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Daniel Goldsmith 🍷 @dgold

It would be really great if there were a php-library for Mastodon.

@chrisaldrich I've only started looking over this very thing this evening. There's a lot of work to be done on it, but I'm far more interested in making it work with Mastodon than with Pnut. The difficulties lie in getting the instance from the little gin information back into a plugins variables, but it's certainly doable.

@kevinmarks @vaughnhannon

The most troubling thing in the minds of Russian lawmakers...

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@HongPong it's great that they did that. Spread the burden, increase the federation

@gordon Oh, absolutely, I'm always hunting for the elusive NoPlace of my dreams. I do wish that mastodon used modern microformats and technologies like webmentions &c though, Ostatus &c which _are_ implemented are pretty moribund tech.

@gordon My concern is just that it meets the same fate as identi.ca - that one instance *became* the network as most people understod it, so it collapsed under the weight of expectation.
Looking at the directory (thanks) doesn't lend credence to the idea that mastodon is a federated network, I think c.90% of users are on .social

Interested to see that Mastodon appears to be suffering the same brain-space issues as Status.Net and App.Net before it: One instance or service becoming the dominant space to the detriment of the entire network.
Have to be honest, being able to type all that in one post is tremendously liberating.

@gordon But where is that information to be found? I would be thrilled to be able to find an instance with my interests at the core, but I don't see any practical method of finding that out for now.