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IBM is trying to change the narrative about and get people out of only thinking about the dystopian view of AI as overlords... recode.net/2017/6/27/15875432/

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First time in the #IETF: the chair announces a leave for… maternity. The bearded geeks in T-shirts changed.

Quantum Computing for the Mildly Curious - good piece about what it is... and is NOT - medium.com/future-crunch/quant

Need to get back posting here more...

‪On the way to BDL (Hartford) to fly to Zurich and then Nairobi for - long hours ahead in airborne metal tubes.

Google buys a /12 Address Block - it needs the addresses for Google Cloud customers to address the fact that is still not everywhere. I'm fine with this... because I want to see economics help create the incentives to encourage more people to move to :-) - internetsociety.org/deploy360/

So, Mastodonians, how goes life here in Mastodon? Due to some $WORK deadlines, I've been off Mastodon and other social media (including birdsite) for much of the last week. Things still good here? Still finding yourself using Mastodon a good bit? Or not using it quite as much as before?

Good piece by Olaf Kolkman about the and how we all need to work together to fight malicious attacks like this one - internetsociety.org/blog/tech- 

"To combat fear, we have to go through it, not around it." -Internet Society President & CEO Kathy Brown speaking at a Chatham House roundtable today. WATCH LIVE - livestream.com/internetsociety

At Chatham House, @Milkshake mentions that the IETF early on formed guidelines for working together - RFC 1603 - tools.ietf.org/html/rfc1603 mastodon.social/media/FjoghXKs

If you will be in Johannesburg, South Africa, for , we are seeking presenters for the Workshop that will be held there. (Side note - I will not personally be at ICANN 59, but I'm part of the program committee planning the event.) - circleid.com/posts/20170508_ca

@lambadalambda I feel like I missed something. Why is everyone all emotional today?

Interesting view into home solar power and energy pricing and policy - 99% Invisible: 257- Reversing the Grid

@saper Yep... they are part of the fading of domain names. URLs today are increasingly hidden.