“We’re a team of Bay Area biology nerds who believe that should be freely available to anybody who needs it. So, we’re developing the first freely available, open protocol for insulin production.” openinsulin.org/about-the-proj

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"12% of Americans, who make more than 6 round trips by air a year, are responsible for 2/3 of...aviation emissions."

That means approx 39M Americans, 0.05% of the global population, produce 16% of the global carbon budget for 1.5C by their flying alone. twitter.com/HirokoTabuchi/stat

The mechanic swiveled its middle eyes over the ship. "What is that thing at the front for?"
"It is just there to be pretty," the human said.
"Why, if no purpose?"
The human shrugged. "On Earth, we call it an 'ornament'."
"Earth? That's that planet with the huge, beautiful moon?"

Temperature over land rising twice as fast as global average, already 1.5°C above pre-industrial, #IPCC Co-Chair Panmao Zhai shows at Hong Kong Observatory @weather_hk #ClimateChange

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The action this morning was not supported by the majority of XR Croydon nor XR as a whole.

XR is a decentralised movement and this group was carried out by a small number of autonomous rebels.

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