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You’re the first human to successfully land on Mars. You step out of the craft and spot something unusual. You see footprints. They look remarkably human.

Who are the people/accounts you like to follow for thoughts about the future of the Internet?

(Looking to update some of my lists… could be people here on Mastodon, or on bird site, or on their own blogs/sites)

‪This Internet of ours is amazing. On my iPhone in a car going 65mph on a highway in the mountains of Vermont (daughter is driving!), I just downloaded a draft press release, uploaded it to WordPress, tweaked text, sent it off for translations, and let my team know.

For those who speak Deutsch, es gibt ein Podcast - “ 5.0 und der -Editor” - presswerk.net/pw045/

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⚡ 🐦 Just posted about reading #blogs using #Mozilla #Thunderbird:


Retake control of your online blog reading experience by relying on a Desktop app instead of a SaaS. No mining, no accounts, no ads, no algorithmic timelines...

As announced earlier this week, 5.0 with the editor is now OUT! Upgrades available now… wordpress.org/news/2018/12/beb

Interested in working on access and infrastructure projects in rural and remote areas of North America? Passionate about about security, network resilience and emerging technologies? Come work with us at the @internetsociety internetsociety.bamboohr.co.uk

When you are listening on a video conference call… and from behind your head you hear your poodle *snoring*! ;-) Not something people can hear on the call… but it is lulling me to sleep!

Want to help make the Internet more secure? We're looking for someone who can help build the community of people participating in the initiative around . Ideally located in Amsterdam but could be anywhere. Read more: internetsociety.bamboohr.co.uk

And more about the MANRS project is at: manrs.org/

With all the zeal of the recently converted, I want to dockerize the <expletive> out of everything…

“Ugh, what a yucky day”, I say as I drive our car on the snowy, slushy, slippery roads.

“Daddy, it’s a beautiful day!”, says our 9yo from the back seat.

I’m looking down at the road. She’s looking out at the gorgeous snow-laden trees and scenery.

A good reminder to lift our eyes from the mundane and appreciate the beauty all around us.

How to Run in a Container, Part 1 - disruptiveconversations.com/20

A little post I wrote to document what I’ve been learning in some of my experimentation with docker. Hopefully others may find it useful.

My colleagues made a fun “spoof” video about (and the lack thereof) - Enjoy!

sales mean that cheap and handy connected devices are everywhere! But, there are some hidden costs! Get to know them and stay secure. ow.ly/NTJN30mHy1q

Spammers started hitting my old account on Known, seeming to use Webmentions to do so 😞 . My short post about it: danyork.withknown.com/2018/wat

Really great post-mortem of the outage back on October 21 - I like the way they did this: blog.github.com/2018-10-30-oct

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