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We have news for you! As promised, we worked on a COVID prevention concept, we got very good deals with hotels in the area and are telling you a bit more about Switzerland, Zug and Cham. Head over to mountainbytes.ch for more information!

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Weltwoche-Logik. (Sogar noch dieselbe Autorin.) Nicht überraschend, aber schlimm.

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Hey there! Of course we are aware that Sars-COV-2 is still likely to be a concern in February.
We'll keep an eye on all developments and follow the recommations by the Swiss Federal DoH.
Stay tuned for affordable accommodation options, we're trying to work something out for you.

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Gargaj wrote up some details and the story behind his shader three-way with @iquilezles@twitter.com and @FlopineYeah@twitter.com during @revision_party@twitter.com last week, and as you would expect it’s a highly interesting read: gargaj.tumblr.com/post/6157509

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I feel so happy and thankful I fired a short blog for @buenzli@twitter.com, @peterekepeter@twitter.com & @UNESCO@twitter.com Let there be digital culture.


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It's about time for A NEW DEMOPARTY in Switzerland. Echtzeit, team members of @buenzli@twitter.com & demodays and new orgas alike are bringing you MOUNTAINBYTES mountainbytes.ch - welcome back!

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Due to the outbreak of Coronavirus, and to comply with local health guidelines, MakeZürich and thus the integrated DEMONIGHTS 011 will be postponed until late Summer/early Autumn. READ MORE at demonights.ch/en/blog/demonigh and makezurich.ch/ @makezurich@twitter.com @echtzeitkultur@twitter.com

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DEMONIGHTS 011 - MakeZurich Edition! Back in Zurich on Friday, March 27, 2020, starting at 21:00 demonights.ch/en/blog/demonigh with @makezurich@twitter.com @echtzeitkultur@twitter.com and @panspinningkids@twitter.com

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Today we have sad news to share with you. Due to the Covid-19 outbreak we're forced to cancel Revision 2020.

But! We're doing a fully streamed Revision experience for you instead. Read the full announcement here. 2020.revision-party.net/cancel

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DEMONIGHTS 011 - MakeZurich Edition! Back in Zurich on Friday, March 27, 2020, starting at 21:00 demonights.ch/en/blog/demonigh with @makezurich@twitter.com @echtzeitkultur@twitter.com and @panspinningkids@twitter.com

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I'll be performing a handcrafted 1h at the @VCFe_CH@twitter.com on Sat, 30th at 17:00 (Rote Fabrik, Foyer). Be ready for a full blast of *pure awesomeness*, coming from (almost) original C64 hardware (with @buenzli@twitter.com & Echtzeit - Digitale Kultur)

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"Test on real HW!" "Democoding is like riding a bike" "CFA is the only 1!" ~ a 🚢load of golden advice and inspiration from the unparallaxed @DrScience5@twitter.com of

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Doc Science at the Demonights 010 about his scene life, the state of the and how to code for the commodore today 😍

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Demo or die: 97000 scrolltexts indexed from the halls of fame and shame of the C64 scene scrolltexts.com/ via @glebalbert@twitter.com @buenzli@twitter.com

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At the decks, [unlock] doing a great job firing up the circuits & introducing a diverse audience to what they are seeing 🤘@buenzli@twitter.com

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On a roll with @buenzli@twitter.com through the landscapes of retro 🛸 with real time art on an authentic 😍 ~ tonite only @EffingerBern@twitter.com

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