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This one was a lot smoother - I made sure to wipe off the water after each dip and this also helped prevent drips.

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Forgive me if it's a rookie question, but if I partition my usb drive into say, three partitions, can I still boot into a live system stored in one of those? Can one of them be LUKS encrypted?

I will say "that one at Buffalo State when I worked in the IT dept and it turned out the ethernet jack the printer was plugged into was just a plastic plate on the wall not connected to anything" might beat it, though.

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I've been installing printers since 1986 and I'm not sure I've ever gone through a more frustrating installation than for the HP Envy Pro 6455 we just bought.

A 110-year-old British woman wrote to the Queen to complain that she had received the same birthday card 5 years in a row, with the Queen shown in the same yellow outfit. Prince William visited her to apologise, and the next year she received a card wit...

Original tweet :

Why are Democrats so bad at PR?

Pandemic response legislation should be the easiest thing they've ever had to do.

Just propose a real bill that gives everyone healthcare and $2,000 monthly checks, and get people to flood their Senators' offices with calls to make it happen.

It's only been six years, but I'm beginning to suspect that fortune cookie fortune was a lie.

"Let's finish setting up your device." No windows 10, my device is already set up. Get your Microsoft account garbage away from me.

To play on the I just needed to

- own an Atari Portfolio
- buy the serial interface from Best Electronics
- buy a serial-to-USB cable
- buy a CD with "all" programs for the Portfolio (the PHOENIX game)
- buy a memory card with Portfolio DOS utilities (xterm for file transfer)
- re-learn about xmodem to send/receive files via serial

and that's it. Easy money.

Heading for the Boulder Dash clone tomorrow.

Here is a baby rock hyrax named either Spud, Gnocchi, or Pierogi thinking about eating a rose

I am so upset by something I read this morning that instead I am going to post a photo of a zebra foal born with pseudomelanism (reverse spots instead of stripes).

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