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I'm trying a :

Mirrored.Social is an instance that will some popular accounts from other social networks.

Here are some mirrors you can try out:

Complete list so far is here:

This is all beta for now BTW. More mirrors will be added soon.

The US has been shutdown for 3 weeks now, at what point does the “For Lease” sign go up? Canada would like to expand into their space if they’re not using it anymore. 🇨🇦

Product idea: AR goggles that filter out the ‘creatures’ in .

My awesome Panasonic Plasma TV is dying, but not dead yet. The LG OLED 4K TVs are on sale for . Thinking of getting the OLED55C8. Yay or nay? Can the Apple TV turn it on/off via HDMI etc? Will pair it w/a 4K/Atmos receiver etc. Any reason I shouldn’t pull the trigger?

Question: I'm running in my local election. As a candidate, I get a list of names of the people that have voted, which means I know who hasn't voted. Do you feel that's a privacy issue? Would you be shocked to know the candidates get this info?

Wife says to me today: “you’ve been good not opening the Halloween candy already”
I had to come clean that I’d already eaten a whole box, but that I replaced it with a new one.
Lol 🤪🍫 🍫 🍫👻

Huh, received my new Apple Watch Nike today. Go to put it on. Take off my series 2, and notice it’s cracked. Don’t think it was cracked this morning. Looks like the battery is bursting through the glass.

Anyone else seeing all TestFlight builds shipped before Sept 20th crashing? iOS security is killing the app before it loads due to an invalid signature. Seeing it for a bunch of apps, all from different developers. (Including Toot!) cc/ @WAHa_06x36

Video of my answer to "What is the most significant issue in your ward?" has just been posted to YouTube: It would be awesome if you took a quick look and gave it a like. Thanks!

This is messed up. I'm a Canadian developer. Does Quebec consider me to be foreign? 🤪

Does anyone have Mac unlock working with and ? We have a few machines here with phones and watches connected, and none will show a watch for the unlock feature. Tried various configs/networks etc. Used to work.

I always say my name is crazy popular. A regular John Smith. Turns out there’s another Dave Wood running for council in the next town over.
Doesn’t have a website though. Probably doesn’t help that I’ve taken all the good davewood tlds 😜

Looking to use HTTPS on your website? @EFF's certbot is a great way to deploy Let's Encrypt certificates.

FYI, turns out this is an issue when your scripts use an older version of the Application Loader... Use the 10GM version to upload the binary and you're good.

It’s annoying when App Store Connect rejects your app bundle saying “Try rebuilding the app with a non-beta version of Xcode and submit it again”, when you used the Xcode 10 GM.

Woohoo! 2 phones, 4 watches ordered! Pretty smoothly this year! Even with my fingers shaking while entering the details (forgot to do it ahead of time this year).

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