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Hello new followers, its been a month since I've returned to the fediverse and I want to thank you for all the feedback and support you have given for the federated instagram project and GNU/Social ActivityPub plugin. I think this will be a great summer!

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This tusky app is pretty nice! I love that it supports multiple accounts.

I've been contacted by a journalist who wants to write a story about @pixelfed !

"Don't be a hard rock when you really are a gem"
~ Lauryn Hill

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We have an official IRC channel. on freenode.
Feel free to stop by!

One of my favourite instances is mastodon.art. I'm a patron of @Curator and you should consider supporting the biggest art and visual media instance on the fediverse! Every dollar helps.


I'm a patron of @maloki, the work she has done for the fediverse and mastodon is amazing. You should consider supporting her work!


cc @maloki

When I first joined mastodon, there was no CW. I posted a NSFW frank ocean video without any warning. It would be cool to go back and CW old posts, I think ActivityPub would support that.

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All that said yesterday, I'm not one to hold a grudge for very long. And I'm willing to forgive and move on.

As I said in my initial about my role at there was miscommunication, maybe across the board.

@Gargron said one thing to him, and I read another to me.

It happens, and I'm not above fault, neither is he.

It would however require us both to be willing to ask for forgiveness. And work something out that would be sustainable for the project.

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Would any Seattle folks be interested in a Seattle-centric Mastodon server? I've been sitting on the domain social.seattle.wa.us for a while now, should probably do something with it

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Living so that last night feels like a past life

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Exploring video support. (limited to 3 minutes or so)