The frequency at which I check Pinafore and Feedbin over Twitter is a positive sign. There’s never any new posts there. But hey. Baby steps.

Put my book outline in Notion. Getting serious.

Yeah, sex is cool but... have you ever done a perf audit?

From the team that brought you classics like "You Might Also Like", "Surface Others' Favorites in Your Timeline", "In Case You Missed It", and "No More 3rd Party Apps" comes ... Exposing You to Opposing Viewpoints.

Heard this phrase on a podcast: “Humans have two basic needs; inclusion and exclusion.”

If you need me I’ll be thinking about this for the rest of the year. 👋🏻

No troll: Is there a Windows laptop that doesn’t lose its battery charge overnight?

Is this a power setting?

It's possibly Ruby it's all related to WSL's file IO

Just found out that excluding my _site/ folder from Windows Defender results in a 33% improvement (~10s)

Tried benchmarking Jekyll on Ruby 2.6.0-preview1 with its new JIT compiler... sadly, no difference. Still avg'ing ~14s compile times on my laptop.

There are 2 kinda of people in this world: those who use the word “fullstack” and those who just kinda laugh and geez.. heh... yah.

Got ~40ppl loaded up in my RSS reader now. I feel both foolish playing with ancient technology and simultaneously like I'm fixing how I consume the Web.

I'm also getting a sense of when people quit blogging (seems like circa 2015).

Ayyy... Any hot new RSS feeds?
Also, what’s the best website you’ve seen in a long time?

This thought trail brought to you by:

I watched Wreck-It Ralph with the kids this weekend and I think it's awesome how they made the characters from old games animate at ~8FPS when they moved. Made me wonder how you'd remove frames from a 3D animation.

And then I wondered how you do squash & stretch with 3D models. Then I found this Pixar thing.

And now you know the whole story!

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