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We need in @fsfe to move forward our work on and freedom. Diversity is an indicator of and is indispensable for freedom. But how can we achieve that? We have to remove any and all barriers for speakers and activists to share their expertise and knowledge with the community. That means encouragement, financial support, childcare offers, a culture of being welcome. We have to bring voices not normally heard to our community. We need mentors and supporters, not heroes.

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Do you need a DNS server without censorship and for privacy?

@Digitalcourage runs a DNS server located in Germany that doesn't log normal user requests:

👉 2a02: 2970: 1002: 0: 5054: 8aff: fe12: db49
👉 Encrypted requests DNS-over-TLS (German)

Endlich da und für alle zu haben: Meine Broschüre "Digitale Mündigkeit – Eine Handreichung". Zielgruppengerecht in analog und zum blättern. (Oder per ISBN im Buchhandel bestellen, aber dann landet weniger vom Geld beim Guten Zweck.)

The openSUSE project is voting to change their name. Should they change? What name should "openSUSE" change to?




The CfP for the @opensuse Summit in Dublin is open until Feb. 14! Register for the summit and submit a talk -

#FOSS update. We're finally entering 2005 by ordering laptops for everyone. 🙌 We've been testing a few and got a great deal on a whole fleet of refurbished HP Elitebook 840 G2's. Ideally I would have gone with Purism's Librem laptops, but alas money.

The only thing left figuring out is how to best enable remote support and updating of the laptops. Users like to their local access to the file server (synced to Nextcloud), so probably a small VPN in the background doing only that.

Die #Psycho #Tricks der #App-Entwickler

Mit äußerst perfiden Tricks macht die App-Industrie ihre User von ihren Diensten abhängig – mit weitreichenden Folgen für unsere #Psyche und unser Wohlbefinden.

Ich habe eine Get Together!
Laptop Basar am 30.11.2019 von 10-18 Uhr in der Lernoase im Freizeitheim Vahrenwald in . @GetTogetherComm

Important read: Bradley Kuhn no longer #FSF director:

His thoughtful post reminds me, FSF has a separate class of voting members. Did #RMS resign as a voting member or just as dir/president? It's unclear.

Per the bylaws, the voting members are effectively "in charge" of the organization because they are the ones who name the board of directors.

#FreeSoftware #OpenSource #FLOSS #FOSS #stallman

Revealed: Google made large contributions to climate change deniers

Google has made “substantial” contributions to some of the most notorious climate deniers in Washington despite its insistence that it supports political action on the climate crisis

.... more than a dozen organisations that have campaigned against climate legislation, questioned the need for action, or actively sought to roll back Obama-era environmental protections.

Um 18:00 Uhr ist wieder WikiDienstag in Hannover u.a. mit dem Thema OpenStreetMap. Kommt gerne vorbei.

Calling out to the Mastodon community again: famous @fdroidorg Repomaker is looking for a new maintainer (and contributors). Should be familiar with F-Droid, Python, Django.

Please help keeping it alive!

Volunteers go to – others please boost, as usual 😉 Thanks!

#helpWanted #callingOut

Sichere Handynutzung ist kein Buch mit sieben Siegeln. Wer diese 10 Tipps beherzigt, ist mit seinem Android-Gerät im Alltag auf der sicheren Seite. #Android #datenschutz

Auch @opensuse wird dieses Jahr wieder auf dem LinuxDay Dornbirn am 19. Oktober vertreten sein.
Kommt vorbei und löchert uns mit Fragen :)

Alle Infos zum Event gibt es auf

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