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We need in @fsfe to move forward our work on and freedom. Diversity is an indicator of and is indispensable for freedom. But how can we achieve that? We have to remove any and all barriers for speakers and activists to share their expertise and knowledge with the community. That means encouragement, financial support, childcare offers, a culture of being welcome. We have to bring voices not normally heard to our community. We need mentors and supporters, not heroes.

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Do you need a DNS server without censorship and for privacy?

@Digitalcourage runs a DNS server located in Germany that doesn't log normal user requests:

👉 2a02: 2970: 1002: 0: 5054: 8aff: fe12: db49
👉 Encrypted requests DNS-over-TLS (German)

How #FOSS took over the world. While not entirely accurate (I'm sure RMS would have a fit on the spot about GNU and FSF), it does a good job of presenting this to the layperson. #floss #linux #github #redhat #cnbc

Habe ein ganz gutes elektropunk Lied einer recht unbekannten Band gefunden: Systemabsturz - verdächtig.

So the cool part about Mastodon, right? You don't need to be on the same domain as other people to talk to them. You can sign-up on or invite your friends to:

And many others, and still be able to talk to the world / follow your friends on and vice versa.

Please help those servers grow by spreading the word about them! (And if you are interested in starting a new server, you can do that too!) greetings from Bilbao! This all started with censorship to @BerdaderaH (one of the most famous leftwing twitters)

How to migrate from one Mastodon server to another without losing followers:

1. Sign up on new server
2. On NEW server: Go to Account -> Moving FROM another account
3. Enter old account's handle
4. On OLD server: Go to Account -> Moving TO another account
5. Enter new account's handle and submit

Great pic by Clément Chastagnol: A simple diagram in a flashcard format for future reference of keyboard shorcuts in the command line.

(If you are lucky you can get one as sticker on the . He is there.)

There are still T-shirts left, both fitted and straight. We also have some merch left from previous events. Get them while they are still hot.

Boosts appreciated!

Lately I've seen some incorrect statements and facts about Linux on mobile being thrown around, and I decided to write a blog post to give some more correct info. Please give it a read 😄

If you see any mistakes I've made, please correct me!

Attending this #36c3 talk, the first thing that strikes me is that Renata Avila pronounces "touched" like "torched". Which makes sense in a lot of situations involving #Assange.

I think she just said that #Wikileaks is the people's intelligence agency. Nice one.

"The Case Against WikiLeaks: a direct threat to our community"

renataavila, Naomi Colvin, Angela Richter

Beginning of abstract:

"The unprecedented charges against Julian Assange and WikiLeaks constitute the most significant threat to the First Amendment in the 21st century and a clear and present danger to investigative journalism worldwide. But they also pose significant dangers to the technical community. This panel will explain the legal and political issues we all need to understand in order to respond to this historic challenge.

We've been warning you about it for years, and now it's here. The talk will dissect the legal and political aspects of the US case against Wikileaks from an international perspective. …"

Julia Evans (known as b0rk on the bird side) made a couple of fun short educational screencasts about how to do something on a computer. 😀 😎 🐧

This one is about the 'ip' command:

@FreePietje @waxwing
echo $PATH in script was a simple debug, and setting the variable in .bashrc was the fix. Exporting within the script itself could be a good fix in some cases too. Thank you all for your help!

#Debian has voted again and the result is clear:

“The winners are:
Option 2 «B: #Systemd but we support exploring alternatives»"

@Haydar Ich hab selbst vor ein paar Jahren erlebt, wie Nachwuchs aus einem OS-Projekt vergrault werden sollte, weil ein 13-Jähriger nun einmal Fragen stellen kann, die nervig sind. Ich hab das damals verhindert und der Junge ist inzwischen eine wichtige Person für das Projekt.
Ich befürchte, dass OS-Projekte oft so abschreckend sind für alle, die keine weißen mittelalten CIS-Männer sind. "Gleich und gleich gesellt sich gerne." Aber es gibt junge Leute - siehe #36C3. Die starten eigene Sachen.

This Week in Matrix we're talking about Alexa skills for Matrix, #36c3, Bundeswehr Matrix considerations, new OAuth 2.0 provider, new room directory for Spectral and #more! #decentralisation #twim

Not the same thing but often quite useful: ocrmypdf can recompress included raster graphics if pngquant is installed, by reducing the colour palette and/or recompressing, but without changing resolution. Particularly useful for scans.

L.U.K.S needs to add native support to create 2nd factor authentication from a regular USB thumb drive. Even Bitlocker and KeePass have this function. In other words, you don't need Yubikey, U can use any usb that U have and turn it to a 2nd factor auth. And / Or implement TOTP.

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