Four more days until the SSHRC is due.

I think the work is important... it's certainly important to me. I'm launching a year long discussion about uncertainty. Trying to do a futures open course (about uncertain things... and getting ready for them) i just don't have that raging excitement that I used to ride on doing these projects.

I'm older. True. But it's not just that. Things are different. I'm different.

@davecormier read your post. If it helps, you might be interested in these posts from last spring re: change mgt in ed from my HLC conf talk.

@daniellynds okay so um you can't quote these posts, hey? i refuse to call them toots yet. i'm stuck in my own heretofore undiscovered respectability.

The best thing about mastodon right now is that it seems to crash... fond thoughts of the fail whale.

So... talking turkey now... could we use this platform instead of Slack for community learning approaches? What's that going to look like i wonder...

I thought these things... smelled bad... on the outside.

I imagine getting my hands tangled in the mastadon fur, and kind of finding bits of things I can't quite or don't quite want to identify.

A Mastadon might be fun to ride though... if you weren't that concerned about where you were going.

I've always kind of thought that mastadon's would be smelly.


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