The best distro of 2020? Let’s check out Fedora 33 on bare metal.

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Fedora 33 with GNOME 3.38 is here! Congratulations to our friends at #Fedora on the release.

#Linux #Fedora33 #GNOME

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@ubuntustudio since you guys are working hard on this amazing distribution, I thought to do my part to spread some love.

@MichaelTunnell thank you for your great help on this one!

Here is my official response to DMCA 'youtube-dl' takedown. A donation to @eff
fighting for online privacy and free speech

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New episode of #DLNXtend is out! -

This week the DLNX Crew talk about affordable Linux #hardware, Matt continues with his video game enabling & so much more!

Do yourself a favor and check out this great #Linux #podcast!

Need to escape to a new world? Time to check out some VR options out there like the Sony @playstation
VR kit.

Did you know that farmers have to deal with software licensing just to use their tractors? Imagine not being able to grow food because you didn’t renew your tractor license. Cars are not far behind. We had a TED talk speaker on DL trying to fix that problem. Check it out!

I’ve found some pretty amazing online certifications and courses offered and wanted to share my picks. Is Online Training Worth It? A Look At EdX, LinkedIn, Coursera, & more!

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A new episode of #HardwareAddicts has dropped! This episode we discuss #BigNavi and recent issues with Boost Clock on their latest #GPUs.

#CameraCorner: minimum system requirements for #photography

Check it out at

#hardware #tech #podcast

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@ubuntustudio Having fun with Ubuntu Studio Groovy Gorilla. This amazing release is shaping up really well. Plasma desktop looks good and is screaming fast. Jack, Carla, LSP plugins all works amazingly well!

Thanks for the great work!

Don’t miss this latest Destination Linux episode. The interview with Open Source Ecology founder and TED speaker Marcin will reinvigorate your love for open source!

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Finished the book ‘Atomic Habits’ by James Clear. Highly recommend reading / listening to the audiobook. Very interesting look into how we build habits effectively.

Come join an amazingly fun and relaxed discussion on Linux. I'm hanging out this morning here 'The Sunday Linux Coffee Klatch':

Ultra lightweight battle of hardware. System76 Lemur Pro vs the MacBook Air 2020. Let the battle begin!

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I just watched yesterday.
Very interesting take on the social media discussion.

Trying out ProtonVPN. So far my observation is it's fast, really fast. Just wish they would make the nice GUI app vs running through CLI on Linux.

I believe we are at a crossroad with Linux. It will either take the right road where the community welcomes newcomers & explorers while still holding true to the security, privacy and open source principles that got us this far, or it takes the left road where the community openly welcomes the commercial & proprietary companies to overtake Linux with metadata grabbing, privacy invasive layers of almost but not really open source'ish software. Seems lately a lot of people wanting to turn left.

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