We are intimately connected to mainland Europe. (Image from @openinframap@twitter.com)

The inventor of SuperCollider is dabbling with a secret new programming language for "sound as pure form" soundcloud.com/soundaspureform (see about-box for info) "This language is still very experimental and is not available."

Solar PV nowcasting jack-kelly.com/blog/2019-01-09 - a machine learning challenge that could help act against climate change

To celebrate the end of '18, my H-index has bumped up to 18 :)
Given the algorithmic nature of the H-index, I still think that squares are the best values: sweet 16 was great, here's hoping for 25

DOI has been the gold-standard way of magically and robustly linking to journal articles for decades. I wonder why @sciencemagazine@twitter.com doesn't use it? They quote DOIs in their bibliographies but don't hotlink them, instead linking to google scholar. ...?

"The sound of a tropical forest" - a perspective in @sciencemagazine@twitter.com advocating for monitoring ecosystems doi.org/10.1126%2Fscience.aav1 /via @amcell

Nice, looks like Apple is doing work with @OpenStreetMap map data - judging from their "Atlas" Java OSM software github.com/osmlab/atlas and some community engagement lists.openstreetmap.org/piperm

Lovely tool for downloading maps as vector images, & customising the colours etc: hanshack.com/mapxtract/

Uplifting images! Climate Visuals climatevisuals.org/
(thanks @HowWeGetToNext@twitter.com for the link. "galleries of images (many CC-licensed) about climate change based on research about what people connect to. Less disaster; more hopeful action")

The UK public has changed its mind about Brexit, according to surveys: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Opinion_ -- The polls up until Summer 2017 were broadly pro-Brexit, but for the past 18 months there's been a pretty consistent lead against-Brexit.

"So many aspects of life depend on fossil fuels, except for music and love and education and happiness. These things, which hardly use fossil fuels, are what we must focus on." theguardian.com/environment/20

.@veromorfi@twitter.com presenting her work on weakly supervised deep learning for birdsong audio, at DMRN @c4dm@twitter.com

Rishi Shukla at DMRN, not sitting on the fence about 3D sound rendering techniques

The British Academy here has an excellent briefing paper about "Associate Status" for the UK in European research: thebritishacademy.ac.uk/public - gives a clear explanation, then describes what the UK would do to get into that position.

"The antidote to civilisational collapse" - a fantastic interview with Adam Curtis about all our futures (30min read): economist.com/open-future/2018

.@wil_j_wil@twitter.com presenting his Machine Listening Lab seminar @c4dm@twitter.com on probabilistic models for time-frequency audio analysis

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