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Hey 🇬🇧 people:

might be special but it is not just for Christmas! 🐶

We have our inaugural planned in 2018 because it's real special too. 🎉

It's at the London Hackspace 🤖 in Hackney Road (yes deep in the heart of the thriving East End).

Come join us in person and help build a buzz around the truly human side of distributed social networks.



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Much of my life as chef & the industry. Dance, , Techno, Trance, and all their variations 🕺

Trained as a & self trained in tech. Mostly via & projects

Rep & highly active member of its 🇬🇧 community. Primarily due to the Mozilla 's Policy & Advocacy activities in supporting , , , whistleblowers, open source tools,

Active member of London .

Smiler 😅

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Making plans to reinstigate London. Been seeing a HUGE amount of support for further activation in & topics via

Anyone working or studying in the field, or those with with a keen interest to explore these topics - please give me a shout. Contact me via my about me page.

I've previously hosted ORG, Privacy International, Big Brother Watch and more at previous Privacy Labs. Was recently a wrangler for the P&S space at


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the fucked up thing about programming is that nobody ever says "it's cool the way you use a for loop there! i like the way you named those variables, those are good names" the only say "why did you do it like that, thats the way a baby would program. youre a baby. and not even one of the babies who can program"

@Gargron next London Meetup is March 6 at Mozilla. I'm now trying to corner A/V for it and possible archive. Perhaps you might be free to call in on the night? Keep it in mind.

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Proud to have launched phase one of HAHA Academy (an online #education platform @Gin is starting up):

haha.academy/ (make sure to check out the #taxonomy of human knowledge)

We're now officially a #nonprofit organisation (registered in Estonia, thanks to the ease of e-Residency) and would welcome contributions from volunteers (#educators, curators, designers, developers, etc) and donors.

Please spread the word, and get in touch if you can help in some way!

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**Important cat update**
- fixed a long-standing vulnerability to catnipz
- increased the entropy of randomness generated when standing on a keyboard
- optimized the throwing-items-off-the-desk algorithm

**Important cat update**

My cat LOVES peanut butter and she wanted you all to know.

"..we learned that our specific challenge was to document the actual complex lived experiences of the people involved. Their was not a simple and static thing that lends itself to traditional archival representation. The represented opportunities to be remembered, but also posed as a risk for being remembered frozen in a particular moment in time."

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I wrote a thing about data justice and desire. It's more like a note to myself I guess:


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I’m going to be commuting for the next several months.

Ya’ll have any suggestions on podcasts or audio books?

#infosec #hacking #scifi #cyberpunk

* resource-oriented client architecture -- NOT the recent security vulnerability

Couple of more resource links via Last night's

Several topics discussed already flagged and discussed at length in the Masto' repo on Github github.com/tootsuite/mastodon/

The instance I spoke of, who are actively seeking people in (logo) github.com/BanjoFox/aardwolf/b

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#meetup I got a lot from the structurer of the London Mastodon Meetup.

The open format and go-rounds giving everyone a voice. then focusing for a while on each issue as they came up.

A brake for drinks and nibbles.

Then a summing up go-round leading to a few more issues to focus on.

I get more value from this structurer than a top down table talk.

"unconfrunces" are the seeds of many good things #4opens #openweb

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An important, and often undiscussed, consideration when working with groups of people in #VR -- the #risks. [CW: someone having a seisure in VR.] Show more

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At the London Hackspace #mastodon #meetup . Just created myself an account. Hello! #introductions

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Hello to new friends from tonight's #mastodon #meetup in #london.

Good talking folks, hope to do it again some time. Hopefully we can redecentralize the web somehow.

Here's my ridiculous VR sci-fi work-in-progress: tentacles.org.uk/starship

(And the cartoons what I made on the rest of that domain)

V0.2 of Starship feels almost close to being nearly in the home stretch. Writing much annoying code which I will immediately throw away when V0.2 is done and I can re-write the character controllers.

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Big toot-lab shoutout to anyone and everyone at the London Mastodon #meetup - TOOT! :blobpats:​

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I’m at the London Hackspace for the Mastodon