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This one was a lot smoother - I made sure to wipe off the water after each dip and this also helped prevent drips.

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extremely tempted to change profile pic and banner on Facebook to images from this site and try to convince my family that I finally lost it in the midst of writing this essay and have become convinced it is 2006 again.

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TBQH pretty bold of Google to log me into all their properties whenever I use "Log in with Google" on a third-party service.

I've stumbled upon Sengi (, and decided to revive my Mastodon feed.

I don't have any desire to use an Amazon Alexa or Google Home speaker/mic, but I would like some pointers on how to make those fabric-covered enclosures that they use for projects of my own.

The "just 3D printed in some weird random color" look of most DIY hardware stuff makes me sad.

If you're travelling to meet with friends and family this Thanksgiving, remember these great holiday tips!

1. Don't do that
2. There's a pandemic going on
3. You're intentionally putting the ones you love at risk
4. Also don't post cheery photos of your fam being superspreaders


Designer recreated the shell of an ammoonite (the ancestor) using 3D scanning and printing techniques. This octopus named Mersi immediately recognizes it as home

As the saying goes, Need a tool, Make a tool.

I needed a small diameter sanding disk for a project I’m working on, so I made one.

Bit dodgy, but it’s running at low rpms and is inside a hole when in use, so the risk is low.

Two decades ago, people would think I was cracy if I said that by 2020 people would love to give their private data to numerous ads (and surveillance) companies.

The data are:
1. Contacts,
2. Phone logs,
3. SMS,
4. All of the data saved on cloud storage (think Google Drive),
5. Browsing history,
6. Email (think Gmail),
7. Camera on their phones,
8. Health data (think Google Fit),
9. Schedule (think Google Calendar),
10. Family photographs,
11. Real time locations,
12. And numerous others.

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