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> Here’s a portion of the chapter “How to Catch a Drone”, in which Serena Williams helped test whether tennis serves could be an effective countermeasure against flying robots … by taking a drone out onto a court and hitting tennis balls at it until it crashed.

WHAT PEOPLE THINK ETHICAL ISSUES IN AI ARE: wow.... we're creating... new life........

WHAT ETHICAL ISSUES IN AI ACTUALLY ARE: techbros worshiping the almighty algorithm, not caring to look at what bad patterns the machines are picking up (racism, sexism, etc) and how to avert them, and overreliance on neural networks meaning that said algorithms are treated as magical black boxes where nobody wants to (or can, really) point out exactly how the equation works (and why it may be faulty)

Clothing, lingerie, fitting and sizing 

Clothing, lingerie, fitting and sizing 

Clothing, lingerie 

Clothing, lingerie 

The Fabric Store in my city also got a really lovely sort of sage green version of the knit I'm horribly tempted by, and they're stocking a plain white linen jersey on a permanent basis. They're also stocking a heap of linen/modal blends too.

And they have an amazing cashmere/wool blend coating that made me instantly think 'red woolen winter dress, do it'. I don't think it's quite my colour though...

Next project - I'm making a modified hooded dress in black merino jersey for a 'witches and lumberjacks' themed party next weekend. Going to do a big flared hem, high-low if I can swing it.

And, I got some more linen knit - actually, I feel like it was kind of an achievement to buy out the end of a roll. I need to re-lock my existing shirts to fix some holes, and I think I can narrow and raise the front neckline, but I feel confident in having plenty of t-shirts come summer.

So, i ended up making the boiled wool jacket - the underarm gussets are too big, but otherwise I'm happy with it. Even managed to turn a chunk of remaining selvedge into a sort of shawl collar. I haven't been able to get any good photos of myself in it though.

The green nightie saga is ongoing; it took me the better part of two days to turn the remaining chunk of fabric into bias binding, and so far I've only fully bound the CB seam.

Broke: colonizing another continent which is rich in natural resources and using it to personally enrich your own nation
Woke: colonizing another planet with absolutely no life or resources whatsoever, meaning you would have to bring your own food/water/air/raw materials, just to get one tiny colony to a point where people can spend more than a week there without dying horribly, spending potentially trillions of dollars in the process

"space colonialism" as an idea is also hilariously stupid just cause like. Wasn't the whole idea behind colonialism to go to places that had a lot of natural resources and use them yourself. There's a reason no one ever went ham on colonizing Antarctica dumbass, and at least Antarctica has air.

watching billionaires talk about terraforming feels like watching a kid try and make a robot out of cardboard boxes and random shit from his garage

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hot take re: libraries under capitalism. 

the Rocko's Modern Life movie is going to feature a returning character post-transition:

“I worked with the show’s creators to ensure that Rachel was drawn in a respectful way, so that her femininity wasn’t a joke. We also talked about how to portray the moment Rachel reveals her transition to the boys so that it wasn’t sensationalistic. From story outline to storyboards to animatics, to the final show, Nickelodeon kept GLAAD updated every step of the way.”



okay here's what's up here's what society should look like:

costco, but everything in there is free. freeco. nocost co

just put everything people need in a building. you need somethin? go to the building and get it

everything else get fucked. no rent no landlords. you need a doctor? they're in that building too just go

why the FUCK can't we just do this

fedi isn't a hellsite. its a decentralized federated collection of interconnected hellinstances, which together form what we refer to as the "hellaverse"

The first part is especially annoying because I still have 6.5 hours to go between waiting out the rest of my 'usual' day (because I finished early) and waiting for the short course to happen.

And there's nowhere on this campus that's any good for napping.

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