Virtual SE Linux Fest starts today!!!!
Join @Kernellinux and @nixiepixel as we kick off the SELF stream tonight at 5pm EST / 2pm PST and share with you the exciting lineup we have this weekend!

SELF (SE Linux Fest) is here! Virtual conference you can attend from the comfort of your home. Great speakers, great content, amazing networking abilities, clear your schedule the fun starts today! Head to @asknoahshow

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Put a quick guide together for enabling Proton Staging/Beta so you can play games like Streets of Rage 4 on Linux. Loving this game!

Who wants to try and beat my mighty level 10 Python warrior?!? Join me in CodeCombat and learn Python or JavaScript while playing a game!

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Wanna run Linux in a virtual machine? Here's why you should use KVM instead of VirtualBox.

Super informative video from @dasgeek

Finally a great noise canceling Bluetooth headset that audio enthusiasts can actually get behind. Check out my latest video on the Sony WH-1000X M3. @Sony

2019 Lenovo Ideapad Flex w/ AMD Ryzen 3500U Review...can it Linux? Let's find out.

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@Kernellinux @dasgeek @zebedeeboss @TuxDigital

Its here and its beautiful!


Can't wait to get started! Going to have to get #archlinuxarm on this thing as well as Minecraft (if I can get it to work) and my python development environment!

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Destination Linux | Episode 154.

Planet's best Linux-podcast.

During a heated yet friendly conversation, Michael's (already legendary) 9 bucks stool is about to work as a timeout spot!

Maybe he'd build a penalty box around that stool in the tradition of ice hockey? Zeb appears Zen (master) and is merciful referee though.

Noah is cool as ever & Ryan has interesting "leapy" predictions.

#podcast #predictions #linux #destinationlinux #stool @TuxDigital @dasgeek

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@dasgeek Thanks for sharing your experience and tips for the pinebook pro, I'm looking forward to get mine and see more from you.

Modernizing Xfce for 2020 (Customize and Beautify Guide for Xfce) via @YouTube

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@PINE64 @dasgeek youtube seems to be working smoothly. it's good candidate for browsing and media around the house

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You wanted geek swag in time for the holidays? Here you go. Every DLN launch partner on one shirt. Gives me geek chills. Get the launch shirt while it lasts.

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@dasgeek what the Gnome Foundation is doing is amazing! They are standing their ground to protect FOSS projects from future harassment by patent trolls. There are so many tech giants using FOSS software to make huge profits. I hope some of those companies understand the situation and step in with funding and support.

Gogogo Gnome Foundation , fight back!

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