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@jartigag Creo recordar haber leído hace poco un toot tuyo en el que hablabas de que tenías problemas con un slimbook, pero ahora no lo encuentro. Yo estoy valorando comprar el Excálibur. No será ese el que te ha fallado, verdad?

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I've made a video to spread the idea of using open-source software for music production:

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There's a nice new game in #fdroid since since yesterday: TowerJumper (Casual ability game) -

Made with #godot.

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Release month continue: this time it's a new release of Pixel Wheels, featuring persistent best lap and total time records!

#gamedev #pixelart

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📱🔁 hemos lanzado , la app con la que la gente se presta sus cosas. código abierto:

sí, lo sé, no es software libre (se hace lo que se puede con 2 meses + otros 3 casi-telecos como yo). aunque solo sirva para nuestro aprendizaje, la descargas y me cuentas qué te parece?
gracias! 😊

Tower Jumper is merged in ! Expect it to be shown in the app in less than a day.

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2012: low powered netbooks for internet browsing
2018: browsing the internet is one of the most resource intensive tasks you can do on a computer
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Have a story idea about the #Inkscape :inkscape: project that should be on our web site? We want to know about it! Reply with your idea(s) & how you can help us tell it.

(Please boost, just because you're amazing like that!)

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Venera. Compuesta y grabada en 72 horas como proyecto personal de y mío.
Mezclada por

Link de descarga:

He hecho un experimento con un buen amigo con el que he estado involucrado en varios proyectos musicales consistente en en ir a su casa y desde el momento de entrar por la puerta, tener 72 horas para componer, grabar y mezclar una canción de 0. No podría estar más contento con el resultado. Aquí un fragmentito en lo que hacemos el vídeo.

A short clip showing a few more details about my open source pedalboard project and a live preview with a pretty good for 100€ guitar.

Current status of my open source guitar pedalboard project. Now the digital audio converter is stacked but still can be powered by a power bank. Im having troubles with the sound quality though.

I want to show you something I did last year. The birthday present for my girlfriend. A hand made music box that plays a fragment of a song I composed. Learning how to calculate the metal pipes sizes to obtain the different notes was without a doubt the
best part. The video show it when it was almost finished.

Gtk+ should not assume the user preferences and display configs, detachable docks are a must for complex UIs.

Also the Gtk+ / Gnome philosphy of restricting user choices is really bad. It seems like they see Gtk+ as a minor tool and have no ambition. Otherwise I cannot understand why they deprecated the floating dettachable dock widget (one of my favourites in Qt). Any big program today features some customization UI level, but not in Gtk+! (I think Anjunta has its own implementation of this). I don't think there gonna be new big programs like Gimp or Inkscape if they don't create the proper widget.

I Almost forget! Gtk inspector is an awesome tool, but I haven't tried a Qt counterpart so its out of this.

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