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The little black dress : fashion :: the egg : baking

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Offering affirmation to the people you like who feel like they don't fit in is often a super helpful thing.

A lot of people have often felt on here they aren't welcome or wanted or they're doing something wrong and often nothing is further from the truth.


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This thread very much echoes my feelings: Wylie built a weapon, understanding what uses its buyers had in mind, and it did exactly what was intended. And he hasn't come to a full moral reckoning with that. 1/

I didn't come up in computer science; I used to be a physicist. That transition gives me a rather specific perspective on this situation: that computer science is a field which hasn't yet encountered consequences.>>

Hey guys! My name is Nico and I'm trans & Autistic, I recently got fired from my job at chick-fil-a, which I hated but needed to survive. They fired me for having a meltdown, which i warned them would happen if they put me on dining room, but they did anyway. I am now unable to pay my Rent and bills or afford food, if anyone could donate to my paypal that would be super helpful (please ignore my dead name on my paypal)


I also do art commissions

Told my co-worker that I don't have a Facebook account, I only have a Mastodon account.

Their reply? "Oh, I have a Mastodon account too!"

It's happening dot jpg

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** This weekend I wrote another little app, which, among other things, can collate serial stories into one. Still have some duplicates not spotted by the Levenshtein distance algorithm to weed out. And lots of tags to add, and some annotations to write. **

TIL the term "social dysphoria."

It's the feel when you're out and about and someone assumes your gender based on your appearance and it can happen even without body dysphoria.

See Also: my life

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Ah, "going to bed" must be the hot new meme going around the mastoverse right now!

Good news: teams are no longer limited to a single currency.

If you're a member of a team you can modify the currencies it accepts by editing its profile.

In some cases you can also modify the currency of your "take" (by clicking on the currency symbol next to the amount input).

Reminder: you can manage your team takes from liberapay.com/about/me/receivi

Albert Wenger talked about this a bit in 2015:

"The European Union has said, if you want to have information on people who live in the European Union, you have to keep it on European Union servers. That actually makes it harder for new networks to get started, not easier. It actually cements the role of the existing networks instead of saying we need to create opportunities for competition with existing networks."

It has stuck with me ever since.