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Maybe I'm misreading, but it seems this HTML Imports replacement has devolved into "How can JavaScript consume HTML?" instead of "How do we build component systems without JavaScript?"

I've started calling apps that bundle and send large JavaScript files "megaliths"

One of my favorite Internet projects, the Wintergaten Marble Machine, talks about the value of prototyping on the next iteration of the project.

"With the first Marble Machine I just started to build... I ended up building the same things 10 times because I didn't do any prototypes."


Been wondering if I could handicraft a “Win10-do Switch” by putting Steam on a Win IoT device and maybe pair some Pi-Zeros with a joystick hat for controllers.

Happy MLK day. I hope you get some time to reflect on the life, work, and words of Dr King.

Me to woman walking around my house into my backyard: Excuse me can I help you?
Her: I’m staying here.
Me: Um... no you’re not.

God bless the sharing economy.

Read Vonnegut’s short sci-fi story Harrison Bergeron. Heard about it in a Balance in Games panel. Interesting dystopian (anti-communist?) take on fairness in society. tnellen.com/cybereng/harrison.

The first episode of David Letterman’s Netflix show with Barack Obama is very great. netflix.com/title/80209096

This first episode of Nintendo Power Podcast is so great! overcast.fm/+LR3yo20tY

I understand people have different thresholds for what qualifies as “abuse” or “inappropriate behavior”, so it’d be hard to code against, but it seems really lazy of platforms to push that onto the users or volunteer mods.

Soft bans should be the default on the Internet.

In a Streaming 101 panel at PAX and the general consensus is “You gotta have thick skin and take the abuse from the chat.”

What a fucking world we’ve built.

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It's not even around the knees either more like around the 🍑

Just used Screenbits to record a screencap. Pretty great. The missing Win10 screencap tool! microsoft.com/store/productId/

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Oof this post gets to the very heart of breadth vs depth. I like the idea of a Depth Year 🤔 raptitude.com/2017/12/go-deepe