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Hey all! I’m in the process of writing a paper about LGBTQ+ people and their experiences in the Catholic Church. In order to get some more primary sources, I came up with a quick survey. If you identify as LGBTQIA+ and are a part of the Catholic Church, please consider helping me out!

All answers are anonymous and will only be seen by me.

Also any boosts are greatly appreciated! ❤️❤️❤️

Been thinking the last few days that I need to get back into blogging, and that I should start sharing more of the processes of what I'm making.

I'm going to try to do that. If not now, then over the summer holidays.

Probably won't have time or energy for it when I start my next course.

If you want to seriously change inequality there is a small thing you can do. Support a small southern US black owned coop so they can pasteurize their awesome pecan milk to have a longer shelf life so they can ship it. This coop must survive but they are in a catch-22 where they do not make enough to qualify for a loan. Their product is so good that it will be a sustainable coop venture. Without us they have no real way out. Ideas are welcomed.

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🚨 Job Alert! 🚨

Looking for a 3D artist and animator in Montreal, Canada to work on Paralives with!

Requirements: a great love for simulation games and game development experience! 👩‍🎨👨‍🔧


🔁 Please RT if you know people in Montreal! 🔁

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If you're organizing a community meeting for socialism, how do you reach the most people? You want people to come, you use social media to boost the message.

Email? Nobody reads it (and most of it is corporate). Flyers? Nobody reads them. Word of Mouth? Good, but not amazing.

Now, if you're organizing a small group to go move some anti homeless rocks... do it offline.

Threat Models Threat Models Threat Models

I disagree with the idea that using corporate software makes you a bad leftist, but I don't disagree with the idea that sensitive communications shouldn't be done with corporate software.

Sensitive communications shouldn't be done on *any* software.

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Ranty, technology and fashion 

Ranty, technology and fashion 

More info on glowing pink squirrels

"We tested all three of the North American flying squirrel species: the Northern flying squirrel, the Southern flying squirrel and the Humboldt's flying squirrel, and all three of them fluoresced," she said.


The reasons for the squirrels to fluoresce pink is still under investigation, but communication and camouflage are two top contenders for why this might be happening, the team has hypothesized."

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#history, #sewing, question 

#history, #sewing, question 

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