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We launched the new earlier this week. We are not just providing docs for wasabi, but trying to also present information about privacy in in general.
Just getting started with that, but I think this will turn into a really nice resource in the near future 😀

Hör auf dir den „Bitcoin-Preis“ in Gummigeld anzusehen und zu bemessen. Die einzige Metrik die zählt, sind die Sats, die du selbst in einer Wallet hältst. Bitcoin ist begrenzt und somit verlässlich, vom Gummigeld wird auch in 2021 jeden Tag mehr gedruckt …

Viele kommen für die Spekulationsgewinne – einige bleiben, weil sie ihre eigene Bank werden. Gehöre zu den letzteren, denn die Bank gewinnt immer. 😉

I know a few people that dismissed the DCA strategy, because they wanted to get into bitcoin with a larger position. For them the price has been either too high („it will dip“) or too low („it will dip more“). They still don‘t own a single sat, which is sad.

My 2020 in review:
Thanks to everyone I could work with and all the projects involved – it's been a blast and I'm looking forward to even more fun in 2021! 🚀 @BTCPayServer @_einundzwanzig_ @RaspiBlitz @getumbrel @sqcrypto @matt_odell 🙏

Ending the Advent Calendar with some words from the sceptics and a look at Satoshi's dissappearance. Read it here …

One day my children and I will be sitting under the Christmas tree. We'll be talking to their kids and trying to explain to them that once upon a time, people used fiat money and thought it was a good idea. Yeah, what a crazy time that was ...

Degenerate stackers since … are up …

1 day: 8%
1 week: 12%
1 month: 23%
3 months: 87%
6 months: 106%
12 months: 185%
24 months: 408%

Number Go Up technology at work. 🌽

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