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Daniel Goldsmith 🍷 @dgold@mastodon.social

Another great piece about the [Radicalization Agenda at YouTube](nytimes.com/2018/03/10/opinion), this time from the New York Times. I've said it before, and remain convinced: [we need stringent regulation](ascraeus.org/this-has-all-happ) of the tech companies to have any hope in the future.… ascraeus.org/micro/1520861177

Not quite the same as the [complaints I had](ascraeus.org/three-clicks-to-h) earlier in the week, but Motherboard [provides a convincing case](motherboard.vice.com/en_us/art) that YouTube is providing a "safe space" for Nazis, Alt-RIght Scumbags and the like.… ascraeus.org/micro/1520634229

Started Reading The House of Binding Thorns, by Aliette de Bodard 📚 … ascraeus.org/micro/1520352375

Interesting New York Times article about the [wounds inflicted by AR-15 type rifles](nytimes.com/2018/03/04/health/) on human bodies. There is no conceivable reason for these weapons to be in civilian hands, none. Anyone who says otherwise probably belongs in prison.… ascraeus.org/micro/1520255871

Very early days, but I've managed to create a basic websub reader for myself. Missing more features than it has, but progress is being made … ascraeus.org/micro/1520186732

Started Reading The Court of Broken Knives (Empires of Dust, Book 1), by Anna Smith Spark 📚 … ascraeus.org/micro/1519762182

> sponsorship by a betting company of any competition, team, playing gear or facility be prohibited

I've never been a fan of Ireland's GAA, but this is a remarkably decent thing for them to do. They deserve praise for this.… ascraeus.org/micro/1519475754

I wanted to put my feeds on their own page, and I wanted to write a little about what these feeds represent. I ended up writing [more than I expected](ascraeus.org/page/feeds/).… ascraeus.org/micro/1518462481

Omgz. Just realised that Indigenous, iOS Micropub (via share sheet) and Microsub client, also does new posts and syndication and tags! … ascraeus.org/micro/1518304659

Match ends ☘️56 - 19🇮🇹. Some dreadfully poor defensive work by Ireland towards the end, but hard to quibble with 8 tries. 🏉… ascraeus.org/micro/1518278666

Started Reading The Will to Battle, by Ada Palmer 📚 … ascraeus.org/micro/1518121153

Enjoyable bullshytte alert! This [Irish Times](is.gd/JTzkIY) churnalism claims the new Luas Trains are the 'Worlds Longest of its Type' at 55m. Thing is, Sydney has [67m trams](is.gd/1BRwo8), while Jerusalem and Casablance both have 65m, all [Alstom Citadis](is.gd/df6MtD). Surely some fact-checking could be expected of the Paper of Record?… ascraeus.org/micro/1517938657

I wrote a review of Brandon Sanderson's _Oathbringer_ over on the blog: ascraeus.org/oathbringer-revie Still working on getting emoji working for those 📚… ascraeus.org/micro/1517861484