Hi friends
I'm maruki, a professional pixel artist, illustrator and animator
As it happens, payment from one of the projects I'm in will be very delayed, so I'm opening commission slots to make up for it.
DMs are open. Prices are negotiable. You can reach me in maruki [@] lostalloy.com
Retoots are appreciated <3

SubEthaEdit 5 now available free of charge in the App Store and as direct download. The complete source code with history going back 15 years is also available under the MIT License.


Being a tourist in my own country, celebrating that @diederik said yes 18 years ago! 🎉🥂💕

My team at Apple is looking for a full stack web dev who will focus on front-end work. Link below, or feel free to send resumes directly to me. Private messages welcome, boosts appreciated.


(I need a good "amazed and delighted" emoji, but all the surprised ones seem negative.)

Microsoft's VS App Center SDK is


Seriously? I can see the code you're going to inject into my project? I can build it myself? I can stick a debugger on it if things go wrong?

What is this source-ry? Who does that?

It even has a Code of Conduct?!?!

Thank you, Microsoft.

There, the new version with a fix for the login issue should be out now! No other changes yet.

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Half of my bird site timeline moving here, while the other half stays there, feels a bit like the net splits we encountered with IRC in the mid 90s

Came across a bitcoin shop in Vienna earlier this month. Unfortunalely it was closed. Was curious to see what the bitcoins would look like 😀

@davedelong @armadsen I travel with one of these, for hotels with poor wifi or wifi with a low device limit.

It'll NAT the hotel's wifi as a private network, blazing fast for airplaying to an AppleTV (which I also travel with) while sharing your wifi among devices.



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