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A list of dressmaking things I want to learn but might not get to in this course, for posterity:

- the mechanics of sleeve head curves and how they relate to end appearance
- how to draft a sleeve head from a given armsceye and vice versa
- how to fit a pinned sloper
- how to fit a pinned sloper to someone who isn't a thin femme person
- fitting mechanics for people who aren't thin femme people
- fitting mechanics for pants
- pad-stitching
- corsetry (mainly for support rather than aesthetics)

Zips etc are no good - they'll rust pretty quickly.

Maybe some kind of double drawstring with a foldover so I can twist the top and tie it off...?

With the Teadrop bags, I use the string to hold the top of the bag out of the cup so there's no way for the leaves to escape.

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Another new project... turns out that Teadrop discontinued the biodegradable and fillable paper tea bags that I've been using with looseleaf at work (saves time having to clean out an infuser, and less dripping everywhere).

I've tried drawstring cloth teabags before but the problem is that the tea leaves I use are CTC processed, so have quite small bits that escape through the top of the drawstring.

Anyone else have thoughts on a closure method I could use for some homemade cloth teabags?

thinking perhaps that capitalism is bad folks, just an impression i am getting rn, a hunch. lmk what u think

I mean, some folk pay US$7 retail for a hallmark card that records a few seconds of audio at crappy quality and spits it back out any time the paper hinge pulls the switch until the battery dies. we can do so much better.

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elevator pitch: it's an annual competition to build the coolest video-enabled mission: impossible style self destructing message delivery device for under US$10 total bill of materials. (device should not cause any harm to anyone or anything near device during self destruction)

:boost_ok: advice request from fellow autistic folk 


i'm interested in hearing from folks who pursued an "official" diagnosis later in life (i'm 38)

I'm watching some yt videos about this but would appreciate thoughts on why I'd even bother to do this.

I don't understand what the benefit is, beyond "knowing," which, I already do.

boosts welcome

elevator pitch: it's a set of haptic human interface devices in the form of a keyboard and trackball that offer feedback on system load by making it harder to depress keys or move the cursor under heavy load.

I'm pretty sure I still have some black merino jersey left, maybe enough to try the Cavallo Leggings by Greenstyle Creations (a no-inseam style with integrated pockets). If not I can try it in cotton.

I really need to just go dig out all my merino jersey and see what I have to work with.

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Bad Day. Send Funny Pictures of Your Pets. 

Just what it says on the CW.

Boost this. It's been a long weekend or cringing and family drama and I could use some silly right now.

Other people probably could too.

It’s the sound of managers having to develop interpersonal skills

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It’s not even about price-clearing wages. The economy is full of perfectly able people who wouldn’t do kitchen work for any money, because it’s full of power tripping dickheads

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Business sectors like hospitality having a big old whinge because they abandoned training for three decades, relied on treating desperate people horribly, and now can’t get trained staff:

I love the sound. Give me more of this

Local road traffic gripe 

I still made it to work on time somehow, but like...

Bring back the trains so I can stop worrying like this.

(Currently, it's a 45min-1hr drive to work, or minimum 1.5hr by replacement bus.

The trains are out until theoretically October, but in practice until announced otherwise.)

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Still need to do the edge tape and clean up the chipping, but God damn these things sound good.

They cost us $15/per speaker to construct and take roughly twenty minutes to assemble per pair.

We should be able to flat pack them. I'm working on screen printing them or applying stencils.

We IKEA'd speakers.

I'm so pumped.

feeling the purr of a hard drive in use, knowing what's happening by the feel of the head seeks under your fingertips, gone. ssd just sits there. feh.

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much like the transition from internal combustion to electric vehicles, the transition from mechanical to solid state computing has definitely led to a dearth of satisfying physical indications of "compute is happening". it's like going from the noisy feedback of a 1972 chevy nova to that of a prius.

Local road traffic gripe 

Oh great doing 30km/h on the freeway and I just saw a new type of emergency vehicle. I keep forgetting that when it rains, half of Adelaide loses their shit completely and forgets how to car.

I don't know what type of emergency vehicle it was, it was about the size of a fire truck but white and didn't have a ladder. Not sure if there's a specific road incident response vehicle.

Almost finished another pair of Eastwood pants, in merino/cotton blend. I've tried widening the waistband as well for comfort's sake, by about 3cm. Not sure if it's worked all that well though... either that or I accidentally contoured it while I was at it.

Shuffling backburner patterns around because one of the cats tore part of my canvas coat pattern so I need to fix it, I still haven't shortened the velvet coat pattern, and I need warm T-shirts and leggings.

ive been researching socks for the first time in my life, and it seems that to people who care about what kind of socks they buy, theres only two types of socks: "I'm Going To Alaska And I Might Not Return" and "Socks That Literally Have Butter In Them"

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the web is a kind of box where you write "what are the worlds best socks" and it says "these are the worlds best socks" and you buy them and they're the world's worst socks

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