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Daniel Goldsmith 🍷 @dgold

Sorry fans, but they're playing a festival, not the sodding Cholmondley Warner Obscurantist Convention.

Just such a beautiful day. actually felt like summer all weekend - we even barbecued lunch today. ☀️🕶️

Just deleted about two dozen apple-related rss feeds from my subs. WWDC is wonderfully clarifying: same bullshit being spewed out all over.

course, I've more work to do tomorrow, planting & edging, but its all good 🍺

Spent some of the afternoon digging out a new flower bed in the garden. Feel like I've invented fire ☀️

Beatiful 😎 day here today, contrary to weather forecast :ice-cream:

Incidentally: Fixed rss for the liveblog. Existing was iso-$$$, moved it to utf-8, so emojis work now.

Oh - also got Mastodon cross-posting to work properly, saving the syndication link and everything. See what happens when your brain isn't at war with you?

Woohoo! LiveBlog now only shows the links to syndicated content where, you know, the content was actually... syndicated. 🤓

The Migraine thankfully dissipated overnight. Just as well too, as this morning dawned bright and sunny, for a change! ☀️😎

This is a short test post. Saluton mondo!

Micropub is such a wonderful technology. So many possibilities...

I know it's a school night but…

Jaws is on the telly and it is *so* good. Pacing, editing, lighting, script, cinematography...

RIght, I've thrown in the towel on rewriting my known pnut plugin to handle 10C. Going to start fresh with a new write. Sorry, @jeremycherfas, i thought I was closer.

First Attempt at a post to Known, Twitter, Pnut & Mastodon

It would be really great if there were a php-library for Mastodon.

@chrisaldrich I've only started looking over this very thing this evening. There's a lot of work to be done on it, but I'm far more interested in making it work with Mastodon than with Pnut. The difficulties lie in getting the instance from the little gin information back into a plugins variables, but it's certainly doable.

@kevinmarks @vaughnhannon

The most troubling thing in the minds of Russian lawmakers...

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@HongPong it's great that they did that. Spread the burden, increase the federation

@gordon Oh, absolutely, I'm always hunting for the elusive NoPlace of my dreams. I do wish that mastodon used modern microformats and technologies like webmentions &c though, Ostatus &c which _are_ implemented are pretty moribund tech.