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given that the official Mastodon app is coming next year(?,) I’m going to FINALLY work on that iOS Mastodon Clients guide I’ve been meaning to write for the past four years.

I’d really appreciate any thoughts y’all have to share about specific apps (or about mobile social clients, in general.)

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I just put out my first call for collaborators for "iPhone x Bluetooth Keyboard: The Definitive Guide"

I'd really appreciate anything you might have to share on the subject.

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here is what I have learned from the deepest trenches of the iOS developer community regarding MUSIC - in terms of listening, curating, sharing, capturing, and even producing.

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my blog’s About page is LONG overdue for a rewrite. here’s what I have so far. should I convert this issue into a GitHub Discussion? if you’d participate, I will immediately.

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I was interviewed about writing software, Extratone, blogging, and self-curation.

i guess the default is yes. 🃚̫̱ͬ̔͒T͙̭̬̗̯͓͔̆̊R͔̯̤̮̬̽ͭ͂ͦ̿̌̎̒U͍̞̗̲͎̟ͬ̒̏C̪̯̥͖̜͕ͭ̎ͮ͛ͮ͑ͫK̬͚͍̟̝̰͓̅͋ͭ̒̚ͅ🃄̪̰͇͉̪͒̈́ͅ2̠̩̪̪̰̻̠̳̬͒͗̏͊͋

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can you name a single David that is not/was not/will not be a total shithead.

I have to restart Windows Explorer so often that I realized it was more than reasonable to set up a custom keyboard shortcut for it...

so I did.

but everything on Windows is just fine.

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