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New post on my blog: How to support #Mastodon cdevroe.com/2017/04/25/how-to- 🍍

tl;dr Support:
- Mastodon contributors
- Your instance
- Mobile app developers
- Support staff members
- The community
- File bugs
- Teach others
- Be inclusive
- Have fun!

cc @Gargron, @TheAdmin, @eurasierboy, @maloki

@ashfurrow Glad you have the time and energy to contribute... your essay is great! Thank you for all you are doing.

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#Amaroq for Mastodon v1.1.0 update: By extremely popular demand, multi-instance support is here! Navigation throughout app has been tidied up! VoiceOver support has seen large improvements and will continue to in further updates. The first of the localizations are here: Japanese, Swedish, Norwegian, and Danish. Many more localization updates to come~ :3 Now if you excuse me, I’m going to flop onto a couch. Zzz~


So... sometime in the next few hours the Mastodon network should cross over 500,000 users! Very cool to see. Here was the last update a few minutes ago: social.lou.lt/users/mastodonus

Wow! Awesome to see multi-instance support added into Amaroq (the main #iOS app for Mastodon). Now people can more easily interact with whichever instance they want. (And I may now go get an account on another instance just for to try it out...)

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Dear fellow #Mastodon users. Please be patient with the people creating Mastodon and GNU Social.

Writing software takes time, and the teams working on these applications are very small.

Most of them are also wearing many hats. Some are students, others have full time non-Mastodon jobs. Some admin instances in addtion to writing code.

The Twitter kitchen probably has more people working in it than the entire #Fediverse. Please adjust your expectations accordingly! 😄

@nicolaslegland @bortzmeyer @Shaft Wow! How long until Twitter's lawyers contact them?! Amusing to see, meanwhile.

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The new multi-instance Amaroq is AWESOME!

I can easily switch between my three accounts and it works perfectly.

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Scrolling down Engadet's feed: "Scientists showcase lambs grown in artificial womb"... "This prosthetic arm works over bluetooth".

2017: brought to you by William Gibson.

@josephd Thanks for the feedback. I am considering a vendor who will develop with ACF... and it's something I'm not familiar with, so I appreciate the feedback.

@idle Hey, David! Great to see you here. And yes, the intrusiveness of the major social networks is definitely a reason to explore other options.

I don't use Hootsuite for all my personal social postings. However, we *are* using Hootsuite for my employer's (Internet Society) social media posting.

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@mulander Did not realize they had made that switch. I agree with you that the change is annoying. I like the nuances of the 1-5 star rating system.

@saper Sure... but now the question comes in of whether the host of a Mastodon instance is a "telecommunication provider". I agree that in many jurisdictions there are probably some limits on intermediary liability. But in others there may not be... and I don't know that I'd trust legislators in all regions to craft legislation appropriately. :-(

@jpmens Yes, I think in situations like that it *can* become your issue. The question would be whether it was there "unread" - or if you read it and quickly deleted it... versus if it was sitting around in your previously-read email.

Fascinating discussion happening about Mastodon and free speech and content blocking and much more... all started from a question about media caching. If someone publishes images on an instance that are deemed "illegal" in your country/jurisdiction ... and those images are federated to YOUR server and are *cached* on your server - what is your liability? And is there a way to turn this off or restrict it in some way? Read the discussion -> github.com/tootsuite/mastodon/

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She deleted his phone number. Again.