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Happy birthday Richard M. Stallman! 🍰

Firefox 59 beta had CSD, Firefox 59 doesn't have it any more. Grmbl.

TIL about the "mud puddle test".

Imagine you slip in a mud puddle, in the process (1) destroying your phone, and (2) developing temporary amnesia that causes you to forget your password. Can you still get your data back? If you can (with the help of support), then you don’t control the key.

Search half the internet why Foundation wasn't working anymore. After removing, reinstalling and updating node.js modules and npm I found out by accident that g++ was missing. 😟 😌

Making my own crisps. Woohoo! 😋

Tea if by sea, cha if by land: Why the world only has two words for tea

Ananas is another weird word. Almost all languages use a variation of the word ananas, only in English and Spanish they use a different word, pineapple and piña.

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howdy. i'm the sheriff of bad unicode support

From the founder of Mandrake, eelo, a Google-less Android.

"eelo is going to provide an alternative mobile operating system and associated web-services, including email, cloud storage, online office tools... eelo will be for everyone, with a better respect of his personal data privacy. eelo is an open source, and non-profit project in the public interest."

Former Facebook executive: "The short-term, dopamine-driven feedback loops we’ve created are destroying how society works."

“It is undeniable that Tim Cook and Xi Jinping have a shared vision of the internet. Xi wants to be able to control all information and silence those who may threaten his leadership. Cook helps him with vast, unaccountable, implementation of censorship across Apple products,”

/CC @aral

Smartphones are too complicated for the average people.