Since I'm using Ting as the provider for my upcoming UBPorts video I figure why not send out a referral code for Ting cellphone service. You save $25

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Tor needs your help.

So does an entire ecosystem of privacy and anonymity projects that rely on Tor:

Please donate today to keep Tor and an entire ecosystem strong:

Check this web app out for Mastodon. Much easier to read and manage content.

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Destination Linux | Episode 96: "Disco Dingo From Neptune".

The codename and potential features of Ubuntu 19.04, System76 unveils their Thelio desktop.

Samsung brings Ubuntu to the DeX, some on the latest software and project releases of KDE Connect, i3 WM, and Neptune Linux.

Later in the show, some Linux gaming news!


@zebedeeboss @dasgeek @DestinationLinux

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Check out Linux i3 Prodigies Don't Dual Boot! Available for the next 3 days via @Teespring:

Interview from the Dark1 himself on Linux and my channel origins.

Had to be prepared for Matthew Miller interview on Destination Linux

Playing with Ubuntu Mate 18.04 and the new Steam Play Beta. Runs beautifully. Forgot how nice Mate is.

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New Episode of Destination Linux is OUT! New Episode and New Release Day!

With help from the DL Patrons we've switch the release day to Wednesdays instead of Fridays from this episode forward.

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Destination Linux | Episode 70: "Sean Davis of Xubuntu".

Your hosts this week are Rocco, Ryan, Zeb and Michael +1.

The special guest on the show actually came back on the show after being put through this on Episode 45.

* Web Developer

* Xubuntu Technical Lead

* Xfce core contributor

* An Ubuntu Member

@dasgeek @BigDaddyLinux

Destination Linux live will be starting at 12pm EST. Don't miss it. Patrons can join us in Zoom. Everyone else enjoy on Youtube or Twitch.

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Destination Linux | Episode 67: "Martin Wimpress of Ubuntu Mate".

This chap is a passionate open source advocate, Linux enthusiast and Podcaster.

Lives in England. Works at Canonical in creation of Ubuntu &

A superb podcasting treat for friday from the Destination Linux team!

@DestinationLinux @dasgeek @BigDaddyLinux

Check out the latest episode of Destination Linux Podcast w/ Jonathan Riddell.

Why we need a pure Linux phone
Google gave its fans a good reason not to buy a Pixel 2


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