Moderating an online conference a day when random parts of the internet are failing. The nightmare of any event organizer.

And people still wonder why women are running away from the tech industry.

What a mystery! How strange are women! How could anyone understand their motivations! It's not as if we are explaining it, right?

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The advice to monitor the evolution of all your employees is not to promote lazy women. It is because women are usually offered less and promoted less than their male peers.

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The advice to make sure everyone have a voice in every meeting is not to hear stupid rants from women you will ignore. It is because there is a bias on how much each gender talk and how much they are interrupted.

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The advice to add hiring quotas to your team is not because you have to hire tokens to look good. It is because women are usually ranked as less competent than men even if they have the same qualifications.

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The advice to rewrite job offers with less mandatory requirements and using must-should-could method is not because you are lowering the requirements. It is because men tend to apply for jobs they barely fit while women tend to not apply unless they have a 100% match.

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If you are (or think you are) lowering your requirements to hire and promote a diverse team, I'm sorry, you are doing it wrong.

What a snowflake!

Spaces are here!! Come read all about MSC1772 and its various friends, children and ancestors and the shape of things to come :) 🎉🍾🚀🛰🔭🦑

If you tweet something with during the next half an hour you will appear in our demo!

Damn anti-maskers
Damn anti-vaccines
Damn vaccine patents
Damn capitalism that cannot even full stop for two months to stop a pandemic

A strong warrior died last night. A beautiful soul that was destined to great things.

Now is gone.

¡Se ha abierto la inscripción en #FLISoLTenerife2021! Nuestras charlas serán de acceso libre y gratuito, por supuesto, pero si quieres recibir un certificado de asistencia al evento debes inscribirte en el siguiente enlace y seguir las indicaciones

Hoy presentamos la #charla que impartirá en #FLISoLTenerife2021 María Arias de Reyna @delawen titulada "Ensillando Apache Camel para integrar componentes". María es una Java Champion, geoinquieta y activista de #FLOSS. Es responsable y mantenedora de varios proyectos de #SoftwareLibre desde 2004.

The Analytics and Geo team is hiring a Senior Java Geospatial Engineer, take a look!

A ver, no sé qué habéis tocado esta mañana que tenéis bloqueados los servidores DNS externos. Veréis: necesito servidores DNS personalizados para mi trabajo. Usar los vuestros no me vale.

Si vais a cambiar estas cosas, al menos avisad antes para que me vaya a otro.

Postgres question: say I have a query that yields a table with ~2M rows as a result of a PostGIS fishnetting operation. Storing all 2M of those rows is costly, but so is doing the fishnetting operation. The fishnetting operation always yields the same result set, is there some way I can store that, or would that be as costly as storing rows? #mastodev #gistribe


“black women were disproportionately targeted, being 84% more likely than white women to be mentioned in abusive or problematic tweets. One in ten tweets mentioning black women was abusive or problematic, compared to one in fifteen for white women”


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