?"

"No," I admitted.

"Plenty of new people right here on Mars."

"What if they're boring?"

"What if they're not?"

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bad faith 

the second meaning bad faith has is as a technical term in existential philosophy. very broadly, one is acting in bad faith when they pretend they couldn't do otherwise — when they deny their radical freedom. someone justifying their actions, to themselves or others, by saying they're 'just following the rules' or that they're 'it's just the kind of person they are' or w/e is engaging in bad faith: they're eliding that the rule applies only insofar as they choose to follow it, and they're whatever kind of person by choosing to act like such a person

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"Be excellent to each other" isn't sufficient as a mantra when people come with the sole purpose of provocation, or weaponising manners to misframe the accused as an intolerant accuser
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illustration of how voting by mail works in British Columbia 

welp, I guess it's time to vote

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police violence 

If you dehumanize people long enough, you won't like who you become.



J.K. Rowling’s new book imagines a fantasy world where she is right about trans people

Unlike one of her previous books that features a trans woman who attempts to commit murder, the villainous killer in Troubled Blood is not actually a trans woman, but rather a cis man who is dressed as a woman. Because of this, she explained, her use of this fear mongering trope that has been used to demonise trans women for decades has nothing to do with trans issues.


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Very often historical films actually exclude certain details because, though they may have actually occurred, they seem too exaggerated to be true.

I learned today that there is actually a name for this in film production: the Tiffany Problem. It comes from the idea that naming a character Tiffany in, say, the 14th Century, feels out of place. But the truth is that the name Tiffany has origins in 12th Century Greece. So it's entirely likely to be true.


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nudity, sexuality, racism 

the most recent video by Ian Danskin is one of my favourites:

The semiotics of "cuck"


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Got my flu shot today. Don't forget to get yours--it's especially important this year!

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Most Pedestrian Infrastructure Is Really for Drivers 

When we build a sidewalk along a busy arterial, or put in a traffic signal or build a pedestrian overpass, we may call it “pedestrian” infrastructure, but the only reason it’s actually needed is because of the presence and primacy of cars. And its purpose is primarily to benefit cars, speeding car travel, by freeing them from the need to pay attention to or yield to pedestrians.


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