It's not too late to register and join in on the Fedora NEST virtual conference. Lots of great talks happening today to fill your brains with!

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This random stranger @MichaelTunnell showed up at my house, so I took him to tech Wonderland.

MIT course I'm taking required Microsoft PPT or Lucidcharts. Submit project using OnlyOffice Presentations instead. Nail it and they're none the wiser. Opensource for the win.

Getting pumped for Fury vs Whyte PPV @ESPNPlus
. Did some boxing training with the kids earlier. If you want to know what technology I use to train at home check out the latest Hardware Addicts podcast.

I really loved this episode and the topic on implantable tech. If you've not listened to Hardware Addicts 59 check it out:

Nice to have a Sunday off. We recorded Destination Linux on Friday this week for Easter. See you all next Sunday @1pm EST. Today, catching up on some UFC fights I've missed. Already trained in Fight Camp with my son. Python training tonight. Cease the moment and learn something new!

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Check out Ryan!

In this video we take a look at the AmpliFi HD Alien Mesh Network. This is a cylindrical built, triband, Wifi 6 mesh router with the knowledge and experience of Ubiquiti backing it!

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Went to 'The Batman' movie last night. 3 hours and no intermission, why is this a thing? Overall, it was a great film and the acting was superb all around. The atmosphere of Gotham was superb. Robert Pattinson really sold me as Batman. 8 out of 10. What did you all think of it?

If you want to use a non-wired security camera solution this video will help you pick the
best option.

Is there such a thing as unbiased news anymore? I'm looking for recommendations. I've seen Associated Press, NPR, BBC, Al Jazeera as 'less' bias sources. Let me know what sources you use. Mention CNN/FOX/MSNBC only if you're trolling me. Also, don't want to hear about your politics. Don't care. Just looking for unbias news sources.

Find it interesting so many Superbowl commercials are nostalgic in nature. Dreaming of better times? There is a saying I love. 'The problem with the good times is that you don't realize it was the good times until it's over. '

There is a lot to like with Linus Torvalds. I found this quote of his that made me like him even more. Linus is unaffiliated with ANY U.S. political party, saying, "I have way too much personal pride to want to be associated with any of them, quite frankly." This is the way!

Crazy amount of you have subscribed to me here after my latest video. I love all your faces!

This looks fun! Check out they got a new piece of hardware!

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Watch this fun #DestinationLinux #podcast 260! 😂❤🐧🐧

We talk about the Classics of the distro world!🐧

And some great updates to Audacity!

+ our 🐧 tips, tricks, & app picks!

#Linux #OpenSource #technews

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Check out Sudo Show #42! 😀🐧

Brandon is joined by the CEO of, He discusses the current state of CrowdSec!

#Linux #podcasts #OpenSource

I'm not for this crypto hate train. All emerging technologies need refinement. The IBM 705 used 70 kilowatts of power and 40 tons of air conditioning. Cryptocurrency needs to change. Many are working to make that happen. Throwing out the concept entirely doesn't make sense to me. Adapting it to be less harmful makes all the energy consumed not go to waste. New methods for validating cryptocurrency transactions are being developed. Let's make it happen faster.

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