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This should be something witty, to make it memorable. Sadly, I am bad at that.

It seems the new documentation site doesn't have docker instructions anymore, or am I missing something, @Gargron?

My complains about Mastodon have changed overtime. The main gripe right now is seeing toots on languages I do not understand. Wish there was a way to filter all timelines, to show only a chosen language. Perhaps one day @Gargron?

The lack of communication is exasperating. Stressing, even.

@Gargron is there a way not to show boosts on toots written in languages I can't read?

Do Mastodon APIs allow for the threads, and replies arrangement to how Twitter handles them? It is hard to tell who replies to whom in Mastodon, specially in long threads.

@david only wish threads made more sense, like Twitter does them now.

I think this client will make me spawn a Mastodon instance, this time for good. It is almost perfect.

One -- bigger -- step closer to killing the Net Neutrality. This isn't the New Year's gift any of us was expecting.

This hasn’t changed. Still seeing many “toots” I don’t want to see. Too noisy, too slow… some day, not today.

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Getting “Ops, something went wrong” when clicking on “Authorized Apps”. Is anyone else noticing this?

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Would a `git pull` (followed by docker-compose build) cause an instance to fully reset?

@Gargron if an instance get wiped, and started over, will that cause federation to break, and pre-existing follows to cease to work? It seems to be happening to mine (

Also, will git pull, docker build, rake db, rake precompile, docker up reset an instance as if it were new? Just happened to mine.

@chr could you provide details on the VPS you are using? Mastodon instructions do not mention minimal requirements.

@Gargron I am proxying through nginx or similar, if that helps with the answer.

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