Apparently a lifetime license isn’t a lifetime license anymore when a company decides to break its promise.

Feels very dirty when I’m being forced unto a (new) paying plan if I want to continue using @optinmonster

Monstrous indeed, if you ask me.

Wanted to merge two project sites I have under a new name. Found a (relatively short) .com, available twitter handle AND instagram username!!

How’s that for serendipity?!

Need help scaling your site? We’re (@servebolt) here to help you scale your business properly in raw performance and scalability. Let me know if you have any questions

Plus, we got tips:

Started watching The Man in the High Tower. Seems fitting in this extended 2020 month.

Deleted WhatsApp. Felt liberating even though I was rarely using it.

Wanna reach me? Find me on Signal or Telegram.

Eating tangerines after you’ve clipped your nails should be in the Olympics.

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