/r/moviedetails thread: "In Mad Max Fury Road (2015), Nux's body paint slowly comes off as he regains more of his humanity throught the film."

smartass commenter: "uuuuh nuh-uh!! it’s just rubbing off because he goes through a sandstorm and is thrown out of a vehicle!"

my dude please let me introduce you to the concept of symbolism

Do you know how close the majority of honest-to-god workers are to a full Communist awakening? Just fucking MENTION the CEO's name to one, they know all the shit we've been saying about bosses. They know capitalists take their money, they know CEOs don't do any fucking work, they know they could run the job site better without bureaucracy and third-level managers. They KNOW. They just need a nudge in the right direction.

a fun tip for happy children: you can remove anti-homeless bars by unscrewing the “security screws” with a security torx such as the ones linked below this post

I agree a lot with DeJacque's assessment. I consider Mutualism as a form of dual power, a way of organizing towards an anarchist communism within the shell of the state and capital.

In the same way Municipalism is dual power applied to the community and Syndicalism is dual power applied to the workplace, Mutualism is dual power applied to the economy.

We've seen just how effective workers' cooperatives can be in operating as a distillation of socialism within the broader capitalist sphere. We also saw how Mutual Credit Unions and other forms of cooperative banking unprecedentedly survived the 2008 financial crash where large investment banks required handouts from the state.

Given we're approaching another recession, supporting social and solidarity economies is crucial to ensuring the working classes have the means to weather the coming storm, to construct ourselves a safety net so we can be relatively more able to organize in the wake of economic collapse.

pronoun stuff 

It's the same on the outer panel, and there's also no stitching holding the band to the outer panel.

They definitely feel like different fabrics, and the grain looks different between them too, so I don't see how this effect could be achieved without sewing. And yet...

I'm debating whether to cut out the cups and try to flatten them, or to just trace the general shape and hope for the best. The crops tops I'm making are really just to go under T-shirts for modesty's sake.

Anyway, I thought I'd do something that I might have some success at while I wait for the cardboard for my T-shirt block to flatten out. I've been meaning to make a crop top pattern to use up leftover T-shirt fabric, and I have some cheap ones that I'm not very attached to, so I pulled one apart to get the pieces...

...only, the front doesn't.... Uh... Doesn't come apart.

(Like, obviously don't condescend to people - but don't assume that they know what you mean by 'fix up the sleeve head'.

And be wary of linking to someone else's blog/video/etc in lieu of actually explaining. While it's good to link to someone else's method if you're using it, it's also good to include your own instructions in case that blog/video/etc ever vanishes.)

What's especially frustrating is that all of my online searching isn't turning up anything that remotely resembles a method for fixing the problem that I'm having.

Part of this is because nobody in fashion or garment-making can agree on terms.

Part of this is because so many people in garment-making just haven't documented it beyond 'and now fix up the sleeve head'.

This is why you should never assume that your audience knows anything. Because some of them might not know what you meant.

I have narrow shoulders and fairly skinny arms, and being that this is a menswear pattern the XS is already huge on me, especially in the sleeves.

But I've never, ever been able to find out how to fix up sleeve heads properly.

I do have a sleeve block that I know should work, but if I use that then I have a feeling I'm going to have to redraw the armholes and I don't know how to do that either.

If I use the 'proper' slash and spread method, then a) the sides are still too long and so don't match the new seam, and b) the only curve I can get out of the overlapping lines is awfully shallow looking.

If I shift the sides inwards, then again, I can't figure out how to redraw the curve in a way that looks like a 'normal' sleeve head curve.

This is why I kept doing medieval-style gusseted sleeves; I nearly always have this problem.

Argh. I've been wrestling with the Strathcona Henley sleeves for two days and I think I need to focus on altering the pattern up for my SO instead of down for me.

All I need to do is figure out how to bring the sleeve head in 4cm on each side, to match the new sleeve seam (because the sleeve head curve is too long by about 8cm anyway, so shortening it fixes that problem).

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So it would seem that Discord has changed their policy to automatically deactivate accounts when changing their passwords/account info over non-residential IP addresses.

This means that anyone who changes their password while using a proxy or public wifi will have to verify their account isn't spam.

You can now get Ultranormal Encounters, a weird game I worked on, on Itch.io. It's a story game that is possibly about alien abductions, but definitely about the inherent unreliability of human memory in the face of the preternatural.


It was previously (and is still) available from DriveThruRPG. But maybe this new platform will get you to check out a weird game where no one knows what "actually" happened.


"Voting is cool! Voting is exciting! Everyone should be stoked to vote!"

No, fuck off, voting isn't cool, it's just something you do. Every single person who tries to make voting look cool is on the same level as whoever wrote "Hey Teens, using a seatbelt is totes yeet yo!"

Have you ever thought about folk songs in fantasy worlds?

Preindustrial types sing a LOT. Shanties and hollers pace your work but without the coherent storytelling of ballads or protest songs, they get convoluted. F’rex “Black Betty” popularized by Ram Jam might be about a police wagon, a whip, a musket, a prostitute, all the above. Or “Haul Away Joe” probably existed for decades before adding a lyric about the French Revolution.

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