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and thats just really not a good way to go about making stuff tbh,

My art used to be Really Intense, and I defanged it a couple years ago in fear i'd get called out for whatever. I've been depressed and bored bc I haven't been making things I wanna make, got really trapped in "I have to do this thing once a day, I have to make these clothes so I can have money and I have to be on brand and"

i'm just kind of tired of being quiet an impersonal on there?

i've been getting really sassy on my twitter not sorry

I've been getting a lot of selfie compliments this year and i think i'm getting very close to believing i'm as cute as everyone else thinks

I didn't know what to make of this place at first but i'm happy it's just queer twitter atm

*pops head out of the glitch portal*
hi everyone!

my hair has been behaving a lot better lately?