Also, I'm on row 20 of my weighted blanket and hoo boy.

This is when I break out the bulldog clips to keep the beads in the channels while I sew.

So it turns out that customizing PDF patterns is highly dependent on how that file was originally generated.

Sometimes, you can click a size line and it deletes the entire piece. Sometimes you spend an hour flitting around one piece removing all the lines for the sizes you don't need.

Still, it's helpful on patterns with especially chaotic grading. And I can probably make one pattern a single A0 page that way.

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I'm going to try this out today with some new PDF patterns.

Well, new-ish. A couple of them are PDF versions of tissue patterns I already have, because euuugh, tissue patterns.

(I'm really, really tempted to try gluing down my pattern tissue to some of the paper I have in a roll, but I'm not sure if there's a way to do it that ensures that the tissue won't wrinkle... if anyone knows of a trick for it, please let me know.)

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TIL there is apparently a way to open garment pattern PDFs and select an individual size to print, since each size is its own layer. (Probably the premium version of Reader, but I'd bet OpenOffice Draw can do it too.)

This... simplifies things somewhat? Possibly? IDK. I'd probably only do it for patterns where the nesting has made tracing it correctly just ridiculously hard, or where I'm really struggling to blend sizes.

Still, good to know.

Well, no patterning today, even though I got the silk noil finally delivered and the grey gabardine is dry.

Instead, mopped the hallway (first with soapy water, then with plain water with a heap of tea tree oil) to see if that relieves the horrible stench in there (we shall see).

And did some shopping. And hopefully get to cook something nice later on.

Well, it went better than expected (photos later, if I remember).

I need to put a couple of darts into the front neckline, remove the sleeves (as predicted and possibly take it in a bit in the side seams, but not bad for a first rub considering that the side seams don't match.

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Aight. Pinned up the Aida blouse, cut out the Strata top...

Take 1 on the Strata. I predict it will go poorly.

There's also not many notches on the pattern, which equally bothers me.

At a minimum you need a balance notch somewhere on the side seams (traditionally, at the waist measurement point) so that you can ensure that they're matching up as you sew them. Seam and hem allowance notches are optional, but a good way to indicate if said allowances are different on some pieces, and they can help with turning hems on some fabrics.

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Going to make the Strata top in calico before my silk noil gets here.

Mostly because when I tried to walk-through the side seams and hem to apply my adjustments from the front to the back, even the original side seams and hem didn't match... I have a terrible feeling that I'm going to have to choose which piece has a better hemline and transpose the neckline over to make the pattern work.

And that's before converting it away from cut-on sleeves.

Sewed two more channels on the weighted blanket, but not having anything "finished" is making that project a bit of a drag.

So, tomorrow I'm going to do a calico toile of the Strata blouse (because I'm 95% sure I'm going to have to convert it for seperate sleeves) and an Aida blouse in some linen from the stash box.

Maybe another Josie set, if I can bring myself to haul the overlocker into my room as well.

Yee, my silk noil is on the way!

...Spotlight order of coat toile fabric still hasn't shipped though.

Tomorrow: more weighted blanket work, I think. And hopefully with a slightly faster channel filling system.

(I plan to attach a silicone reusable straw to the funnel to aid in getting the channels open so I spend less time fighting with the fabric.)

...or maybe I give in to my impulses and make that Aida blouse. We'll see.

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Also finished page 2 of three, both copies, in the retrace of the Lichen coat, before my neck and entire spine decided they'd had quite enough of that nonsense.

Foam-rolled and massage-balled the heck out of everything (as well as doing physio stretches) and it felt better, but the minute I tried to do anything requiring hunching over a table again, ow.

(Granted, I spent at least a couple of hours on each task, so...)

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Ah, photos! I've started filling the weighted blanket and yikes it feels heavy, even with maybe 1/10th of the final weight in it.

I did 3 horizontal channels today; neck and back have been tetchy all day so I had to call it quits at 3 but still.

22 more to go...

Something that's still mildly annoying to me though is that they keep wrapping a heap of tape around the CompostPak bag.

I.... Kinda can't be arsed sitting there and peeling off more than I need to in order to remove the shipping label.

And I'm pretty sure adhesive tape generally isn't compostable.

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Also got a swatch of some triple gauze - it's a darker and more saturated purple than it looked on my screen though, and the only other colour is pink, so I think I'll pass.

And a cotton canvas - thinner than I was expecting and not quite the right colour for a 'traditional' duster coat (it's not quite yellow enough) though I was going to look for black anyway.

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My swatches parcel came in!

Confirmed, sadly, that the boiled wool is far too stretchy for the Lichen pattern. It might do to replace my ageing dressing gown though. (The overlocking on it is holding, but much of the actual seam stitching is falling apart. I can use it for a pattern.)

The purple velvet-finish wool would work, but... Purple isn't really my colour, and The Drapery sold out of the black aaaaages ago.

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