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This one was a lot smoother - I made sure to wipe off the water after each dip and this also helped prevent drips.

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The alchemist added the mistletoe, and the cauldron let out a puff of pink smoke. She smiled as she bottled the result: a love potion. Finally, she could learn to love herself for who she was.

PM Churchill cables President Roosevelt: "Many drifting straws show Japan's intention to make war on us- to encroach on Indochina, even to attack Australia."

Admiral Nomura, new Japanese ambassador to the USA is meeting the President for first time- assures Roosevelt of "Japanese amity" & peaceful intentions in Pacific .

wc -w # If you need to just count words in some place that doesn't do it for you, you can usually just run wc -w, paste the *plain ascii text* into the terminal and press Ctrl-D when done. It will print a word count. Google Docs couldn't do this for me on a selected portion. :P

"What the fuck, Venmo updated their UI and it sucks, I can't even find my transactions, this makes no sense." - Me for an uninterrupted minute before realizing the app I had opened was Vimeo.

Photograph - Studio Proof of H.V. McKay & Group With a Motor Car in Front of a Building, Ireland, 1912

I'm... concerned about the tube placement on this ghostbuster transformer

German General Erwin Rommel has arrived in Tripoli with newly formed "Afrikakorps"- ready to face an Allied army for control of North Africa.

All British commandos in Italy captured- their translator, Anglo-Italian ex-waiter Fortunato Picchi, has been tortured by local fascists & shot as a traitor.

Spent some time playing with OpenAI's GPT-2 neural net, which, delightfully, writes fan fiction and generates very suspect science facts.

date +%5Y-%m-%d # Members of The Long Now Foundation (@longnow) will be happy to know that in GNU date you can force displaying a 5 digit year by using %5Y in the output format.

Proof Token - Halfpenny, James Nokes, Wholesale & Retail Grocers, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia, 1854

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