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Daniel Goldsmith 🍷 @dgold@mastodon.social

The latest in the ongoing dumpster fire that is twitter appears to be finally motivating people to seek alternatives. It is important both that these alternatives should provide support for diversity, and provide sanctuary from the trolls.… ascraeus.org/micro/1514993693

@ascraeus.org@ascraeus.org Good to see you on the fediverse.

Another attempt to test mastodon syndication. Post 1 in a series.… steelyglint.ascraeus.org/micro

Apologies - I need to send something to Mastodon for reasons, and my test server refuses to comply.… ascraeus.org/micro/1514727025

Wondering why BBC2 is gone all "Brexity" today... Oklahoma! Morecambe & Wise Xmas special from 1977. Dame Vera Lynn. Dad's Army...… ascraeus.org/micro/1514206268

Having done stuff on Usenet this evening for the first time in ages - Why did everyone stop using it? Robust, mature system, user-centred curation (scoring), content-focused. organised by interests. ascraeus.org/micro/1513372047

Started Reading City of Miracles, by Robert Jackson Bennett ascraeus.org/micro/1512233017

Finished reading The Berlin Project, by Gregory Benford on the 2017-11-19 ascraeus.org/micro/1511111488