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"We have enormous freedom. That鈥檚 not a gift that was given to us, it鈥檚 a legacy that was left to us by centuries of struggle. By centuries of people that most of whose names are completely forgotten, the ones who created the freedom and the rights we now have, and that will be taken away unless you constantly defend them."

- Noam Chomsky

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"When you don't create things, you become defined by your tastes rather than your ability. Your tastes only narrow & exclude people. So create."

- Why The Lucky Stiff

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New Tusker beta build is out with a couple features (notably, fast account switching on iPad by long-pressing the "My Profile" sidebar item) and a slew of bugfixes (bunch of crashes fixed, resolved an issue logging in to some Pixelfed instances)
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Is there any interest in an official Pixelfed hosting service?

Pay as low as $5/month for your own instance with an export feature to easily migrate your data to your own server down the road if you choose.

This could help fund development and our other initiatives like!

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How can I improve the people directory?

I have a few ideas:

- Allow registration via statuses that contain hashtag topics so you don't need to pollute your bio

- User avatars (held off on this as it would require moderation)

- Topic intersection (group results by multiple topics)

- Filter by instance/domain

- Use localStorage to keep track of profiles you seen to show fresher results

Any more? Boosts appreciated!

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I put too much effort into captioning @pixelfed posts. Like I almost spent as much time coding this feature as I have trying to caption it.

I used to be so good at marketing pixelfed, but now I'm constantly second guessing myself

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Much to my delight I can present to you a new list, created by @lmemsm 馃帀

"A curated list of of lightweight, cross-platform programs and libraries. All programs are Free, Libre and/or Open Source with source code available. They're lightweight and cross-platform compatible with minimal dependencies, so they should be easy to build from source on most operating systems with a C compiler."

Wanna start your own list? Just do it, and ping me!

"obsessed with rounded corners" on my rounded tombstone

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Aquest efecte de l'interf铆cie d'usuari #MetroUI que t茅 #Pixelfed v0.11.3 quan tornes a carregar la p脿gina em sembla bon铆ssim. 馃憦馃徏

13% of instances are running the latest version released 1 day ago!

He's so dramatic, looking down at me from the stairs as if he never got fed today and is behind bars lmao

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We made for you, the .

This represents more than just Pixelfed, and we recognize how important it is to remain unbiased and not use this to further our own project.

Our long term goal for is to turn it over to a reputable, non-profit organization if possible!

Your feedback is invaluable and has helped shape the project thus far, let us know what you think about this!

One week ago I launched

Since then, 515 people registered and have been added to 1800+ topics!

Discovery is important, and while we strive to fill this void, our ultimate goal is to help standardize discovery across the fediverse.

Every project should have this directory!

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El programador de #Pixelfed, dansup 茅s un crack!
He actualitzat la meva inst脿ncia Pixelfed a la darrera versi贸 alliberada aquest mat铆, la v0.11.3.
Amb la nova interf铆cie Metro UI no em funcionaven ni els m'agrada ni el comentaris. Seguint els passos que dansup em donava ho hem sol路lucionat 馃憦

Seems like the recent twitter influx has calmed down, that level of growth really highlighted growing pains in Pixelfed and I'm sure other fediverse projects.

It doesn't matter what backend language you use when you have to verify hundreds or thousands of http signatures per second before you even process the activity.

I should really start blogging about this stuff

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