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Hello new followers, its been a month since I've returned to the fediverse and I want to thank you for all the feedback and support you have given for the federated instagram project and GNU/Social ActivityPub plugin. I think this will be a great summer!

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@dansup Thanks my dude. I think I'm becoming slowly radicalised. I'll have to make some fedi service myself soon.

@nickh hey, welcome to the fediverse!

Cold shower & A/C setup in my "office" (its a garage). Ready to start coding ๐Ÿ˜„

April: Snowfall warning
June: Heat warning

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New UI improvements for timelines!

"2017 ideas playing off a Walkman"

"Old man yells at mike cole memes"

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I miss the old Mike Cole...

This will be a good week, the API has been started and I'm working with mobile app developers to make sure they have everything they need!

@yabirgb and I are discussing video/stories/re-blog implementation so the experience is consistent across @pixelfed and @zinat !

You may say I'm a dreamer,
But I'm not the only one.

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I believe that if we are honest with ourselves,
That the most fascinating problem in the world is "Who Am I"
~ Alan Watts


Lots of tadpoles too, you can see them in the first picture at the bottom!

Swans on a lake. I saw 3 moose, a herd of cows, a horseback rider and 2 deer on the way back!

Its so cool seeing other pixelfed instances!

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