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Set up a new @ on - I'll be moving my account there soon.

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breadposting (literally about bread) 

Bread update: loaf 2 has been eaten already (a guest coming over helped), loaf 3 has been cut into.

Considering that it hasn't taken me long to get back into it, and IMO do even better than before, I could almost justify buying a bulk bag of bread flour.

I could get 16 of these loaves out of 5kg of flour, and still have some over for dusting.

Or, I could get the same supplier's stoneground flour and see how it goes...

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A list of dressmaking things I want to learn but might not get to in this course, for posterity:

- the mechanics of sleeve head curves and how they relate to end appearance
- how to draft a sleeve head from a given armsceye and vice versa
- how to fit a pinned sloper
- how to fit a pinned sloper to someone who isn't a thin femme person
- fitting mechanics for people who aren't thin femme people
- fitting mechanics for pants
- pad-stitching
- corsetry (mainly for support rather than aesthetics)

boosts encouraged:

might be out of work, pending a potential union/hr/legal battle (sexually harassed on the job, struggling now because of it, no one cares). living in minnesota and looking for any financial or legal resources available. im disabled and have a host of health issues that is going to make finding another job difficult; and i make most of my polycule's income. i have eleven years of IT experience at the same organization, if anybody has anything job-wise on their radar

thank you

Another tip: Every Mastodon account has RSS built in. Just add .rss to the end of the URL for your account, e.g.

That lets people follow your public posts from an RSS reader, but it's also useful if you wanted to use IFTTT to crosspost your public posts to another platform.

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Hello, new Fediverse members!

This is the account for the annual Gender Census (, a survey for anyone whose gender isn't fully expressed or encompassed by the M/F gender binary. In 2021 there were 44,000 participants!

The survey's purpose is to make free-to-read reports about the language we use to describe ourselves: identity words, pronouns, and titles.

The data is then used in business, academia and activism.

[ #introduction #introductions #trans #gender ]

I messed up the first migration (didn't realize I wouldn't be able to edit the profile name or add this post) so it'll be in about a month or so. Working on it!)

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Set up a new @ on - I'll be moving my account there soon.

I'm probably going to try one of the more locally-focused servers rather than an art server (since I'm terrible at taking photos of what I make, and also that's just...not really how I roll I guess.)

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Hnh. I guess I should think about moving instances, again.

(If I do I'll try to give everyone enough of a heads-up, although I think I'm following a lot of now-inactive accounts, so...)

Folks, I'm gonna ask some questions here about Mastodon instances and ActivityPub in general. I'd appreciate any answer or boost you folks can give me. ;-)

* Anyone know instances geared towards creative writing, and science fiction & fantasy fandoms?

* What is the current state of alternative ActivityPub implementations beyond Mastodon server? I'm aware of Pleroma.

The second question is because I might be considering running a server and I'd like something simpler than official Masto server

I took another skim of vest fabrics, considering that it's for a winter event so wool might be an option.

Except, nice smooth suiting wools and crepes come in such incredibly boring colours. Or floral prints.

I get why, but it's also frustrating that wool crepes especially come in such muted colours when IME it's not a very warm fabric - it's at best maybe suitable for the warm end of autumn, for layering. It's not a winter fabric.

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From some quick searching, it looks like a wide spread collar is the go? But a band collar is still potentially fine.

I think I'll stick with the band collar though, it's easier and I am not at all confident with shirt collars.

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Idk which one to get. I wanna have photos from my phone to store in an album but i hate the idea of dealing with ink cartridge hell or short lasting refills etc. #photography nerds out there plz help a total n00b out:

Has anyone got a collection of guides on how to add image descriptions for all of the different mastodon/fediverse clients?

It's not an obvious feature, and I want to make it easy for people to do. But I don't have an iPhone so I could only help with Android apps..

Trying to decide a shirt collar style...

I kinda want to do a band collar for simplicity's sake, but...

Does anyone have a good guide on picking your collar style? I don't really know how it works, and I'm not sure how to square it with not being especially good at shirt collars.

Gentle reminder that camel case hashtags:

1) are considerate of folks using screen readers

2) easier to read in general (have we all forgotten Le Tits Now?)

3) makes you super cool!


near-cyberpunk present/future: revolutionary literature having a cyan-magenta bent because radicals remove the yellow ink from printer cartridges to hobble the tracking dots

Going to go and sew now - wrapping up the last two shirts, then it'll be time to clear the table to start some toiles.

(I...might have forgotten a little about the blazer order, but I do plan to get to it. Gotta wait for the vest front fabric swatches and the interfacing to get here anyway.)

The only notion I'm missing now is a zipper for the pants, but that won't be hard to get hold of.

Thinking more about the clothing brand... I set up an email address for it pre-emptively so I can get the username I want. And a social media.

I want to start setting up an ordering form soon as well, since I've figured I can possibly redo the process I did with fitting Mum and Dad, but like... on a form.

And I found Google Forms kind of a pain to use.

Meme folk, can we make short video wrappers with some of these? Gibs hits a mood that, with imagery context, could resonate even harder.

I also ordered the print of the pants pattern I want to use (Thread Theory Lazo pants) and a print of the Merchant & Mills Thelma boilersuit pattern which I also want to try.

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Beginner: I'm such an idiot
Intermediate: I'm great at this!
Advanced: wow I still have a lot to learn
Master: I can tell you in extreme detail the ways in which I'm an idiot

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