Hello world, I'm back again to see if this sticks now.

Does anyone else forget what instance they're currently logged into sometimes?

I do, constantly.

Hello, Canada. You're the best country right now.

I need more time to accomplish everything I need before I travel to this weekend. Help me.

So, just like in the early years of Birdsite, is a trend here because it's so difficult to find people of not to follow?

Got it.

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@dattmay The chest is covered in duct tape for some reason, you unwrap it, then unlock it to reveal the contents:
A Baby Dragon. 🐉

"We want someone to look and call, not say 'this is aesthetically pretty'"

But...but...that's what happens when something looks good. I just can't with the owners of my company.

I found a compilation of digitized Kmart recordings from the late 80's/early 90s and I am fascinated by them. archive.org/details/attentionk


I swear to god, this city can replace a bridge, 100+' into the air and multiple football fields in length in a weekend, but they can't replace one 20' stretch of bridge over a stream for over a year?

Let me at it, I can probably resurface that damn road faster.

Mastodon right now reminds me so much of my time in the infancy of the birdsite.

None of us know what we're doing, (mostly) everyone is nice and helpful, everyone is super weird, and no one knows where things go from here.


I need more great Tooters to follow. Any recommendations?


No that is all. Just dog. Dogs are wonderful. Dog. 🐕 🐕 🐕

When this Tuesday ends, can I please never have another one like it in the future? Kthx

I don't know which Instance I want to use more often. Hrmmmm.

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Hi everyone, here's my idiot. Boost her so she can get all the boops and pets.

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Leave it to me to hurt my back at work at a job that requires no physical labor.


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