Great news from the solar mapping: We’ve just reached 100,000 standalone solar panels mapped in the UK! Plus hundreds of solar farms. Fabulous progress.

Open-Unmix - a new benchmark in music source separation: - finally, fully open-source & high-quality music source separation. Well done folks!

amazing study presented at : ants drilling holes in acacia tree thorns, which then create a whistling signal in the wind, to scare away cattle... currently being tested by drilling thousands of little holes in trees in Africa

Do zebra finches prefer holograms or robots? Never thought I'd be asking myself that question.

On air soon! 4pm today, on, a documentary about Audio Illusions. Featuring, , myself, plus... who knows what?

I'm impressed (?!) how many speakers are composing their slides while sitting in the preceding lecture session. Currently sitting behind someone googling stack overflow and composing a ggplot figure of their results :)

Mahalia Frank presenting her work on the neuroanatomy that might explain what zebra finches can hear while still in the egg! She's working with in our bird group at

Julia Hyland Bruno presenting an interesting data viz of zebra finches' song repertoires at - can you decode them?

Intriguing observations in Greg Bryant keynote at : slowing down / speeding up laughter (spontaneous & volitional) sounds like... what? Animal? Human? Well...

* Robots organise the next VIHAR event but see no particular reason to consider humans as a special case - so they call it VI'AR.

* We resynthesise vocalising animals to re-experience life before the big Anthropocene extinction (also, cyborg animals)
* Selectively enhance the cognitive abilities in other species, and see which ones develop speech and/or language

Among the ideas from our sci-fi session at :
* Loading new languages into your brain via fMRI-feedback accelerated learning
* Screaming at Siri leads to "couples therapy" with a robot therapist

Michael Brady's interesting work to develop genuinely open source robotics, including robots that can speak mechanically:

Mohammed Chetouani giving his keynote at, on neuroscience of interpersonal interaction

At we were pleased to give two awards for best papers: to Leanne Nagels, and to Anna Zanoli (collected by Marco Gamba). Congratulations!

Michael McLaughlin presenting: a system for robot-chick vocal interactions (eg on farms)

Verena Rieser keynote, v interesting observation about the extent to which people insult virtual conversation agents: 5-30% of real data contain abuse

Suzanne Schötz talking about their "meowsic" research project to understand the vocabulary of domestic cats

I'm very happy to be chairing the second international VIHAR workshop, - today and tomorrow at Looking forward to some great talks and discussion about Vocal Interaction In-and-between Humans, Animals and Robots!

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