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This one was a lot smoother - I made sure to wipe off the water after each dip and this also helped prevent drips.

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Possible crash area of the Chinese CZ=5B rocket


Chinese rocket debris expected to crash onto Earth this weekend



Look, pirating software is bad... but not for the reasons they tell you, usually because it's bait.

but then you decide to disable your AV when it warns you.

We can only put so many training wheels on systems before we just have to concede that you earned that one.

Advertiser's worst fears... say it ain't so!!!

96% of US users opt out of app tracking in iOS 14.5, analytics find | Ars Technica

Thread on more shenanigans by public emergency services in the UK using What3words. Applause to @bloor for keeping on it. Clearly more scrutiny is needed. I'm just stunned that the operators think that was acceptable.
RT @alexbloor
This is very problematic.

tesseract book-text1.jpg - # You can use the tesseract OCR software to attempt to read text from an image and print it on stdout.
(example text is from Carl Sagan's book Demon-Haunted World, p331)

Want an easily accessible terminal session always open on your computer but don’t want the hassle of an extra screen? Hear me out…

which linux and/or FOSS related publications would you recommend?

someone's turned the PIC32MX170 into a little home computer, with VGA output... only instead of BASIC like the Maximite family, or Forth like the Fignition and noPC, its top level language is C.

that's interpreted C. from source. not even compiled to bytecode first or anything.

i'm not sure whether this is a stroke of genius or a fool's errand, but all praise to KnivD for doing it!

So, radio Twitter...

If a friend had accidentally shut their new aerial in the car door, how much is it likely to matter to the function of said friend’s aerial?

Friend has no knowledge of aerial construction, and whether that’s likely to have affected performance...

Allied Atlantic convoys are now equipped with anti-submarine tactics & a new weapons to destroy German U-boats, from long-range bomber patrols to "Hedgehog" mortars, which fires 24 charges, each loaded with enough TNT to blow a hole in a sub's hull.

In a seven-day running battle in the open ocean, 43 U-boats attempted to destroy Convoy ONS-5; but despite sinking 13 ships, German losses have been catastrophic. 6 submarines, U-125, U-192, U-438, U-531, U-630 & U-638, were sunk in last 24 hours alone.

Allied convoy ONS-5, heading from Liverpool to Halifax, has decisively fought off a German submarine attack in the North Atlantic: the merchant convoy & its warship escorts has sunk 7 U-boats & seriously damaged 7 more, turning tables on Kriegsmarine "wolfpacks".

British troops have advanced into Tunis, capturing the Tunisian capital five minutes after the American II Corps took control of Bizerte; the two remaining Axis-controlled port in North Africa are in Allied hands.

Whoever decided that, in C, `sizeof [pointer to an array]` should compile without complaint, but give an answer that is almost always Not What You Wanted, has much to answer for

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