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Debbie Goldsmith

Review of Vivek Wadhwa’s Washington Post column on quantum computing

Wakanda does not exist. But it is no more imaginary than the versions of Africa created by the west and sold to the world for the past five centuries.

‘Black Panther’ and the Revenge of the Black Nerds

As Ambrose Bierce wrote in the Devil’s Dictionary, “Brain, n. An apparatus with which we think we think.”

How about if we stop pretending to be blind to warning signs like abuse of women and killing small animals, and take their goddamn guns away?

Cryptojacking malware discovered running on critical infrastructure control systems

The first-ever independent audit of whistleblower retaliation in US spy agencies was looking bad for the agencies, so it was shut down

He Predicted The 2016 Fake News Crisis. Now He's Worried About An Information Apocalypse.