Launching *this* Monday: my new media organization. (delayed by a bug.

It's my 4th year here, providing original reporting on privacy and cyber matters. Thank you readers.

This Monday I launch my independent news website, years in the making. Want a free one year subscription? DM or email me your Protonmail within the next 24 hours. Hiring writers.

World Market: "Lovelace took bitcoind offline March 16 and ran with >100BTC scammed his partners too" according to an anonymous source within WM. I'm diving in to the blockchain analysis.

In 2017 the largest darknet market was seized, Alphabay - leading to the tragic suicide of its alleged admin Alex Cazes.

Recently its co-admin/fugitive DeSnake returned, relaunching the site in Alex's honor. With World's demise, Alphabay is close to reclaiming its throne as #1.

ALERT: World Market is suddenly "missing" many users' accounts and deposits. Users report that only small withdrawals are processed. Their site strangely switched to an old design.

This is looking like an exit scam.

WARNING: World Market users are reporting missing cryptocurrency deposits and very late withdrawals.

Donating to Ukraine's crypto addresses? Might want to use a privacy coin if you at any point in your life intend to travel through Russia-friendly territory.

Blockchain (over)analysis will get people hurt.

War invites censorship. in before Patriot Act 2: Electric Boogaloo

Crypto holders don't need to get their money out of banks.

ALERT: Dark0de Reborn darknet cryptomarket exit scammed, disappearing with everyone's account funds.

Why the hell does anyone in infosec or crypto trust Discord?

Correction: Monopoly Market was not one of the largest, I misinterpreted my research data. It was however the longest standing western cryptomarket.

My source insisted upon remaining anonymous but provided irrefutable proof and confirmed their identity using PGP.

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ALERT: Monopoly Market's servers were seized by their host, very likely law enforcement action. This was one of the largest cryptomarkets on the darknet.

If you conducted blockchain/cyber research on this platform be aware that your transaction history may be in unknown hands.

When THORChain's Monero support is released nobody should use a centralized exchange. History will show KYC to be a tool of oppression.

Blockchain surveillance is the next ad tech. Think Facebook ads are creepy? Wait til merchants know your net worth and shopping history because you aren't using a privacy coin like Monero.

LGBTQ+ in a hostile country, home? Research the privacy/OPSEC techniques used by cybercriminals. Regrettably many people on this planet see you as one.

Tipline for our publications: PGP email hello[at]dark[.]fail

We generously reward accurate information that challenges public assumptions about Tor and blockchain privacy. Do not break laws to become our journalistic source. Make a difference for at-risk activists globally.

I do not endorse crime. I search out signs that anonymous free speech is still possible in this age of chilling surveillance.

All activists should pay attention to methods used by cybercriminals to avoid capture. Be a student of methods used in cyber investigations. You're next.

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