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is released on as of right now!


- In civilian areas, Seraphine's weapons will be greyed out and unusable.

- Jinn, Dahu, Veela, Korrigan AI updated.

- Starting info text updated.

-Version # in title screen.

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Steel Seraph is now available in Early Access on and for $4 Canadian or your equivalent currency. Expect weekly updates here, on Facebook, Mastodon and video updates on youtube every Saturday …

@PHIgamedev plays the Oct 12 interim build of Seraph. I've improved it since then but I still have more to do before I publish the build.


Liberate Hong Kong,
Revolution of our time.

The next game update will be late October (Oct 20 at least), because of what I'll need to improve both on gameplay and visuals, plus finishing the optimal weapon stages.

Thanks to @TheThreeTwo on twitch and on birbsite for his video on the game's July update, showing some areas where weird things happened with a bug I long considered defeated.

From my talented NPC artist @LandsharkRAWR: Argos Panoptes, the primary boss of the optimal weapon quest for the screen-clearing UV Flash. You get the weapon BEFORE you fight the boss this time. Can you figure why?

- One of the last critical-path stages (leading to the mothership) has its first few tiles

@whtdragon on birbsite- A starfield backdrop, some other visual enhancements, and some mothership tiles.

My next big thing to do while my artists and writer create their works is to optimize my game's assets and lighten the load without reducing the game's substance: Getting rid of antiquated or redundant assets that may have escaped me before.

Linux devs and players: I'm interested in any information you have pertaining to linux porting, particularly if you have the game .

Work is beginning on the fourth and final act right now. It will consist of 3 optional "Optimal Weapon" sidequests and three main chapters.

There is now a version for 1.5.1 on Steam. It's available now.

In addition, players have had issues installing the game (incomplete installation.) These should be solved now. Sorry for any inconvenience, and thanks to anyone who brought issues to my attention.

1.5.1 is planned for Saturday. We're improving layer opacity: Background layers will be at 60% opacity. Ground stage 'flat' layers will be at 80%.


A bug fix regarding collisions and facing
Fixes for event flags in locations like Seraphine's house.

1.5.0 details

+ Now on Windows (, , , ) and Linux (, , ), Mac soon.

+ Districts 11/12/13 are smaller.

+ Minimap is added to ground stages:

+ Acts 3-B (X52I Omnistation) and 3-C (Nymph battle) added. Act 3 done.

1.5.0 is made. Will publish to Linux and Windows tomorrow, and send to Dicey (who agreed to handle the Mac publication as I don't have access to Mac hardware or a suitable Mac VM.)

I will also publish to , , and that day with notes.

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