chilling with the family. Happy 92nd birthday, grandma. :-) (at Grill & Bar in Lakewood, CO w/

This sounds like someone going to do something pretty weird in the wizarding world. Watch out for the dick and balls. lol


At once, object after object began presenting itself to his touch: He felt the leather spines of books, woolly sleeves of jumpers, heels of shoes -
"Quickly!" He grabbed his cock and balls from the ground and pointed it into the depths of the magical bag.

Sounds like the Dirty Potter I used to hear a lot. I didn’t know Hagrid and Harry were romantically involved. … Well, …


"I'm sorry, sir" said Harry, emphasizing the last word as he stowed his penis inside his robes. Hagrid looked stunned.


Nathan Lane improvised the line in "The Lion King" where Timon sarcastically jokes about dressing in drag and doing the hula.

Then they added the scene and song.

Did you know that some games have weird glitches? was watching a video that had some pretty weird ones.

I have a message for any of those Area 51 yahoos. Please, don’t do it because aliens could be worse than you would think. Right, Jimmy Neutron?

I wish I could have done this in college. Way to go, Oregon.


Oregon will allow students to take “mental health days” just as they would sick days under a new law that experts say is one of the first of its kind in the U.S.


Yes, I know you can see that I’m online right now. Yes, I know I haven’t responded to your text. Just pretend it’s 1995 and we’re not all expected to be immediately available to every person in the world 24/7.

my favorite part here is the 666, watch and find out.[YTP] The Actual First 2019 Democratic Debate for President of Mexico via

While watching a Bug’s Life, I often wonder what it takes to get people to fear the government more than ants fear their queens, grasshoppers, and so on.

Friends or allies come to your aid in the midst of a creative ... More for Virgo

At least they were sentenced. They neded to be for the violence they imposed.


They were members of the California-based militant white supremacist organization "Rise Above Movement," and were sentenced for kicking, choking and punching multiple people at the 2017 Charlottesville "Unite the Right" rally and other California rallies

You’re wary of who enters your circle of trust. As you become ... More for Virgo

don’t forget to read Sherry Johnson’s book for giving the unforgivable and buy it on Kindle.


We need more brave warriors like Sherry.

Conversation fuels you forward now. You may feel as though you... More for Virgo

Your acts of service may be recognized today as you are reward... More for Virgo

you know it’s hard when you walk into an ice cream store and they serve you the best darn ice cream around. :-) :-) (at Creamery in Lakewood, CO w/

Also, if you guys miss Trenton a lot, he’s on Mastodon host, so his follow URL is, and the link here is so yeah.

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