PhD studentship in audio-visual signal processing and machine learning - with our colleague Lin Wang here in

fancy a Lecturer / Senior Lecturer position here at, e.g. with us in Apply here:

Microsoft has started rewriting all my incoming work emails, substituting URLs with its awful "safelinks" redirects; as a result, my email client now thinks every single email I receive is a scam mail. //

Early registration for closes this Friday 12th July! Register now: (also, check out the list of accepted papers) - please retweet this to colleagues

An article I handled as editor has been published today in "Sample-level sound synthesis with recurrent neural networks and conceptors" - well done, and my thanks to the reviewers

Our holiday: we took trains for two days through UK->France->Belgium->Germany->Denmark->Sweden, eventually to stay in... a converted train! P.S. it was gorgeous.

I've noticed that the "most recent H-paper" is quite telling. When you look at an academic's publication record, what's their most recent publication with (num citations)>=(their H index)?

2-year postdoctoral fellowships in Brussels, Belgium: Interesting opportunity with , etc

Cody Dock in East London has plans to build a rather cool object - see vid:

New paper by & friends looks at the question of: For different animal species, how can we measure the capacity of their vocalisations to carry "fingerprints" of individual identity? (Just out in Meth Ecol Evol)

A call for software developers who'd like a little side project that can help save CO2: "Tool needed: simple solar spotter"

These changes to UK land, proposed by and co, would be ace:

Caroline Lucas, Magic Magid, Sian Berry, these are the AMAZING politicians we need! Looking forward to voting for them:

Pablo Alvarado Duran - Poster Area D right now - "Sparse Gaussian process audio source separation using spectrum priors in the time-domain"

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