One of our community members passed this to our mailing list:

Guidelines for collaborative development of sustainable data treatment software @psteinb_ @StephanJanosch @axccl @johanneskoester @danielskatz @cmci_ @kisharrington @sofroniewn @jnuneziglesias @stefanvdwalt Some states already try to share big Gitlab instances, but they switched back to community editions. (@GWDG, @TUChemnitz ?) What is an active user? How do universities share services in a legal/financial way?

Tricky questions came up, challenging topics!
2/2 (SJ)

In todays community call we discussed how 🇩🇪 research institutions try to get reasonable deals. Because usage is totally different than commercial software engineering. And what happens, if you use multiple Gitlabs via / ? Multi-spending? 1/2 pointed at the summary of the @SoftwareSaved event. Thank you!

That could be a topic for our next community call:

Was someone else of us there?

Ihr verbindet Hardware und Menschen via Software? Oder Maschinen mit Maschinen? Dann sind die 2022 in Bern vielleicht was für euch! (SJ)

Already found an easter egg! 🥚

An awesome list of resources for Research Software Engineers and Engineering (RSE)

By & Martin Stoffers @helmholtz_de

Einige von uns versuchen gerade unsere Events fürs Jahr 2023 zu planen.

Wir könnten eine deRSE23-Konferenz im Februar machen und einen Workshop vor/nach dem Sommer.

Dazu läuft eine Umfrage bis zum 20.4.:

Danke fürs Abstimmen! (SJ)

Quick check: uses @CrossrefOrg types. No software, but datasets. Am I wrong?

Reminds me on @WDScholia.


🇩🇪 Hirse ist ein Getreide. Man kann aber auch HiRSE schreiben. . Und genau das untersucht

🇬🇧Helmholtz Platform for Research Software Engineering - Preparatory Study

They are evaluating RSE group activities! (SJ) people gather first time at dedicated event to discuss research software.

* Open to all
* hybrid event


Seems 2022 provides enough opportunity to connect about in 🇩🇪 (SJ) If I read you correctly, then the answer is: is something different that . Within 🇩🇪nobody found the time to add a jobs section to our web site.

If you still want to join the conference including our track you can still register for free:




Join us for exciting workshops, discussions, and talks at from our amazing community. (EK)

Runs Feb. 21-25


Not registered yet? Sign up today

track contributions just have been notified! Sorry for delay!

conference will happen 21-25 February!

Enjoy your days off and recharge your batteries!

Program committee just did 1st review discussion of contributions for our track at conference.

It seems like the community did knew how much slots are to fill and delivered almost exactly the matching number of contributions. 👍

Was that efficiency? (SJ)

"Support for initiatives helping to generate global standards, specs and recommendations for sharing of FAIR research .... software" !

Could we clone some to work on that? There is money, hopefully there are people around who can benefit of that. (SJ)

Es ist Umfragezeit!

Bitte macht mit und verbreitet die Umfrage. Das ist unser einzigstes Tool, um einen Überblick über die Community zu erhalten. Wenn ihr weiterverteilt, lasst uns wissen im pad wohin. Dank! (SJ)

Only one day left to submit your ideas to our track at .

Use your chance now – we are so excited to be hearing from you 🎉

Still want to read more? Check out (EK)

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