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My girl have become addicted to some google play game full of ads and I've decided to make a copy of it but without them. Obviously free software. This is the first alpha.

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Hello world 🖖
Follow us and don't miss any news about #Ring, the free #opensource universal and secure communication platform!

Go on and give it a try 🤘

Is there a way to report spam accounts here?

@aral I've read and kudos for the switch.

One small remark though, it's semantics, but Stallman doesn't like that people say or write GNU Linux because it gives the impression that Linux is a GNU project, which it is not. The correct way to write it is GNU/Linux (pronounced GNU+Linux).

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I agree with Karl Fogel here:

'I've never understood the "GPL is not free" argument. The only restriction the GPL imposes is that it prevents people from imposing further restrictions. To say that this results in less freedom has always seemed perverse to me. If the retention of monopoly is somehow a freedom to be protected, then the word "freedom" is no longer

I think Stallman also said basically the same thing.

@aral FYI, Eolie is also a GNOME browser, but with a different approach.

It's packaged as a Flatpak. Instructions are at the bottom of the page.

To use Flathub with Software on Ubuntu, take a look at

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@aral Do you know about Openbook? My guess is it will be as successful as and Ello. 🙃

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for universal self hosting to be practical the entry level needs to be virtual hosting that is as simple as setting up an account on a service.

a "hosting account" would be a virtual host. and could be thought of as an account-- some set of persistent state, and an a set of active processes with access to the services that allow it to be a part of the network.

it should be possible to migrate hosting accounts to your own infrastructure.

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I'm going to write a lot more about this in the coming days but the most important takeaway from my first few days of switching my main development machine to Linux (Pop!_OS 18.04)?

I. Do. Not. Miss. The. Mac. One. Bit.

Everything Just Works (tm), including my USB-C-only LG external monitor (which doesn't even work with Laura's older MacBook Pro), Magic Trackpad, etc. And there are things I actually enjoy more about the experience. Never thought I'd be writing this about Linux. Exciting times!

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There's a Richard Stallman message for every occasion.

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I'm often at the receiving end of angst about the business model funding .

They do need to FUND the underlying web engines & . Mozillians argue about implementations behind the scenes more than you do here. Why do you think we have such strong participation guidelines?

Go for a fork that resonates if you need. Waterfox, IceFox, there's loads! FOSS FTW!!

But consider donating to Mozilla and help support the only TRUE alternative to Google's "Blink" and Apple's "WebKit".

China is going all in on surveillance capitalism and data mining.

Hats to read your brainwaves.

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