Six AM. Can't think of any reason to write a song about it.

Four in the morning. Someone should write a song about it.

Insomnia should turn loose any minute now.
Any hour now?

Not enough kinetic energy to get things rolling

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Finished! Faber Castell TG1-S techical pens and pencils on heavyweight mixed media A4-size paper (21x30cm).

Selling signed prints - $30 USD (which includes worldwide shipping) - yell at me if you want one, payment via PayPal!

🌃 Sometimes 5am feels like midnight

To Do LIst
1st item...
I can put that off
2rd item...
I can put that off
3rd item...
I'll have to do this one...later

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I have done A Smart and set up a page on my website for available prints with 'buy now' buttons. There's loads! Go see :D

$20 USD for an A4-size (21 x 30cm) print on 200gsm paper - price includes worldwide shipping.

This nonsense is going on your permanent record.

Managed to do a little exercise this morning before I turned on the computer, almost like a resolution or something.

Reading on a tablet has many advantages, but keeping it charged sure can be a hassle.

Birds are going to have the feeder empty pretty soon.

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