Finally an interesting live event that doesn't require jump on a plane @rustlab_conf

Tonight is the night of the people who yells at the television

I just realised that my wife is baking cakes with the very same passion as I bake software. What a lucky man :heart_fire:

The same question : "Oh you're building software, so you work with computers. Can you fix mine?".

The same answer: "No"

The C compiler is like a too accondiscendent friend that always tries to make you happy. Its a good companion until something takes the wrong turn.

The Rust compiler tells you the truth and it doesn't give a fuck about your opinion. Knows 1000 ways to put you down, but when he says that you are good... damn you are really good :jeb:

The more you hate chatting on the phone, the more they try to call you

So proud to finally work for a company that loves Linux :blobaww:

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