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Instagram mi ha bannato il profilo (anonimo) che avevo... Seguivo tantissimi pittori, scultori, artisti ecc... Ho perso tutto... 😓

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Tusky 14 is out now! 

- Redesigned the drafts function, so they are faster, more user friendly and hopefully more reliable.
- Wellbeing mode, allows you to limit certain features in Tusky. You can enable it in Preferences!
- Animated emoji support, need we say more?
- Timed mutes (for supported servers).
- Notification 🔔 for specific users posting, ring the bell icon on their profile (Mastodon 3.3.0 feature).

You can support our development via opencollective.com/Tusky

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E c'è una sequenza sola corretta per tracciare i vari segni.

Ho "imparato" a scrivere e leggere a e i o u in giapponese, sono a livello di un bambino di 4/5 anni.. Ce la posso fare!!

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Really struggling to get the 1300kbs render settings to work with Mastodon and not have the video look like its been pixelated to protect its identity. New tactile braille sculpture on my open source CNC, with a lot of mess ups from the double sided tape not adhering. #GRBL #CNC #openbuilds #opensourcehardware #tactileart #tactilesculpture #cncrouter #braille #walnut #woodworking #art #sculpture #woodcarving

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Hello lovely creators! What's everyone working on right now? Send some pretty pictures :D :D

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È una cosa minore, lo so, ma @clio ha sempre un'ottima scelta di brani musicali d'accompagnamento. Davvero un programma breve ma super curato

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Ahoy, there, Inkscape-Junkies!

Have your artwork seen by millions of Inkscape users around the World!

Join these amazing artists, by entering the Inkscape 1.1 About Screen contest.

Do you have what it takes...?

You have to...

All entries must be in by the end of 21st February 2021, midnight UTC.

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There is a ton of amazing free software projects I use every day and for today's "I love free software"-day I would want to thank all of their contributors, but that's close to impossible. So I'm just mentioning a few projects I use and hope that my words somehow reach as many free software contributors as possible :)

@debian @fdroidorg @gnome @inkscape @libreoffice @Mastodon @nextcloud @Tusky

"I desideri non invecchiano, quasi mai, con l'età.
Se penso a come ho speso male il mio tempo
che non tornerà, non ritornerà, più."

"Tra le tue braccia calde anche l'ultima paura morì"

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@mastodon dovrebbero implementare anche su mastodon la possibilitá di seguire gli hashtag come se fossero utenti u.u
(seguire 50 umani, in alcuni casi, fa solo casino) XD

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