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I'm trying a :

Mirrored.Social is an instance that will some popular accounts from other social networks.

Here are some mirrors you can try out:

Complete list so far is here:

This is all beta for now BTW. More mirrors will be added soon.

Does anyone have Mac unlock working with and ? We have a few machines here with phones and watches connected, and none will show a watch for the unlock feature. Tried various configs/networks etc. Used to work.

I always say my name is crazy popular. A regular John Smith. Turns out there’s another Dave Wood running for council in the next town over.
Doesn’t have a website though. Probably doesn’t help that I’ve taken all the good davewood tlds 😜

Looking to use HTTPS on your website? @EFF's certbot is a great way to deploy Let's Encrypt certificates.

FYI, turns out this is an issue when your scripts use an older version of the Application Loader... Use the 10GM version to upload the binary and you're good.

It’s annoying when App Store Connect rejects your app bundle saying “Try rebuilding the app with a non-beta version of Xcode and submit it again”, when you used the Xcode 10 GM.

Woohoo! 2 phones, 4 watches ordered! Pretty smoothly this year! Even with my fingers shaking while entering the details (forgot to do it ahead of time this year).

Interesting that the new iPhones still have a USB-A cable. Considering how much of a shit show USB-C is, it's not surprising.

What's everyone ordering tonight? Me: Black Nike 44mm watch, and a Silver iPhone Xs Max.

SpaceX has signed the world’s first private passenger to fly around the Moon aboard our BFR launch vehicle—an important step toward enabling access for everyday people who dream of traveling to space. Find out who’s flying and why on Monday, September 17.

Anyone get an email from Apple Dev relations saying your dev program is expiring, even though you renewed it weeks ago?

Just did a quick MBP battery test. Brand new 15” MBP. Fully charged. Pulled the plug and then uncompressed the latest Xcode10.Xip file. Battery at 95% when it finished decompressing. 😝

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Someone in my office just made the worlds greatest understatement: “if you look on the Internet, some people do crazy shit”.

Maybe they didn’t think we’d scroll down that far? 😝 (Seriously though, that’s quite the marketing copy…)

New Tech Talks about building apps for the iPhone XS and XR and complications for the Apple Watch Series 4 are available:

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