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Should I set up a Mastodon instance using the domain

My Mum was in the US recently using a T-Mobile SIM with a North America calling plan. Couldn’t call Canada. Talked to their support who insisted Canada is not in North America. 🤦‍♂️

Damn Garuda Linux looks awesome. Not sure I could work with these colours all day, but maybe...

Fedora feels a little like Windows here… but, credit where credit is due, it runs on this 2008 laptop with 3GB RAM.

Just pulled these from my pocket like I’m some kind of dealer… a Linux dealer I guess.

Delivery times are still nuts for Macs right now. MBP (anything other than base model) has an ETA of end of July. Mac Studio is mid August!

Should I set up a Mastodon instance using the domain

Google’s “best phone we’ve ever offered … at this price” is an awesome twist on Apples “best ever” line. 🤣

Should I set up a Mastodon instance using the domain

@bigzaphod Lesson from the Apple ergo team: most people work on a desk that is too high. Your desk should be low enough for your knees being almost, or even lightly touching it. Your arms should be completely vertical and your forearms completely horizontal, with a 90 degree angle between them. Get rid of the chair armrests if you have them. Those things are cursed. Ask someone to take a photo from behind when your sitting at the desk. Make sure your arms are vertical and not “open wings”.

If you were going to build a new REST API today, what would you use? I’d run a poll, but there are way more than 4 possible options.

EG: Node.js, Python, Go, Rust, PHP (I know), Swift, Dart, or something else?

Complaining about work 

(1 day ago)
Boss: take a few days and get it right…

Boss: it’s been a few days, is it ready?

Serious question: at what point do we recognize that Republicans have been enacting a slow-motion coup giving them disproportionate representation in Congress and preventing the federal government from functioning as intended?

And then what do we do about it?

If you use an Open Source project that brings a lot of value to yours, go find the maintainers and thank them for the work they do. Bug reporting is not the only possible interaction with the maintainers of your OSS dependencies. #oss

Ok. It did. Just doesn’t seem visible in the official iOS app?

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Hmm. Alt text didn’t save: “Two puppies sleeping on the couch”

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Wordle 317 

Wordle 317 3/6

Lucky second word!

🟩⬛⬛⬛🟨 (1 partial, 1 perfect)
🟩🟩🟩⬛🟩 (4 perfect)
🟩🟩🟩🟩🟩 (Wordle done on Line 3)

Play here:

Did you know #Mastodon only has about one thousand people across all these sites who are providing financial support? In addition to supporting your local instance admins, if you can please consider donating to Mastodon development.

#MastodonApp #Feditips #MastodonDevelopment #Dev #Funding #Fediverse

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