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David Larlet ✅ @dav

> On retrouve la dualité confiance humaine (Mastodon) vs. transparence algorithmique (SSB), observer où vont se déployer les intérêts personnels, politiques et économiques sur ce curseur est fascinant à plus d’un titre. Plus que jamais, les réseaux que l’on rejoint en disent beaucoup sur nos affinités politiques et notre conception du monde. — larlet.fr/david/blog/2017/conf

> Le pire se vautre dans le confort. Le meilleur réside dans l’inconnu. — bfluzin.tumblr.com/post/159751

J'ai eu la couardise de croire que cet inconnu était peut-être ailleurs.

@michelbriand peut-être que mon expérience rentre dans ce cadre ? larlet.fr/david/pro/enseigneme

I’m @AoiJChltO3mZPq70y52eeW17IAKO2NETmZ6QemInMPM=.ed25519 on #scuttlebutt (and I have no idea what I’m doing nor if you can find me with that id 😁 )

Where Mastodon is an evolution of birdsite, scuttlebutt.nz/ is a revolution.

And we may not be ready for it. Yet?

See also: staltz.com/an-off-grid-social-

> Le goudron de l'indignité et les plumes du cynisme. — affordance.typepad.com//mon_we 🇫🇷

Experts give experts’ advices. Intermediates give bad advices. Beginners share the few things they learned and only them can provide advices pertinent to other beginners.

We should listen to them more to be truly inclusive, they pave the way to a flatten apprenticeship curve and show the trail instead of giving an incomprehensible solution.


I am looking for an instance that allows subdomains in order to redirect from my own domain name and share an ID I control over instances jumps.

I want to contribute to a group (ideally coop) but with my own identity.

If I understand correctly what has been merged yesterday, it should be theoretically possible github.com/tootsuite/mastodon/

Remember: in a decentralized network, you need a global index and that's where monetization happens (Google).

An index of existing instances like instances.mastodon.xyz/ but with help for newcomers with values, tos, discussed topics and so on will appear and the danger will come from there.

Soon, instances will have to pay to be boosted on that index. SEO and fake values next.


> Performance matters. Memory usage matters. I don't care if you're the prettiest girl at the dance, slack. I quit you the moment I walk out of the office. I delete you from my computer when I can. Slow is a bug. The fastest program is the one you don't run. So stop embedding the entirety of chrome in your app. — josephg.com/blog/electron-is-f

That title :heart:

> L’expérimentation permanente dans laquelle nous plonge le numérique nous transforme en cobaye contre notre gré, sans que nous n’ayons beaucoup de prise pour être au moins informé de la manière dont nous sommes utilisés par-devers nous. — internetactu.net/2017/04/11/ub

Comment expérimenter en respectant la dignité des cobayes ? Les scientifiques se sont déjà posé ces questions.

:trolleybus: Testons nos applis sur des cochons.

Je reposte cette infographie pour tous ceux qui ont un peu de mal à comprendre comment fonctionne la #FederatedTimeline sur #mastodon


I just realized thanks to ryanmaynard.co/mastodon-keybas that you have a public space at keybase davidbgk.keybase.pub/

Next step: standardize how you describe that.

Next next step: PR to add a “Verified by Keybase” badge to Mastodon avatars :upside_down:

> If something comes around and replaces Mastodon, it will not be the Mastodon-Killer but the Mastodon-Successor. Mastodon will not go extinct. It will only evolve. — medium.com/@shelraphen/why-mas


> Each Mastodon instance creates a micro-culture and links between these micro-cultures are done by humans. One line of “code” added, thousands of new connections made possible. Another one is removed and a lot of relations are broken without even noticeable for users. Having that responsibility should be daunting for each instance administrator. — larlet.fr/david/blog/2017/micr

.@mayel @Antanicus @Gargron #platformcoop #instance governance proposal in 1 toot:

Members pay a $1 membership share to join, and commit to paying a $0.10/mo subscription via #Gratipay (a platform co-op). If there is surplus beyond costs, members can propose platform improvements to create bounties for, and then vote on their favorite proposals. Top vote-getters get funded. Members also may propose & vote on instance policies, adjust monthly fee & pay patronage refunds. #mastodon

Soon enough, the governance of instances will be an issue. How a community will vote(?) to link/unlink another instance based on ethics? Do we let that choice to the admin only or do we decide together as members?

Each instance is a micro-culture and will have to decide wether it's more dictatorial or more democratic. That cursor will depend on the number of users and the time they want to devote to that.

From an ethno/socio point of view it's fascinating :smile:

I'd love to have control of my handle using DNS like @david@larlet.fr (without any subdomain) AND to point to the instance of my choice seamlessly being able to change over time. My content would be lost BUT not my followers and I can export/import my graph (people I follow).


It's crazy how fast we recreate the exact same bubble(s). :thinking:

Proof that centralization is not the problem on that topic.

> Support account migration — github.com/tootsuite/mastodon/

No clear consensus yet but join the party :sparkles: