La existencia de pequeños roedores y las cosechas en los asentamientos de los antiguos agricultores fueron las claves por las que los gatos salvajes se aproximaron a los humanos hace más de 5.000 años.
Un estudio de restos fósiles de felinos en China señala que a diferencia del perro, que fue domesticado por cazadores recolectores siglos antes, la agricultura motivó la relación entre los y las personas.

A lot of the #internet has become dependent on Cloudflare, so any reliability issues with that will cause catastrophic failures.

People think they need Cloudflare for DDoS protection (it's a digital protection racket), and the DDoS problem exists because data is not sufficiently federated/distributed across servers/peers.

So to fix the reliability of the internet, more redundant data storage is needed. This isn't anything very advanced though. Torrents are redundant storage. Federated posts in the fediverse are redundant storage. Most traditional server systems and walled garden data silos are fragile. Don't worry, it didn't break anything. But we are still on time to break the demo. Don't lose hope!

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What do you do 26 minutes before a demo?
Hot merging with famous last words.

Y son las mujeres solteras quienes a lo largo del tiempo resultan ser más felices y se desarrollan más en lo personal y lo profesional, mientras que los hombres sólo ganan en calidad de vida cuando se emparejan, adivinad por qué.

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Today we pay tribute to Simone Veil, who left us five years ago.

First female President of the, she set out a vision for a fairer and more united Europe – a cause she would champion for the rest of her life.

Her legacy will continue to inspire us.


People in the 60's: I hope the government hasn't wiretapped my phone.

People in 2022: Hey wiretap, what's a good recipe for pumpkin soup?

Social media is great to
✅make people's voices heard
✅raise awareness
but it can also
❗️spread #disinformation
❗️fuel hate

On #SocialMediaDay, let's ensure they are a force for good.

See our 10 keys to #CommunicatingRights:

That face when she realizes the early bird is ending and she hasn't registered yet.

When you generate automatically the documentation after each push to main but your peers thought you needed you trigger it manually.

Si una ley contra el aborto tuviera que venir obligatoriamente acompañada de otra que obligara al padre a hacerse cargo del hijo, tanto economicamente como en dedicación de tiempo, ya os puedo asegurar que no existirían tales leyes anti aborto.

¡Última Hora! 2 muertos y 19 personas heridas en un ataque homófobo en una discoteca LGBT de Oslo, Noruega

I believe women have a right to an abortion. Having a child is a huge investment and Women should have the freedom to decide.

Was great to be out in Minneapolis in solidarity.

Those that disagree, feel free to @ me or DM me and let's have a conversation.

#RoeVsWade #SCOTUS #abortion #roevwade #abortionban

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