From my Internet Society colleagues:

The government of Uganda 🇺🇬has shut down access to the Internet in advance of today's elections (see: ).

cause serious harm to Ugandans and the global Internet -

We ask the government to !

We're hiring! Seeking a "Digital Marketing Manager" at the Internet Society to manage and execute marketing campaigns across multiple channels (including social) in support of our vision of an Internet for everyone. Learn more and apply:

Open-source developer and manager David Recordon named White House Director of Technology in the upcoming Biden administration -

I continue to be impressed by the growth of as an "publishing layer". It now powers 39.5% of top 10 million websites and, perhaps more interestingly, is now used by more sites than those that do NOT use a content management system (CMS).

I wrote about this status at:

Tomorrow will be my first work day in 2021. I have not checked corporate email or Slack since Dec 18. Tonight I cleared out all browser tabs (massive task!), applied all updates, cleared off my physical desk...

I’m ready! Let’s go, 2021!!!

The seems to be a bit more than the 1-3” the forecasters were predicting! (And it is still coming down hard...)

Today, on this 305th day of March 2020, I wish you all the best. May the 306th day truly bring us a new year and new hope for a better year ahead! Happy New Year!

Can anyone point me to an article / blog post / page about how the is different from the ? I have been a mastodon user for a while and have some understanding of how this platform works... but now am curious about Scuttlebutt-connected services, too.

I am also experimenting with the “”.. you can find me as danyork on Planetary at

I also apparently have a “public identifier” of


(Although I don’t know what that means yet. I suspect it only works on Scuttlebutt-connected services. 🙂)

I'm loving that OBS Studio
now has built-in "virtual camera" support in version 26. This allows you to use OBS Studio as a "camera" inside of Zoom and other video apps, giving you the flexibility and capabilities OBS has in your meetings and webinars -

[NOTE: Microsoft Teams and Skype do not yet support virtual cameras, so it won't work in those apps.]

New audio: Will Twitter's bring the "Story" format to Twitter? Or will they be gone in a fleeting moment? In this episode, I talk about how Fleets work, what you can (and can't) do, challenges for communicators, and thoughts on their future -

New audio: After 7 years and 400 episodes of The Dan York Report podcast, I reflect on how the show began, some of the tools and content I've used, and where I may go with it in the future...

@hedgedoc - FYI, the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) is using the current CodiMD (your version) for note-taking at the IETF 109 meeting this week (as they did earlier this year for IETF 108). On there is an icon for notes. The hover text still says "Etherpad for note-takers", but it is in fact your version of CodiMD. And perhaps before IETF 110 in March 2021 the back-end will be updated to your new HedgeDoc version. (I'm not involved with that aspect.)

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Want to have a glimpse on what to expect from the first version under the new name, #HedgeDoc, 1.7?

Check our demo instance at and let us know. /sh


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Welcome the #HedgeDoc account :)

We were formally known as #CodiMD, but due to some name conflicts, we decided to give ourselves a new name and a much cuter logo.

Who wants an old document when they can have a hedgehog?

You can read a bit more about it on our new history page:

"Pandemic speeds up influx of remote workers to small cities"... such as Burlington, ! Back in October, I was one of a number of people interviewed from the area. Article appeared today, and audio was on NPR. And photo of me included sheep😀-

Will be a crazy schedule for me this week.. it's and the meeting schedule is based around the time in Bangkok (UTC+7). Unfortunately I also have many meetings this week on US ET time (UTC-5) so I can't "live on Bangkok time" as some friends are.

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