L'été ne me manque pas encore (il n'est pas encore parti ici), mais Ogijima si.
Alors aujourd'hui, une petite rétrospective de la session d'été de la Triennale de Setouchi 2019 sur Ogijima.


New video on my Youtube channel.

Baby steps.

Don't forget to like and subscribe as they say.


Strange fog all day today, almost a smog (air pollution had a much higher level than usual too).

Do you want to know what without tourists looks like? Well, I went to the island and I can show you.

Just make sure you practice social distancing if you want to go too.


C'est pas tous les jours que je vous parle de sur mon blog. Vous allez quand même pas rater ça !


I had vaguely heard about it, but the Sakuragomon, the main inner gate of Castle is going to be rebuilt this year and next year.

(it was destroyed during the air raid of July 4th, 1945 that razed most of downtown Takamatsu to the ground)


I suspect that we're all missing the Setouchi islands right now (remember that even if you're currently in , it's really not advisable to go to the islands at the moment).

So now is the perfect time for some memories from last summer:


For the past few weeks, I've been reluctant to write on the blog, because it felt a little inappropriate to talk about tourism in those troubled times.

And then I remembered that writing the blog has helped me go through quite difficult times in the past, and that reading about this could brighten your day a little, even for a few minutes.


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The "2-mask per household handout" from the Japanese government wasn't an April's fool, and took them one month of meetings to come up with this plan.



Je ne sais pas si je suis la bonne personne pour en parler, mais comme plusieurs personnes se sont inquiétées auprès de moi de la situation de l'épidémie de coronavirus dans mon coin du , j'essaie de vous en faire part.


A few people asked me about the situation with the coronavirus epidemic in and especially in the area.
I'm not sure I'm qualified to talk about it, but I tried on this post (I'll mention eventual updates to the post here).

Stay safe, wherever you are.


Les oeuvres d'art et musées ont rouvert sur (et , mais pas ailleurs).

Mais peut-être vaut peut-être mieux rester chez soi en ce moment...

Toutefois, et c'est une coïncidence, je viens juste de finir de mettre à jour mon guide des oeuvres d'art de Naoshima, je vous conseille de le mettre dans vos favoris pour quand tout ceci ce sera un peu tassé.


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