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“I don’t need a Real Time Strategy Game for my Privacy with my phone’s OS. I don’t need to be constantly notified to improve Google’s data-driven products”

OH (Cleaning Lady on phone): You bring the fake blood and the Lady Gaga outfit...

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"A Bone to Pick with Skeleton Screens" viget.com/articles/a-bone-to-p

Great research on when you should use skeleton screens versus loading spinners. (Also: we have a name for these things now? I used to call them silhouettes. 😛)

I'm pretty cisgender, but I've started responding to Gender questions with "Prefer not to say" because I think it's a dumb question for web form to ask.

I haven't had Bluetooth on my PC since mid-December due to an insider build. Little worried a full System Restore is in my future.

One of the highlights of my week is the @adafruit "new New nEw" intro.

How Limor Fried has grown her business and become an indie chipset manufacturer is pretty inspiring.

I know I know. HTML xfer would be slower than JSON, but I'll disable your argument by whispering the words "... gzip"

What about Fetch + Server-side Rendered HTML response + DOMChangeList–DAMMIT. I invented Turbolinks.

Hi <picture>
<picture> I'm
A <picture>
<picture> Website
in <picture>
<picture> 2018

Free idea: Uncrate but for animatable 3D models, fonts, vector graphics, and open source repos.

if(navigator.doNotTrack) { alert('send me bitcoins.') }

This is also why I referred to my Fitbit as my "Inactivity Monitor".

Interesting look at how Apple Watch and tech companies are manipulating behavior without adhering to good behavioral science. theverge.com/2018/1/24/1692635

TIL about `jekyll serve --profile` that will show you what's taking a long time in your Jekyll builds.


More on HTML Imports... There's a spinoff discussion from w3c/webcomponents in whatwg/html talking about an <include src="foo.html"> element. Most feedback is "Just use PHP." smdh.

Mastodon never loads on the first try in Edge. Always needs a refresh. mastodon.social/media/4_nryV4l

Popup trailer had a blow out on the way home from camping at Dinosaur Valley. Immediately after I pulled over, two guys named Juice and Ramon stopped behind us to help. Wonderful guys. Juice owns a septic removal company. This is what makes America great.

At the Boss Battle part of this project. Summoning Chiptunes!

Those .83 trackers that show up on URLs now just feel like a virus, huh.