Killing Vanced is a bad move for Google, content creators will move to their own peertubes. Once power users left it will be impossible to bring them back to YT.

If the eco war stays for a while real state prices will go down quickly, particularly in EU.

Sven guckes :wq! I will always remember his vim mastery

The LTS released yesterday 16.14 broke our builds because json imports now require assertions.

Confession: after all these years I STILL DON'T UNDERSTAND how CORS works

I planned a performant wired and wireless network using 4 openwrt APs for our new place. It turns out I can decently cover the whole house with a single AP in the center. Do not tell my partner.

I made a bot to say 'happy birthday' to your team members on Slack using Github Actions 🍰 🎉

I wrote my first script with
It feels comfy. I welcome messy shell+nodejs scripts

We use to check types on our JS code at runtime. Now we will start writing typescript to get type checks at compile time. It turns out the best way to type check at run time with typescript is still JSON schema.

Every time I want to replace a button battery I end up buying a bunch from the new type. Then they wait unused for years till I need them again and find out they have expired 😡

When you spent half an hour writing down everything to open a new issue at github and when you are going to click the submit button you get enlightened and realize you are dumb.

We tried today on the daily and wow! it has improved dramatically. Good job! It has everything we need The only issue: Lots of moving parts - It is a pain to self host. We will use community servers for now.

My psychotherapist treats a surprisingly high % of software developers and IT people. Are we all nuts?

Happy new year! I wish you all fat red envelopes 🌻 🍆

I wonder if the double 64 encoding is there to bypass spam/safety checks of the content.

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I got a malicious email with a double base64 content hiding a redirect to a payment gateway on an Uganda gov address @eGPUganda please explain

I grew up in one of the worst areas in Europe on the 'Trust in other people' index. I live on one of the highest. I trust nobody but everybody trusts me. It explains many fights with my SO.

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