I'm glad that the folks at evil mad scientist laboratories are making a public release of the monster 6502 (monster6502.com/) but also I wish I wouldn't have to spend $2-4k for an assembled board instead of buying ~$700 of parts and then spending a work week assembling it

**'Nothing Says Tax the Rich Like a Recreational Billionaire Space Race': Critics Denounce Bezos Flight**

""If there was any economic justice in the world," said one critic, the U.S. would have imposed "a $100 billion re-entry tax on Jeff Bezos upon his return from outer space.""


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I pre-ordered a Steam Deck because I want to see what it's like to write in Markdown using a thumbstick.

**'It's devastating': Unvaccinated woman thought she could 'escape' Covid – now she'll 'never be the same'**

"After a rough battle with COVID-19, a North Carolina woman who was unvaccinated is now urging people to get the shot, 13News reports."I thought I was healthy enough and that I could escape it," said Linda Edwards, who contracted the virus about three weeks ago. "Really, it was the most f…"


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If the U.S. Senate Republicans can repeatedly subvert rules to prevent Democratic presidents from adding justices on the Supreme Court, the Texas House Democrats can leave the state during special sessions.

**These 10 thought processes trip up former Bible believers**

"Perhaps it's been years or even decades since you left biblical Christianity behind. You may have noticed long ago that there are human handprints all over the Good Book. It may have dawned on you that popular Christian versions of heaven would actually be hellish. You may have figured out that prayer works, if at all, at the margins of stat…"


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**The Roberts Court Is Like Strom Thurmond in Judicial Robes**

"Since law school, Chief Justice John Roberts personal political crusades have been to undermine protections for voting rights, enable voter suppression, turn a blind eye to gerrymandering and increase the influence of big money in politics."


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Android app designed to create an unblockable Twitter like network that uses no cellular or Internet communications. All messages are transmitted over Bluetooth between users, creating a true peer-to-peer messaging system.

Project Source:

**Poll Finds Socialism Increasingly Seen as 'Badge of Pride' in US**

"Two-thirds of U.S. adults want the federal government to implement policies to reduce the worsening gap between rich and poor."


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In a partisan 50-50 Senate vote, the GOP Senators all voted to block debate on S1 (For The People Act). This is why every single vote-suppressing GOP Senator needs to be voted out next time they're up!

**AR can improve the lives of older adults, so why are apps designed mainly for youngsters?**

"Older people affected by memory loss have much to gain from AR technology, yet a study exploring the use of augmented reality to support older adults at home finds the user interface is sometimes confusing for those aged 50+."


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**How Congress — and your wallet — subsidize the richest Americans**

"ProPublica scored a fantastic scoop when it obtained and meticulously analyzed 15 years of raw income tax data on the wealthiest Americans. This leak of Internal Revenue Service records is by far the biggest and most important tax news in the 55 years that I've reported on taxes.Thanks to the leaker, we now know beyond any doubt that the e…"


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**Wealth Hoarding by 'Silver Spoon Oligarchs' Is Endangering US Democracy: Report**

""The five wealthiest dynastic families in the U.S. have seen their wealth increase by a median 2,484% from 1983 to 2020.""


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Pixar: wanna hear about our new rigging system that automatically takes muscle weight into consideration with no work for the animator?
Me: Yeah! That sounds interesting!
Pixar: well...

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I want to believe that someone, somewhere, out there, have two cats, where one is deaf and the other is blind and one is named Helen and the other is named Keller.

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