I am so stressed. So very stressed! Though I can’t change things, I can’t help but feeling stressed.

@hund is your Jekyll theme publicly available somewhere? I love how it looks on mobile!

@Gargron, have you entertained the possibility to allow sending toots directly from one's own profile? Pretty much having a textarea on mastodon.social/@david, for example, which I could use to send a toot.

Going to use this one as my point of presence. It am not sure for how long, but can’t afford a new machine to host my own Mastodon instance.

What are the requirements (CPU, RAM, storage) for a one person Mastodon instance? Is there an official Docker’s guide?

What a bloody mess we have created in Afghanistan! Poor abandoned people! What could I do to help?

I wonder if changing Mastodon's UI is on the list of future enhancements. I didn't like it back in 2016; still don't like it now.

@sir thank you for your China post. It touched me deep, and contributed to further open my eyes on the issue.

This is what happens when you don't write down the secret key mnemonic: a full reset.

Wow! Hyperspace shows how Mastodon UI ought to be. Still has a way to go, but it is, in my opinion, a step in the right direction.

Looking for a camera under $1,000 (around $800 better!), mirrorless, and light enough for everyday use. Decent on quality. Recommendations?

The main problem I perceive with the federated timeline, and its usability, is the endless autoscrolling. It is unreadable, and hard to interact with. I very much prefer the approach Twitter takes, notifying me there are new tweets, and granting me the ability to see them on demand.

Considering my lack of activity here, I do not understand why someone would want to follow me.

@Gargron similarly with boosts. It should be "XXXXX boosted your toot," or similar.

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@Gargron on notifications, "XXXXX favourited your status" is awkward. If I reply to a toot, it is not a status, if I write a toot, it is not a status. It should be "XXXXX favourited your toot," or similar.

It seems the new documentation site doesn't have docker instructions anymore, or am I missing something, @Gargron?

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