Took Gavin to vote for his first time ever. After we were done the poll workers gave him a round of applause. Living in a tiny little town is surreal sometimes.

Who do I know that works with Jetpack Compose? I'm struggling to detect device orientation changes. It's probably something simple. But there's more Android content out there from before Jetpack than with it. I'm drowning in low quality search results.

Luna got into a bag of mouse poison Friday afternoon. She's home now and doing fine. But all the back and forth (nearest 24 hour vet clinic is ~2 hours away) consumed the majority of our weekend. The final bill was around $2,000. I told the kids that's pretty close to the episode of The Simpsons where the dog needs a $750 surgery, adjusted for inflation. We're extremely lucky to be able to afford it. Many families would have to put a pet down out of mercy in this situation.

Hey so. If you're an artist, or you know an artist who might be interested, I'm working on a thing to make commissions easier, safer, and just generally nicer. It would be really helpful at the stage I'm in to have some artists to show what I have to and get early feedback. RT+

It's Gavin's last day of high school. He graduates on Sunday. None of us are ready. Him least of all.

I take the dogs through a lake-side park on our morning walks. This morning an eagle swooped down and plucked a fish out of the lake about 30 feet away.

I called the Sault Ste Marie Ontario Port of Entry. The lady I spoke with was very helpful. She said birth certificate + photo ID for each of us should be enough to get us across the border without much trouble.

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Does anyone know if US citizens can cross the border into Canada with anything short of a valid passport? Ours expired at the end of 2020 and with Covid we haven't bothered renewing yet.

I've been freelancing full time for a year as of today. So I finally got around to starting an LLC.

I get to play around with a new API at work today. I've gotten a little rusty in Postman.

Eagle River Wisconsin, population ~1,800, are getting our own junior hockey team.

-10°F / -23°C dog walk this morning. Do not recommend. 🥶

Juno turns 22 today. Surely I'm too young to have a kid that old. Time is weird.

Something tells me this project never had a code review practice.


if (! empty($thing)) {
} else {

I can't even suss out the intentions of this change. It is literally the same function call with the same parameter down either path of a newly introduced if / else.

y tho dot jpg

Comment in an empty `if ( … ) { … }` block from 6 and a half years ago:

TODO: implement this maybe. yagni?

Just goes to show that if there is any doubt at all you almost certainly ain't gonna need it.

Love to dig up the "report a death" process on various social media sites so I won't be prompted to congratulate my dead friends on various anniversaries and life events they didn't live long enough to see.

Billionaires, penis 

"That's a heck of a cock rocket, Jeff."

Had to go spelunking in my spam folder for a missing email. Hadn't done that in several months. How long as job listing spam been a thing?

I live in a town of 1,400 people. Exciting employers looking to hire in my area is even less likely than hot singles in my area.

Trying to establish a new routine. But it's hard.

On paper it's simple. I just wanna insert an hour of exercise between waking up and showering.

But apparently my brain _really_ leans on the shower + coffee combo to realize it's time to start the day.

It's much easier for me to exercise after my work day. But then I need a second shower. And that seems wasteful.

Early morning exercise is supposed to be best for sleeping. Another reason I'm trying to shift my day around.

Me last week: Yay! This new-to-me project has unit tests and a decent README!

Me today: A dozen of these tests are failing and the REAME is obviously stale by several months.

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