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I'm trying a :

Mirrored.Social is an instance that will some popular accounts from other social networks.

Here are some mirrors you can try out:

Complete list so far is here:

This is all beta for now BTW. More mirrors will be added soon.

The display is killer. Multiple times today I’ve glanced at my watch, got the info I needed, and the screen either didn’t go bright at all, or did so as I was putting my wrist down again. Now we just need to let 3rd party apps be always on.

The Game Of Thrones concert was awesome. One noticeable problem: the 100+ft screen showing clips of the show had crazy banding & compression artifacts for the season 8 clips. Doesn’t bode well for the Blu-Ray release being any better!

I’m decommissioning a Mac Mini that’s at MacStadium. Anyone looking to add one there soon that would be interested in this one? Instead of having me ship it back to Canada?

2012 i7 4-core, 16 GB Ram, 250 GB SSD etc.

Any devs I know interested in a contract updating (or maybe even completely replacing) a React Native app? DM me and I’ll put you in contact with the client. I don’t have enough time available to do it myself or I would.

It’s time to start treating people who buy new gas cars, the way we treat people who buy fur coats.

If you’re a first responder, could you please fill out this survey for some colleagues?

If you know a first responder, please forward to them…


I’m starting a #Mastodon instance for indie app devs and companies to create accounts for their apps/products. The goal is to make it a place to build genuine community and provide customer support.

The rules will specifically prohibit spammy marketing stuff of other platforms.

I’m using @mastohost to run it too.

Neat, Apple put an easter egg in iOS 12.2, every once in a while the new Apple Remote icon is upside down, just like the real remote…

I’ve just pushed an RC for XCGLogger 7.0.0 with Swift 5 support . Please test and I’ll promote to master in a few hours if no issues immediately arise.

Damn. It got cloudier. Couldn't see anything as they flew by....

and the will be flying over my house at around 4:45am, just after docking, so of course I have to stay up to see it. It’s a bit cloudy, but hopefully it’ll be visible.

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Happy Birthday Steve. I never got to meet you in person, but you still continue to inspire me. Thanks.

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