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Xfce Panel Profiles 1.0.13 is now available! This release enables exporting Whisker menu configs and introduces macOS and Windows 7 inspired layouts, as well as the default Xfce 4.16 layout. #xfce


I love low budget B movies and especially bad movies that pay homage to this genre on purpose. A recent example of this is Willy’s Wonderland with Nicolas Cage. It’s terrible in all the best ways. I enjoyed the heck out of this one. @MichaelTunnell guess what you’re watching next time you come over to hang out :)

New video on Ghostery Dawn Browser based on Firefox. Goodbye Google Chrome. youtu.be/NlMdyW7N9Eg

That moment you realize you accidentally bought the “snack size” popcorn bags. Biggest racket in the popcorn biz. Who wants less popcorn...it’s evil!

So happy I migrated away from LastPass. For those wanting to make the transition easier, here are the migration instructions bitwarden.com/help/article/imp

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LastPass just limited users to one "device type" for free accounts. 🤦🏻‍♂️ Using @LastPass@twitter.com still? Let's fix that!

Switch to @Bitwarden@twitter.com, an #opensource password manager for all your devices, plus Bitwarden supports DLN! 🐧

Get started at bitwarden.com/dln 👍

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On this weeks amazing #DestinationLinux 213!

@Ghostery@twitter.com Joins The Browser Wars & @Facebook@twitter.com Improves The Telecom Industry?
+ our tips, tricks and software picks!

And Michael takes a spin on his active stool! LOL 😂🐧🐧

#Linux #OpenSource #podcast

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@dasgeek Just finished watching this. Good stuff! I too have been a Bitwarden user for some time now, before they were cool. Such a great service.

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On a really fun episode of #DestinationLinux 211! 😂🐧🐧

We plan out our own start-up company using only #OpenSource software!
We feature a new decentralized app @MovimNetwork@twitter.com, discuss the SUDO Vulnerability, and so much more!

#Linux #podcasts


Support the amazing Tor project by being apart of the solution. I show you how in this video youtu.be/2CJGIEunAQ0

Just purchased The Dissident to watch. The film follows the assassination of Jamal Khashoggi and Saudi Arabia's effort to control international dissent. Ive heard the revelations are shocking in this documentary. We shall see. thedissident.com/

Bought me some GME stock because it's going to the moon and diamond hands and all the Reddit meme's.

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Tune in to DLN Xtend episode 41! 😀🐧🐧

Wendy, Nate and Matt discuss the reasons why they love @kdecommunity@twitter.com #Plasma to use on their #Linux desktops!

#opensource #podcasts


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I'm going to be hiring a SWE and 5 SREs in the next several months.

Bay Area preferred, for when offices are open again. Northern VA also acceptable.

I can fill you in on the details in private, but I'll share the broad strokes publicly:

- SRE!
- Experience with orchestration systems (Nomad!) a plus
- strong communication skills 💯 required
- automation is good
- looking for junior/mid candidates, but I have room for some senior folks too.

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@dasgeek agreed. We see in this story, the scary combination of a surveillance system which is open to the outside for convenience (scary and wrong on its own IMO), and a malicious tech guy taking advantage of clueless clients. And very interesting that for such sensitive systems, no proper training nor tech supervisor was provided.
In my opinion, blaming only to the tech guy is trying to hide those problems under the carpet.

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I was recently recommended tryhackme.com and I can confirm it's a brilliant site. I've been going down the #Kali rabbit hole recently and it's great to have a site like this with lots of interactive #elearning, a lot of which is free. I may even submit my own learning content someday.

#networking #tech #hacking #linux #security #pentesting

Amazes me these big companies like ADT don’t even have nor care to implement the most basic of security measures to protect their customers. arstechnica.com/information-te

Speaking of good headphones. I was listening on my Focal Sphere S which use to cost over $100 and have an amazing sound stage. They're $59 right now on Amazon and that's a steal if you've never had a great pair of headphones.

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