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alright folks, it's time for a series of CUSTOMER SATISFACTION SURVEYs regarding David Blue's social media output.

1. going forward, I would generally like to see more commentary from David Blue on the subject of:

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howdy all! I have another request for your participation!

in the "Spirit of Thanksgiving," I would purpose that we reflect on the software and services we use that are actually *good for us*, reasonably-priced (or free!,) and really handy!

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I was interviewed about writing software, Extratone, blogging, and self-curation.

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read “REGRET” at first and now I have a t-shirt idea.


Morning folks. Regent certainly did produce some striking petrol adverts.


Why is the Apple App Store not called the Ishop? That’s what I naturally want to call it. Or just Apple Shop then.

it's almost 3 in the morning and I just found out that both Sam Walton and a Big Bad ENRON CEO went to my high school lmao.

okay developer friends.... I need your help outlining a technical spec of The Parler Network. what is it built on? what dependencies does it use?

and what's the word when you figure this out without the consent of developers?? I forget.

this has just been playing on a loop in my head for like 2 weeks now.

I'm going to include these image files when I submit my essay to my professor.

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@tildetown I have made Issue 3 of the Tilde Town 3 Zine manifest into the physical realm! (just thought you should know.)

I'm ONLY making you aware of this opportunity in the hopes that you scoop it before I beg someone in my family to buy it for me.

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