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This one was a lot smoother - I made sure to wipe off the water after each dip and this also helped prevent drips.

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Reminder that the is today and tomorrow. This includes twitch! I won't be streaming until Wednesday in support of this strike and won't be touching Amazon's sites during the strike. I ask that you consider doing the same!


If the ad’s 'Closed by ', how come nearly a third of my screen is still occupied by your crap?

Meanwhile his employees face ever-harsher working conditions, limited or nonexistent safety standards, a complete lack of a social safety net, and the prospect of being replaced in the near future by automatons and drones because they're cheaper than humans and complain less.

The point is that this one man has essentially limitless money lying around that he does nothing with. He doesn't pay anywhere near what he should in taxes and he's one of the worst billionaire philanthropists in human history. Mostly his money just makes him more money.

Now, OK, a lot of his personal fortune is tied up in his 16% share of Amazon, which is only semi-liquid. It's probably safe to say that Bezos could not fully liquidate $164 billion and just, like, stick it in low-fee index funds. That's not really the point, here.

Jeff Bezos's $164bn net worth could produce, conservatively, about $6.6bn per year post-tax, adjusted yearly for inflation. That could provide $75k/yr salaries for 87,626 people. This is not Amazon revenue. This is just the money his personal fortune makes for him every year.

Big old toys are big and old.

I got the serial port working on this #PDP 8/e

Spoiler: it did not turn out well. The taste was actually better than expected, but the consistency was more bread than bar.

Currently trying to make soy milk oatmeal bars for my wife.

Problem #1: I've never made oatmeal bars before

Problem #2: None of the milk oatmeal bar recipes I can find use soy milk (whatever)

Problem #3: Super basic Western baking supplies (baking powder, cinnamon, etc.) are like impossible to find in Korea

Problem #4: I don't have a baking sheet

Problem #5: I don't have an oven, just a toaster oven

Problem #6: The toaster oven does not have any temperature markings on the dial

Problem #7: I forgot what time I put them in at

Let's see how this turns out!

I walk past a blood donation advert every day that says "bleed for London"

Can't help but feel like that's something some C-grade villian would say

Hero: "I'd do anything for London!"
Evil man (twiddling mustache): "very well, then you shall BLEEEED for London"
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