Just take the Salesforce bike path from the Salesforce transit center. You can’t miss it!
RT @prinzrob@twitter.com At tonight’s meeting the MTC consultants suggested that corporations could become fiscal sponsors of the path for naming rights. Better idea: Don’t ask, just tax them.

This feature would pair well with GoBike docks at @SFBART@twitter.com stations ...
RT @FordGoBike@twitter.com We sure do love how BART has incorporated bike transit into their Plan Trip feature in their new app. 😍🚴‍♂️😍 twitter.com/apretz/status/1064

Because software development changes so fast and is such a broad field, it matters much less what you *do* know than what you *can* know, and how quickly.

Learn new tech because it keeps you nimble and adaptable, not because of some obligation to "stay relevant".

RT @beeman_nl@twitter.com You want to stay relevant as a software developer for the next 10 years?

These are 3 major things you should focus on:

- GraphQL.
- Web Assembly.
- Web Components.

You will most likely end up using it so no better time to start learning it than today! 🔥

I enjoy @ItsRamiMalek@twitter.com in Mr. Robot, but I just saw Bohemian Rhapsody and wow. What a performance.

RT @transbay@twitter.com: Empty seats at , each remembering a victim of traffic violence in San Francisco this year. We have a lot of work to do. cc @walksf@twitter.com

If you’re ever being attacked, yelling “Alexa” seems like a not-unreasonable thing to do at this point.
RT @zackwhittaker@twitter.com New: A judge has ordered Amazon to turn over two days of Echo recordings in a double murder case. I obtained a copy of the warrant. tcrn.ch/2DEb3en

Wait, I thought all we had to do is take the leaves.
RT @mdweinberg@twitter.com Great ⁦@CALmatters⁩ article on what CA legislature did on wildfires. About 1/10th of what we need to do right away. Our state is not fire safe. Almost every city and town is the next Paradise, Malibu, Redding or Santa Rosa just waiting to happen. calmatters.org/articles/califo

RT @steckel@twitter.com: Just dropped 240 additional N95 masks off at the @DSA_SF@twitter.com office. Having difficulty finding a mask and want a free one? Swing by.

RT @bitprophet@twitter.com: Folks! I am /on the market/. Looking for dev and/or ops (most recent experience is in-between) someplace that uses my OSS or can consider dedicated OSS time. SF, remote, or relocation.

Slide into my mentions or DMs!

Details: bitprophet.org/career/hire-me/

A safe streets activism group has to hold their event indoors because ... it’s not safe to be out on the streets.

Thanks, cars.
RT @walksf@twitter.com IMPORTANT UPDATE: Sunday's World Day of Remembrance has been moved indoors to Koret Auditorium. Please spread the word -- & join us on Sunday in honoring traffic victims & taking action together for and . @sfbike@twitter.com facebook.com/events/2245758198

Cooking with natural gas is a significant contributor to indoor pollutants, which sucks when you’re tying to stay in the house.

@nomiku@twitter.com to the rescue! We quartered and cooked a delicious chicken for dinner without making our indoor air worse. 😷

I understand why a cyclist would choose to wear a helmet.

I understand why a cyclist would choose to not wear a helmet.

I do not understand why a cyclist would choose to wear a helmet but not buckle it.

HTML in email messages was a bad idea and we should get rid of it.

My family and I are trying to get out of town to avoid the smoke. Anyone interested in buying these @Cirque@twitter.com tickets for Tuesday? stubhub.com/event/103659398?so

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