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Destination Linux | Episode 141 | CentOS Stream, Fedora, Endeavour OS, Oracle Pi Cluster, GNOME Lawsuit.

What a great +very passionate episode! Ryan and Michael go one on one, man to man, fair and square.

The corrupt deviousness of Rothschild are now after Linux and free software!

You will not beleive what you are about to hear. What's next? George Soros?

Software Spotlight: Picard.

==> youtu.be/JzDLO5BQWt0
#CentOS #Oracle #Gnome #Rothschild #Linux @DestinationLinux @dasgeek @dasgeek

New video where we take the Microsoft Surface Go tablet actually awesome by loading Endeavour Linux on it. youtu.be/bCSzhkTi6NY

KDE Plasma - Fix Defaults & Custom Setup w/ Michael Of Destination Linux! youtu.be/v18Nz5SLOOw via

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Guys, check out Destination Linux Ep 134. They had a special guest host this week. ;)
Be sure to subscribe to Destination Linux if you aren't already.


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Destination Linux 134 - Xfce 4.14, Ubuntu Snaps, LibreOffice, Linux Journal, NVidia, Huawei, FFmpeg

#Sparky #Linux 2019.8 Released
#Xfce 4.14 Released Today
#LibreOffice 6.3 Released
#FFMPEG 4.2 Released
#Phoronix Benchmarks Of #AMD RX5700
#Huawei Releases New OpenSource OS
#Canonical’s Martin Wimpress Discusses Snaps
#Linux Journal Says Goodbye…Again
#Nvidia Coming Around?
#SpaceMercs Released

#linux #podcasts #linuxgaming

Introduction To Video Editing With Blender 2.80 On Linux! Cut, Overlay, and more.


iXsystems (FreeNAS) Swag Unboxing & Thank You Video (link: youtu.be/_9RVVberzAc) youtu.be/_9RVVberzAc via @YouTube

The New AMD Ryzen 9 3900x 7nm vs Intel i9-9900k The Benchmark Edition (link: youtu.be/T7xneapDNZI) youtu.be/T7xneapDNZI via @YouTube

The AMD Game Changing Ryzen 9 3900x 7nm : Discussion, Gaming & Benchmark... youtu.be/_fd4a-TJ6ps via @YouTube

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@dasgeek My Ryzen 9 3900X is on the way. Good to know I can use Pop!_OS if nothing else while waiting for proper patches to land. If only they had a KDE version I would probably use them full time.

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@dasgeek They are pretty good about implementing fixes for all kinds of stuff. A lot of the upstream gnome performance fixes that aren’t in other distros have been implemented as well. I’m constantly impressed by those folks. Used to think it was just Ubuntu with a pretty theme but they are consistently knocking it out out of the park.

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We’re launching a class action lawsuit against AT&T for repeatedly breaking the law by selling its customers' real-time location data and misleading them about those sales.
Consumers must stand up to protect their privacy and shut down this illegal market.eff.org/press/releases/eff-sue

@system76 Huge shout out to Pop!_OS. As we wait for AMD patch to roll out for new 3rd gen Ryzen CPUs. @system76 went ahead and fixed the issue. No other Linux distro I tried booted. But Pop!_OS setting the bar high. fixing it before AMD even could. Impressed.

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Valve: latest Linux gaming work boosting AMD Vulkan framerates up to 44% (!)

Even in its infancy, this new shader compiler is resulting in a 44% framerate boost on certain AMD graphics cards.

In one particular DX11 game, it's even beating Windows even though the title isn't to be played natively on Linux (but via Proton / Steam Play).

==> forbes.com/sites/jasonevangelh
#LinuxGaming #Forbes #AMD #Vulkan #Steam #Valve #LLVM #ACO

AMD 3900x 12 core 24 thread 7nm CPU is in my hands today! Happiness is.

‪Ryzen 9 3900x is on its way direct from AMD. My wife stalked AMD to the second, she is an amazing ally in my geek ways. I can’t wait to see what this and Linux can do. Videos coming soon! Now if I could only get @LisaSu autograph included please!

Oh my...Endeavour with a few little tweaks looks incredible.

Checking out Endeavour OS. Tried it in a VM first, love what I’m seeing so now bare metal. Really excited about this Arch based distro

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