my four-month journey to create my next podcast episode is finally at an end. gosh I hope I can do another one faster next time, but this one was big.

can't wait to finish mastering it tonight

Darkest Dungeon mechanics remain the most useful schema for my own mental health.

like this morning i read a custody case file that instantly put me into a stress check, i failed, and now i'm going to spend the rest of the day cursing at people and stealing things until i can go home and whip myself.

Seeing online leftists hate on #AOC for wearing the tax the rich dress makes me want to leave all the leftist online spaces, they clearly have become unproductive circlejerks.

v. sad that I waited so long to book this trip to the North Sea that the trip out there has to involve three transfers :( at least it's better coming home. can't wait to smell the sea

coming to grips with the apparent fact that I'm related to a vax denier and an internet troll oof

OH am Strand:

Kleinkind, bereits ganz doll eingecremt, zappelt ein wenig, wird von der Mama noch weiter eingecremt: "Ich mag die Sprache nicht."
Mama, cremt weiter: "Die Sprache? Die Sprache der Krem?"

someone: statement
me: quotation relevant to that statement
someone: here's a way in which I can read your quotation in the context of my statement as offensive to a group to which I do not belong
me: *silently deletes everything, stews for hours*

I don't like being me sometimes

just realized i no longer own or maintain spanner . works so i needed to change my avi!

unmutual'd and block'd and sealion pal who liked their reply also block'd.

now to resist checking that person's feed to see if they're sending troops against me

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why do i have followers on birbsite who are vaccine deniers grrrr

today is my first day of not tooting from my own private instance... whew

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