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White supremacists on twitter just doxxed my friend and have convinced the University of Pennsylvania to condemn (and possibly remove her) for talking about pedagogical practices for equity. If you have any standing in academia, please email Kathleen Brown, Beth Wenger, Peter Holquist, and Eve Troutt Powell at UPenn’s history department and tell them what a mistake they’re making. More here: twitter.com/jccwrt/status/9208

Members of the Mutual Aid Disaster Relief collective, went to Puerto Rico, to help distribute food and water and to provide medical aid in the aftermath of hurricane Maria. On the morning of October 16th, their base of operations was raided by a SWAT team with the pretext that they were responding to a hostage situation.


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This is nice: if you forget your reusable cup or don't have one, just grab a regular mug from the wall.

since @DialMforMara mentioned hopepunk the other day, i want to make that a thing

i wanna make a band that's basically the 100% anti-The Offspring

🔥 the kids ARE alright! you can do anything! love your friends and love your SELF 💖

My team has an opening for a new software developer in San Jose, working on the media pipeline in DVRs. jobs.jobvite.com/careers/tivo/ Come join team Dread Pirate Roberts! 🏴‍☠️ (disclosure, I get a bonus for a successful referral)

Casual reminder: Destroy capitalism before it destroys us.



the funny part: life didn't create lemons

humans did

humans cultivated them by crossbreeding, they never existed in nature (honestly, the path to seeding for something so tart would be highly contorted anyway)

if humans give you lemons

you make those lemons combustible and you send 'em back

ask for people's manager

MAKE PEOPLE RUE -- oh never mind

support Ginny, support other women and other marginalized people when they speak out against abuse.

believe us and remove the people causing the problems.

Developers massively influence our Masto-world and they need to understand what it means.

It means - the priority N1 must be:
a) best possible tools for user, giving them safety *AND* way to have active interaction with friendly parts of federation - even in case of most creative and untiring stalker (whitelists, no DMs, etc)
b) best tools for admins to remove abuse as much and as fast as possible (manual approval of new users...).

PS. And kick abusers out of development.

Boost if agree!

Kintsugi Volume 3 update

We have 8 articles so far.

There are several collaborators working on their articles. In a couple of weeks we will receive several more articles.

There is lots of space and we will include new collaborators if they come forward.

I have already designed a cover but that is also up for grab. If any photographer or photo enthusiast wants to collaborate by offering a photo, that is a possibility.

I'm glad #KRACK was disclosed responsibly, with a 3-month embargo, so that vendors could prepare fixes and have them ready in time for the public announcement.

As a general note, people are different, and just because two people are different it doesn't mean that they are the same.

So regardless of how different you may be from other people, don't make the mistake of thinking that you are in a position to tell someone else what they need or what would be useful for them.

Book 1: The Dispossessed by Ursula K Le Guin (1974)

“The individual cannot bargain with the State. The State recognizes no coinage but power: and it issues the coins itself.”

Full text online here: libcom.org/library/dispossesse

ePub: bit.do/dispossepub
mobi: bit.do/dispossessedmobi

Purchase here: harpercollins.com/978006051275

Goodreads: goodreads.com/book/show/13651.

Here's a link to a book on The Dispossessed (Part 3 is on anarchist politics!)


The New Utopian Politics of Ursula K Le Guin's The Dispossessed, ed. by Laurence Davis and Peter Stillman