If and when Amy Coney Barrett is confirmed to SCOTUS, the court will be a 6-3 conservative majority. All progressive goals will be in jeopardy as long as that majority is intact.

In the here and now, we need to mobilize to stop her confirmation!

This is exactly why the Democrats, when they have the trifecta next, need to reform and expand the courts, including adding 4 more seats to the Supreme Court.


If there was a small testimonials section on joinmastodon.org, do you know of any posts or statements I could use there? That was another recommendation by the UX designer that we didn't have time to flesh out.

"I have come to grant you the power to protect this land."
"What, like magic?"
"Sort of. Come the need, you will be able to combine, to form a hugely powerful body."
"Cool! How does it work?"
"First, you register to vote, then you keep yourself informed..."

Bit weird being told by our waiter that we're an "inspiring couple" by telling him our stories and encouraging him to follow his dreams, but ok.

Robocalling people to tell them to call and make an appointment with a person is the most ridiculous thing ever.

I don't want 1980s 8-bit microcomputing back. I don't even want the 1980s 8-bit microcomputing subculture back.

I want the future that I thought that subculture would lead to.

A world where we used technology to improve ourselves, improve our world, and share the results fairly with everyone.

And not as a battering ram to smash down other people's doors and take all their stuff.

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I wasn’t joking when I said most of Nebraska is underwater. People are stranded and displaced everywhere, bridges and levis are busted, ice chunks all over the highways…just brutal.

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@NENationalGuard@twitter.activitypub.actor Blackhawk conducting sandbag operations this morning. Dropping 1.5T bags to protect @CityOfLincoln@twitter.activitypub.actor wells situated on island in Platte River.

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it seems like a weird loophole that simply by not nominating new heads of government agencies the president gets to effectively control them without actually suffering the consequences for when those agencies fail

Seems @Facebook is so broken today I can't even post there. Oh well, time to give up that hellsite, I guess.

So should we:

Toughest thing I've had to do today: learn to romaji type rendakued chi and tsu characters. ;^)

She sang to the spiders to weave her armour of silk, to the wasps to forge her a blade of paper and barbs, to the beavers to build her a chariot of birch bark and aspen, and to the wild sows to pull it.
She never asked the larks to sing her vengeance song, but they do.

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