Time to do some Wikipedia editing and... oh, hey, let's stream it live, too -> twitch.tv/danyork324

New audio: TDYR 395 - Experimenting with Livestreaming on Twitch (A.k.a. Why I Haven’t Been Podcasting As Much Lately...) - soundcloud.com/danyork/tdyr-39

Streaming live... time to record some podcast episodes... so I thought I'd do a "behind the scenes" stream showing what I do for planning, recording, and post-production - twitch.tv/danyork324 (Will be online for 30-40 minutes)

FYI, I've been experimenting with streaming toTwitch over the last couple of months just to understand more about how it works, how you can use it, how OBS Studio works, etc.

I'm not streaming gaming, but more "IRL" / "creative" streams.

If any of you use Twitch, you are welcome to follow along with my experiments. I am "danyork324" there: twitch.tv/danyork324/

Mostly I've been streaming some editing of Wikipedia, recording some podcasts, editing some markdown on GitHub... other things.

‪Q - what tool / program have people found works best to convert DocBook XML to Asciidoc? ‬

‪(Want to take a book written in DocBook and update it in a non-XML form. Considered just regular markdown, but I want footnotes and some other features.)‬

Note to self: Remember that if you are using a green screen while streaming to Twitch, wearing a dark green T-shirt is not the smartest idea. 😀 (On the other hand, you can say my stream tonight had a higher degree of "transparency" 😉 - and some added sparkle.)

With events being held virtually now, what are open source tools for hosting virtual events? (for those ppl wanting to use open source vs commercial). I can think of:

- meet.jit.si
- openmeetings.apache.org/
- obsproject.com/ (streaming)

what other tools are out there?

New podcast episode TDYR 394 - After the pandemic, will livestreaming change churches and community organizations? When we can gather again in the same physical place, will we bring with us any lessons we have learned from our time online? - soundcloud.com/danyork/tdyr-39

New podcast episode - In 2012, SoundCloud's iOS app had a big orange recording button. That went away in 2014, but now in 2020, uploading is back. - TDYR 393 - SoundCloud Brings Back the Ability to Upload (but not Record) from IOS Apps- soundcloud.com/danyork/tdyr-39

If you are curious about the process that someone goes through to create a podcast episode, I'm going to be streaming for the next while to produce a couple of episodes - twitch.tv/danyork324/

Know of a nonprofit that wants to launch a project that will use the Internet to improve people's lives in this time of / ? The Internet Society Foundation has a grant program open right now - DEADLINE is ** May 17 **.


Hmm... it looks like the email newsletter was on a wee bit longer of a hiatus than I thought. Last issue went out in September *2013*! I'm guessing a good number of the subscriber email addresses may no longer be working! We'll see...

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I decided to bring back my email newsletter, "A View from the Crow's Nest", looking the future of technology and our society, and decided to try out Substack for publishing (and maybe a bonus podcast, too). You are welcome to join in. You can subscribe at: danyork.substack.com/

Going live at twitch.tv/danyork324/ to do some Wikipedia editing, starting with some updates to Vermont pages and then moving on. Just a short break in the day. Will be there for probably 20-ish minutes.

We seem to be struggling a bit with the concept of “Spring” here in ...

‪Except, of course, I messed up... it should be 3.1416 (and actually 3.14159...)‬

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‪Yes, I am that geek of a runner whose personal version of a 5K is one that ends in a representation of pi ... (in miles)‬

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