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David Larlet ✅ @dav@mastodon.social

Soon enough, the governance of instances will be an issue. How a community will vote(?) to link/unlink another instance based on ethics? Do we let that choice to the admin only or do we decide together as members?

Each instance is a micro-culture and will have to decide wether it's more dictatorial or more democratic. That cursor will depend on the number of users and the time they want to devote to that.

From an ethno/socio point of view it's fascinating :smile:

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@dav There will be instances with benevolent dictators who decide on behalf of their users and those with a democratic approach, some will just live on their own and never federate.

But: That's fine.

@dav definitely!

we've been talking about / starting to set up an instance to be run as a coop:

@dav I suggest we base our selection proces on The Hunger Games. Only the strong will survive.

@dav Totally - also, add hashtags, so more folks can find your good thoughts!

@dav There are already hundreds of instances. I think the peering decisions should be left to the admins simply because it will become complicated quickly. Maybe a better way of grading the instances could be devised.

@dav For this to work out, the users need to be empowered to migrate to instances with an acceptable policy.

This makes it important to define a way to migrate without without loosing followers as discussed in github.com/tootsuite/mastodon/ #MastoDev