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Dartigen the Eternally Tired @dartigen@mastodon.social

I guess a way to make a more focused toot is this :
- loaded a sane snapshot of the VM running Mastodon
- instance is now not available (i have the "distressed elephant" error)
- CPU overloaded
- the top two processes are "bundle", ~98% CPU, they seem linked to mastodon services as they disappear when i stop the services.
I don't know where to go from there, since the snapshot was from two days ago and it worked perfectly fine at the time.

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Decided to listen to music for the first time since getting new headphones and ... I totally forgot what I was doing, because the sound just *enveloped* me.

What magic are decent headphones?! Holy balls.

Or maybe I'm just feeling unusually productive since I'm now down to roughly 40 rows left on that scarf.

I have a feeling it's meant to be wider and/or longer, but the original *was* made in 10ply yarn.

(The pattern-maker didn't put any kind of gauge on there, and I had to guess yardage based on the yarn used, so I'm guessing based solely on the latter.)

I don't mind it being narrower and shorter though. Easier for me to manage.

And, if by some miracle I'm recovered by the weekend and get these gores set and serk body fit checked, I might still make Sunday training and get help with the sleeves.

(And then, if adjusting and stress-test goes well, next week I can start working with the real fabric, plus maybe mocking up the apron-dress so I can figure out wtf is going on with those body panels.)

Made an executive decision - I'm ditching the deceptively-priced wool/cotton yarn for that wool/silk yarn instead.

And that way I definitely have the money to get the darker 'baby merino' yarn. As well as my coat pin, toggles and wooden spoon. And the blue poly/wool for my apron-dress. And *maybe* the white upholstery wool for my coat plus dye to make it...some colour. (Haven't decided what yet.)

“I wrote for hours, losing track of time. I wrote lying in bed and standing in the kitchen. I wrote outside, holding my pages in place with a steel camping mug, the magic hour light dancing on in the rim.”

-- from Look Alive Out There, by Sloane Crosley, page 58

I this collection of essays right now

hi i desperately need printer help here. my printer is consistently making a skid mark on ALL my non-matte prints, in the same exact spot every time. i'm pretty sure it's the printer roller pressing weirdly on the paper but i don't know how the fix it.

has anyone else had this problem before???????? i have an epson artisan 1430 but frankly i'm looking for ANY experience with this type of issue no matter the printer. googling has done me zip.

thanks gdpr for the auto-unsubscribe to everything

So, Matrix is dying. The server is too heavy to run, the protocol is mismanaged , and two of the biggest homeservers (tchncs and weho.st) have closed registrations. Another, disroot, is considering shutting down their HS. At this point, an alternative needs to show up, and soon.

I'm getting there on the Mondial wool/cotton scarf - something like 30 rows down, so only 70 to go...

I'm still too sick to do more than endless rows of double crochet though - well, I don't trust myself to maintain concentration long enough to do more of the gloves pattern. (And I need to pester my SO for measurements before I break the yarn.)

But, apparently, I have a whole season of Archer to do that to.

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So, if I'm right, I only need 3 balls of wool/silk blend - but I need 5 of the wool/cotton.

And even though the wool/silk is $3 more per ball than the wool/cotton, it's still cheaper.

I'm going to wait until I have the first set of gloves done and checked for fit though. I did see a nicer navy blue yarn at Spotlight (their equivalent of the Baby Merino line, but the navy blue is a bit less saturated and bright than Lincraft's) so that's also an option.

In the meantime, I checked the price on the fancy yarns for my SO's gloves and scarf...

...tfw wool/silk blend is *cheaper* than wool/cotton blend.

It's the yardage. I worked out that each glove takes ~70m of yarn (based on one glove taking up most of a Moda Vera bamboo/cotton ball - at least, I think it did) and according to the pattern creator, the scarf takes ~335m.

The wool/silk balls are 165m, wool/cotton are 130m.

But, I won't hear back about the sewing machine for at least a couple of weeks, so there's still time to hope that it's not as bad as they thought and the seized components free up easily.

I do have to check the puzzlebox for a bobbin cover though - that way, they can check that the tension is adjusted correctly once the fix is done.

I'm fine with a hand-crank Singer though - 98% of what I do only needs straight stitch, and being able to hand crank (and thus have much more control over the speed) will help when I'm tackling very delicate, difficult or thick materials.

My SO's Mum has offered her vintage Singer for free if I don't mind getting it serviced to find out why the stitch tension is inconsistent, so if I manage to wreck my Brother and/or need a heavy-duty machine that can do more, I have that.

The owner also warned me not to spend the money on any of the 'heavy duty' machines at Lincraft - if it's under $600, it likely still has plastic internals which *will* break if I have to push it to get through multiple layers of heavy fabric. And those aren't repairable.

She said that if I really wanted an electric heavy-duty machine, the most affordable option is a refurbed vintage model. She suggested a budget between $300 and $500 for one of those.

Oof. Took the sewing machine down...it's worse than I thought.

Most of the front of it is seized. The presser foot is likely completely broken because someone has forced it at some point.

They're going to do what they can to free it up, but they warned me that it might not be salvageable.

The upside is that they're willing to buy it off of me for parts, and between that, selling the table and selling the puzzlebox, I'd have enough to buy a refurbed hand-crank sewing machine.

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