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This should be something witty, to make it memorable. Sadly, I am bad at that.

This is what happens when you don't write down the secret key mnemonic: a full reset.

Wow! Hyperspace shows how Mastodon UI ought to be. Still has a way to go, but it is, in my opinion, a step in the right direction.

Looking for a camera under $1,000 (around $800 better!), mirrorless, and light enough for everyday use. Decent on quality. Recommendations?

The main problem I perceive with the federated timeline, and its usability, is the endless autoscrolling. It is unreadable, and hard to interact with. I very much prefer the approach Twitter takes, notifying me there are new tweets, and granting me the ability to see them on demand.

Considering my lack of activity here, I do not understand why someone would want to follow me.

@Gargron similarly with boosts. It should be "XXXXX boosted your toot," or similar.

@Gargron on notifications, "XXXXX favourited your status" is awkward. If I reply to a toot, it is not a status, if I write a toot, it is not a status. It should be "XXXXX favourited your toot," or similar.

It seems the new documentation site doesn't have docker instructions anymore, or am I missing something, @Gargron?

My complains about Mastodon have changed overtime. The main gripe right now is seeing toots on languages I do not understand. Wish there was a way to filter all timelines, to show only a chosen language. Perhaps one day @Gargron?

The lack of communication is exasperating. Stressing, even.

@Gargron is there a way not to show boosts on toots written in languages I can't read?

Do Mastodon APIs allow for the threads, and replies arrangement to how Twitter handles them? It is hard to tell who replies to whom in Mastodon, specially in long threads.

@david only wish threads made more sense, like Twitter does them now.

I think this client will make me spawn a Mastodon instance, this time for good. It is almost perfect.

One -- bigger -- step closer to killing the Net Neutrality. This isn't the New Year's gift any of us was expecting.

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