Something tells me this project never had a code review practice.


if (! empty($thing)) {
} else {

I can't even suss out the intentions of this change. It is literally the same function call with the same parameter down either path of a newly introduced if / else.

y tho dot jpg

Comment in an empty `if ( … ) { … }` block from 6 and a half years ago:

TODO: implement this maybe. yagni?

Just goes to show that if there is any doubt at all you almost certainly ain't gonna need it.

Love to dig up the "report a death" process on various social media sites so I won't be prompted to congratulate my dead friends on various anniversaries and life events they didn't live long enough to see.

Billionaires, penis 

"That's a heck of a cock rocket, Jeff."

Had to go spelunking in my spam folder for a missing email. Hadn't done that in several months. How long as job listing spam been a thing?

I live in a town of 1,400 people. Exciting employers looking to hire in my area is even less likely than hot singles in my area.

Trying to establish a new routine. But it's hard.

On paper it's simple. I just wanna insert an hour of exercise between waking up and showering.

But apparently my brain _really_ leans on the shower + coffee combo to realize it's time to start the day.

It's much easier for me to exercise after my work day. But then I need a second shower. And that seems wasteful.

Early morning exercise is supposed to be best for sleeping. Another reason I'm trying to shift my day around.

Me last week: Yay! This new-to-me project has unit tests and a decent README!

Me today: A dozen of these tests are failing and the REAME is obviously stale by several months.

Found Sierra seizing in her crate this morning. The local animal hospital with that claims to have emergency services turned us away (dog actively seizing in the back of the car) so we ended up at our regular vet shortly after 8. He gave her a shot of Valium that calmed things down but didn't end the trembling. We had to put her down around 8:30.

On a personal note, I’d really appreciate it if you could tune in today at 5PM Irish time to Small Is Beautiful and let us know how the stream is for you (quality, buffering, etc.) as we’re moving to Owncast and your feedback will help us tweak the settings if necessary :)

Zombies, gore 

New Rifftrax release!

This is a horrible movie I've seen without the benefit of professional riffer commentary.

One of the many video rental stores in my rural Tennessee home town had this VHS box on the shelf in their horror section. And I was somehow allowed to rent it. I couldn't tell you exactly when that was. But I was no younger than 7 and no older than 10.

Enjoying this pop-goth album from Athens GA based Vision Video today.

But at around the 2:58 mark in the track Siren's Song there's… something… panned hard right, the sounds enough like the faintly heard voice of my wife from the next room that I've paused the track a couple times.

Aptly titled track, I guess.

First COBRA payment sent. It's pricey. But not much pricier than the shit tier plans available for my rural county on the marketplace. Now the question is what happens in 18 months? Our youngest will graduate high school next year. So if part of the "cost" of living here is no decent health insurance options for freelancers that's a cost we may no longer be willing to pay.

Hiked the loop around Bond Falls in Michigan today. The air was 92°F / 33° C. The water was significantly colder.

“TikTok policy already stated it automatically collects information about users’ devices, including location data based on your SIM card and IP addresses and GPS, your use of TikTok itself and all the content you create or upload, the data you send in messages on its app, metadata from the content you upload, cookies, the app and file names on your device, battery state and even your keystroke patterns and rhythms, among other things.”

Freelancing win! I just submitted the largest single invoice of my life.

Freelancing fail! The neighbors across the street are having a garage built or something? Lots of heavy equipment in my typically bucolic neighborhood.

I have closed the windows and turned the heat back on. It's damn near June. What the hell?

This past Saturday (May 22nd) was Word Goth Day

Today (May 27th) is the birthday of both Siouxsie Sioux _and_ Vincent Price.

Is May gothier than October?

So I'm watching the video linked in in that toot I just boosted from @laura

( )

And @gabek says (paraphrasing a bit) "It takes work to disengage yourself from sites like Twitter."

Ain't that the fuckin' truth!

But hey, I'm freelancing now and intentionally scaling back the hours I sacrifice to capitalism. I'm gonna try to invest some of that time I'm saving into exactly the sort of work Gabe is talking about.

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