Right now, I'm in the middle of adding portraits to dialogue in the game. After that, We'll be adding one more weapon sidequest, and very likely the last few main quests , before version 1.9.0. The plan is to have all of this done at least before August 30th.

- In the game files, there's a 32bit placeholder file. However, I've (so far) been unsuccessful in making the game work on 32bit. It works perfectly fine even on platforms that used to struggle with it on 64bit. I'll keep trying to make it work on 32bit.

I gave interim builds to @TheThreeTwo and @T1shero, as they offered to playtest our game and check things out.

You see both the game in action, and -WHY- I send out interim builds to asking players.




Problems seen in these streams have been tentatively fixed this morning, and I will continue to investigate them before updating the base game.


Here's what menus will look like in Steel Seraph version 1.8.0, which I plan to update the game to after nearly -four months-, in addition to adding the last optional weapon sidequest (FWS Nocturne, Death Claw subweapon).

ETA: June 30

1.8.0 planned to drop in June. How far INTO June depends on how smooth the last few tests end up, but June 30 is the absolute latest I'll update the game on Steam, Itch and Gamejolt. Part of this will be the final optimal weapon sidequest, at a minimum (FWS Nocturne and the Death Claw weapon).

Don't be surprised if 's next update is in June. I'm doing some MASSIVE presentation and gameplay improvements.

My mic's goose is cooked but I can still do another stream of the game at 7pm my time/6 Eastern/5 Central/10 UTC.

Here's what I have recorded for Steel Seraph (Act 1-A through 1-E.)

More to follow tomorrow sometime in the afternoon.



I will be livestreaming the game Steel Seraph at 8pm Atlantic Standard Time, so 7 Eastern, 6 Central, and 11 UTC.


Mac version now available as of March 8, 3:39PM Atlantic Standard Time.

The mac version of the game can, in some cases, mishandle OSX display scaling, leading to a truncated game display. Going to 'System Preferences > Display' and setting resolution to 'Default for display' rather than 'scaled' solved the problem when we examined it.

1.7.1 Changes:

-Controller bugs removed

-FWB Maginley 20th floor transition icon and transition regions now functional

-Rocket Level 1 now 40 instead of 15 damage.

-Ice blocks in the Hydro Plant that require Plasma Sphere are given a dark blue tint.

-Explosions are more prominent.

-Clarifying text added for Gorgons at Red Sector A requiring Rocket level 2 to destroy.

-Clarifying text added, pertaining to optional boss Koschei at the XCLIME Area.

Most air enemies have only 1 HP.

1.7.1 available on and , for , and . Mac distribution continues to be an issue and we will resolve it ASAP. Thanks for your patience Mac users.

171 is in the works, with earlier mentioned bugs being squashed and further testing being done to catch anything else.

Also, rockets L1 are being buffed from 15 to 40, and grenade damage by level is being buffed to 50/100/200 instead of 40/100/180.

We've identified some regressions in with regard to some zone interactions, certain gamepads and certain game options saving in 1.7.0. We will address those starting now, and add those and some other visual improvements we couldn't do before February 22 to 1.7.1.

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