I was looking to combine multiple calendars (CalDAV & Google) into one. With the goal to hook that one up with one of those calendar booking services.

Found @SimplyMeet_me and I’m kinda blown away how easy this is to set up and how perfectly it fits the bill. And more!

It’s the 8th anniversary in my book 😏, but whatever 😆. I’ve got the theme of the after party covered this year.
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is no without a party. This year we want you to celebrate the 10th anniversary with us! Read more about it: europe.wordcamp.org/2022/10th-. Can you guess the DJ and the band already?

We zoeken nog steeds sprekers!
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Op 15/16 september 2022 vindt voor het eerst sinds 2016 weer een WordCamp Nederland plaats. Grijp je kans en meld je nu aan als spreker! Twijfel je nog? We geven je 5 redenen waarom het een goed idee is om je op te geven.


If you didn’t catch the live stream yesterday, here’s the podcast for you to listen / watch.

Lots of topics discussed!
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This Week in WordPress #209

This week's WordPress news for the week commencing Monday 9th May 2022. bit.ly/3wlguJv

In fact, we’re live now!
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LIVE in a couple of hours. Join us for another 'This Week in WordPress' show as we chat about the News from this week! At 2pm UK time.
Join Nathan Wrigley, Remkus deVries, Nat Miletic and Vito Peleg.
@remkusdevries @natmiletic @VitoPeleg

And where I said 30 minutes, I meant 90 minutes, of course. Bloody timezone bit me in the ass again. 😅

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I’m joining @wpbuilds LIVE in a 30 minutes for another 'This Week in WordPress’ show.

Other guests are @natmiletic @VitoPeleg

Never bothered watching another episode after this one. @TomHolland1996 peaked hard here.
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today marks 5 years since tom holland changed the world with his lip sync battle to rihanna’s umbrella ☔️

This was a fun podcast, and yes, you gotta listen to yourself.

Also, I made promise during the podcast. Go and check it out and learn what it’s about 😎.
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New show with @remkusdevries > Listening to Yourself When Agency Life Calls You Back dothewoo.io/listening-to-yours

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An old Gutenberg issue will be fixed in 13.1. Users editor preferences are now saved in the user meta table as 'wp_persisted_preferences'. So if you if you close the welcome guide once, it will not open again in another browser. 🎉 github.com/WordPress/gutenberg

I can be super patient. If it doesn’t take too long.

“Verstappen will lap Lewis Hamilton very soon.”

Oh my, how the times habe changed 🥲

I’ll be competing my first strongman competition at the ripe age of 48. It’s never too late to start, folks!

Would watch.
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Reality TV show idea:

8 bodybuilders living in a house together. 4 bulking, 4 cutting.

Each is paired with a roommate doing the opposite.

Jaja, we zoeken sprekers voor
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Hé WordPress-fanaten! Heb je vette plugin gebouwd, een complexe webshop ontwikkeld, je helemaal verdiept in headless WP of ben jij inmiddels de FSE-expert van Nederland? Meld je aan als spreker voor WordCamp Nederland 2022 via netherlands.wordcamp.org/2022/!


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I hope there are snacks in between sessions (apples? 😉), lunch at 14:00 seems rather late.


WTF, dus met @viaplaysportnl kún je niet eens 2 uurtjes later een F1 bekijken. Enige optie is Live of wachten tot de uitzending afgelopen is. Wat een bullshit.

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