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hey if you're tryin to smell good but find perfume/cologne expensive, try this:

type fragrancenet into google

go to google's shopping tab

click on any random cologne from their website

*hacker voice* you're in. there's a 37% coupon that they've just never taken off the store

pick whatever u fancy (u can get euphoria for men super cheap if that's the kinda thing you're into)

wham bam buy through paypal and you're off

This rings so very true to me, and it's strikingly useful in my ongoing attempts to explain how boundaries aren't rules. It's actually about emotional independence, healthy separation so we can know and love both ourselved and others.

The gender of the day is a cosmic goblin in a church.

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They're trying to make it illegal to unionize or protest in the US

POC in US ghettos have known the government was just the enforcement arm of a $$$-centric system of neoslavery, cooking up bogus drug charges to throw you in a for-profit prison to make Whole Foods products for Jeff Bezos for 25 cents an hour

Now, working 60-70 hours a week at 3 different jobs to afford meds, rent & food is rebranded open-air slavery for the less marginalized. Resist & go to real prison

when you kick a trans exclusionary radfem into orbit you call that an astroterf

Quick question, is there a way to find out which Firefox addon is duplicating new Reddit tabs?

I definitely only have one 'put reddit in container tabs' addon installed, so it's got to be one of the others. Just don't know which one.

(I have the expanded Facebook and Google container tabs addons as well.)

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Michael Saba has some of the best video essays from takedowns of rightwing-radicalization in gaming to the Humanist Fable of NieR to pro-worker anti-corp dives into the evolution of Doom. And he's just launched a Patreon!

"Are you exhausted by all the shallow and reactionary junk on YouTube? Then you're exactly who I'm making videos for. Dreaming in Neon uses media and pop-culture as a way to cut through the nonsense, and explore whether a better world is possible."

sneezing is a real life quick time event. and i think that the dev team, should patch them out

weird question time. say I wanted to eat some paper for a weird art project—just very small slips of it, maybe once a day for a few weeks. is there paper I can easily buy that isn't toxic and won't be bad for me? (I would also be writing stuff on the paper, so it needs to be able to take marks from a pencil, I guess, or a pen? but then I need to worry about safe/non-toxic inks too)

This situation is so ridiculous, we're gonna be in the 2020s soon and there will still be copyrights from the previous 20s that companies are trying to enforce. No one who had even the slightest thing to do with something made back then can still be alive. Pirating them, as much as it can be called that, is morally justified.

What sparked this thought: seeing someone reference a scene from a movie from the 30s, and link to a clip of it. I noticed an ad next to the video to rent the movie for $5, itself a pretty fucked concept. I thought, this damn movie's from the 30s, it should be PD by now! But turns out, at least in the US stuff from the fucking 20s, let alone 30s is still copyrighted.

Pretty fucked up that 90 year old movies can still be copyrighted.

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