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Ur-Fascism by Umberto Eco is the quintessential text for understanding Fascism and its doctrines. A must-read (or listen) for any antifascist

Might sketch some pattern layouts too while I'm at it, since I have the graph paper book.

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colourblind friend of mine brings up a valid point: the image description editor on mastodon is not very accessible. It's hard to read, hard to use, and it's hard to see what you've written

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The Sunbeam City cooperative is now fully up and running! 🌻🌻🌻🎊 Anyone who shares a passion for social justice, Anarchism, ecology, tech or is just curious about cooperatives can join us and help run the co-op and take part in decision-making! Membership costs just one euro a month. We're in very early days so you can help shape our goals and plans.

If you'd like to know more just DM @cocoron or join our chat!

New people of Mastodon:

Welcome! I'm happy you are here! Here are some tips for accessibility

You can add a description to an image you post by clicking on the image before you hit TOOT! Type in a brief description. It helps people who use screen readers to know what the image is.

When using a hashtag:

Not good: #hereismyhashtag

Good: #HereIsMyHashtag

Screen readers garble the first one, but can read the second one because of the capitalization.

living in australia and being online means that, for the americans, i am online when you wake, and i am online when you go to bed. i will never go away

im mentally ill because the higher powers had to nerf me for being too powerful

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@natecull there are certain people who literally cannot understand why anyone would feel empathy or show kindness towards their fellow man. To them, anyone that claims to be able to, must be lying for the optics, because that's what the only situation they can imagine themselves being nice to others. It's amazing how they pretty much out themselves by accusing people of virtue signaling or being fake. It's pure projection.

I am still completely gobsmacked each time I think about Ayn Rand and realise, again, that there was a dedicated, organised movement in American culture since the 1950s to literally *call empathy and altruism evil*. To make people less loving. And that very high ranking politicians, businesspeople.... and religious leaders, who know and teach better... bought into it.

That stuns me. Still does. Every time.

How. How did that happen? How did we let these people, this ideology, run our society?

Interesting thread, though I'm not sure it was Reality TV that did all the breaking. I think the 1980s-90s removal of all social safety catches on capitalism pushed us to 'everyone competes'

<<Been pushing around some concepts about current culture today in my head, centered around reality television breaking our society. Notions of nuance, de-escalation, humility, and common service have been completely turned around by reality β€œTV” in favor of engineered conflict. >>

Hey non-binary folks. I decided to make a survey for non-binary people to see what I could learn about nb folk. Sorry it's Google, there wasn't anything better I could find that didn't also cost money.

honestly robotic cranes stacking and unstacking useless concrete weights for all eternity is the surreal dieselpunk energy storage solution earth deserves

πŸ“£ PSA πŸ“£

If you'd like to become more involved in the day to day of we are looking for 1-3 people to come on as moderators / team members.

At the moment we are spread a little thin and when we deploy a pixelfed instance we're definitely going to need some additional eye balls on anything that pops up for invite requests, moderation needs, blog posts, etc.

The duties are open ended (aka: you choose your adventure πŸ˜‰ ).

If you're interested let us know!

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