Let’s try this:

Pro. 10.5”.
256GB Cellular Model.
With Smart Keyboard.

£700, but open to offers.

Please RT!

I still like this place.

People will come back soon, I'm sure.

The Outpost Show #23: 'An Unexpected Topic', with Natasha Radmehr.

The Editor of Scottish Wedding Directory, we talked all about the magazine, alongside an iPad, freelance writing, and a favourite game of ours.


I really want Sonic Adventure 1 + 2 to come to Switch.

Also, I’m trying something out on Instagram, showing my freelance ways in a profile.

Almost like a portfolio in a sense.

See what you think.

It’s times like this that it’s great to be on a site like this.

Absolutely nothing about a certain boxing ring tonight.

Internet is down, won’t be fixed until 1, and waiting for someone to arrive to pick up the car.

So in the meantime...

My umbrella broke as I was walking in the rain just now as well. ☔️
What have I done wrong Carrot?!

I’d love to just sleep today.
That would be nice.

Starting to become shattered this week with the day job, preparing the big move, commissions and podcasting all at once.

But oddly, I like it.

When the day job is incredibly boring yet again today, and suddenly the other half appears when you finish, offering to buy Dominos.
She's a keeper.

It’s amazing how boredom from the day job sucks out any energy I have for the evening.

The Outpost Show :
> #22: ‘The Personal Touch’, with Jim Dalrymple.

We had a really great chat, which spanned from his Loop bash at this year's WWDC, to how Jim uses his iPad and his Apple Watch, to much more.

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